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Sanlu to recall milk powder as baby dies [Copy link] 中文

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[quote]Originally posted by zglobal at 2008-9-17 11:12

zgloball are a disgrace to OZ

zgloBalls post stupid posts that insults Ozzie women esp. his wives,

is UNWANTED SPECIES, Sure a White and BIG joke to Ozzie

as he NEVERS CARES whether there is a Government backhome or not
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Timely information stops rumors

Evie Lee, widely recognized as father of public relations, believes that the core concept of public relations lies in the communication of information to the public. Getting the public informed is not only an obligation of the government but also a key citizen right.

Safeguarding the public’s rights to know the truth and ensuring truth and accuracy of the government’s information are the only ways to stop rumors from further spreading. In other words, the society where the information is known to the public is the safest place to live in.

Shortly after Sanlu milk powdered was found to have been tainted, the State Council held a press conference, informing the public and took a series of measures to minimize the pains suffered by the inflicted children.

As the investigations continue, 19 suspects have been detained, and 78 other were summoned. In the meantime, 6 emergency plans have been made. On September 16, Hebei province held a press conference to announce the details of two suspects involved in adulterating the milk powder.

We are now in an era of information. In case of any emergencies concerning the safety, health, or and life of the public, we want to get the related information from the authorized departments as soon as possible. Otherwise, the public would passively accept the gossips form other channels. Taking effective measures and making the information known by the government is no doubt the best pacifier to the public.

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[quote]Originally posted by zglobal at 2008-9-17 11:55

What another BIG ARSEHOLE from OZZIE

this symbol was on kiwi, not babies

U TWISTED Crapsballess
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Ha, why are you China haters protest when I suggested that the Chinese authorities should  look into the possiblities of terrorism in this case of intentional poisoning of babies' milk?
Why?  You're afraid that the police will eventually uncover your evil terrorist activities in China?
No doubt commercial greed could be a factor, but it would be too naive and gullible to think that you people would not attempt to even poison our food supplies.
Haven't we learnt enough lessons from our bitter experiences dealing with you murderous kind for 150 years??
Haven't we seen enough of your vicious demonic racist crimes against peoples in the Americas, Australia, Africa and India?
And what're you still doing to peoples in the middle east?
You haven't changed a bit, have you?
When you're attacking on people, you still show no mercy to human lives, not even to little babies, do you??

So here again, I would say that it's in the best interest of the Chinese people that the Chinese authorities would greatly tighten food safety surveillance, inspections and supervision, never rule out the possibility of bio-terrorism, yes further investigating as to the possible links to terrorist groups inside and outside China, severely punishing people (running dogs serving the terrorist masters) so as to warn and deter future potential 'running dogs' from committing such despicable crimes.
Yes, I would greatly suggest to further tighten the food safety surveillance and inspections against both commercial greed and bio-terrorism, so as to leave no opportunity to all these demonic murderous beasts from attacking our defenceless little babies again!

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[quote]Originally posted by zglobal at 2008-9-17 11:55

So  it's was you kiwi,Zglobals,

one NZ, One Ozzie that supplied milk to babies that are now are suffering!!!

An Australian/Anzac like insects that makes the suffering of Chinese babi ...
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Reply #47 caringhk's post

Really, you're truly blaming us chk? Get it right...please put it in unequivocable terms, here, in this forum.

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