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Life is like a box of chocolates [Copy link] 中文

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Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you'going to get . Who knows I can maybe get something new right at the place I lose something? who knows when someone leaves me another one may right step to me.

Now when my heart feels dead and empty, he just comes to fill that empty and make me feel alive again.

although he may still seem missing something, he is trying to get them all. although I may still need to see if he is the right one for me,  he is showing me he has the willing and ability to become the one I want.

someone who wants me more than I wants him, someone who is sure more than I am, is the one I can feel safe to be with. He is just like that "someone".

I have always wanted a fairy tale with some guy who is different from me, who is from whole other world. Now I am thinking I am starting to get one.  But I am also starting to realize that it's not about where he is from, it is all about who he is. If he is the right guy, then he is right. he is everything I want.

once I was so stupid to go after the wrong guy, once I was so foolish to have the most shallow idea about how I like a foreigen guy, about everything.

people who is as stupid as I was, please lets stop this argument for good. Let's go for something that really matters.

my time to move on. thanks for the guy who is with me now.  I feel grateful that god sends you to me. I say this from the bottom of my heart.

thanks for everyone's response. I learn from your wise.

lily at  02 12 2009

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do you think western guys in China look for serious relationship? there are sure, but very rare.
and especially the ones searching here just for one thing...

"sexy ,gentle ,wise and have a sense of humor"
so Chinese dont have this?  are u living under a rock or something?..

have a preference is ok but there should be CLEAR a reason why you dont choose Chinese?
as you are CHinese yourself wouldnt be choosing Chinese the 1st choice? instead of foreigners who are NOT your mainland buddies...

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auchengyu ,right?

hehe, when did I say foreigners are my first choice?  I think you misunderstand me, I never say I don't choose Chinese guys, my ex bf was from HK.  what I mean is that I like and can accept western guys too, while many of the girls don't.     western guys and Chinese guys are different in the way they are.  I like mixed-blood kids which I don't think I can get with a Chinese guy.

"sexy ,gentle ,wise and have a sense of humor", is what I find of western guys, the type I like. SO I was just saying it. what is my  opinion of him.  not everyone think of them this way, like many of my girl friends, they dont accept western guys.  those qualities are what I like.

And talking about first choice, what make it a rule that one must choose his mainland buddies?

And sure I know many of the western guy s here are just looking for that one thing, that is why I ask them not to bother.

So if I have a forgeign bf, that would be just like you and your gf,right? NO different.

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Originally posted by lyjkeai at 3-9-2008 00:29
"And sure I know many of the western guys here are just looking for that one thing, that is why I ask them not to bother.".

well do you think they will be honest and not bother you even they are looking to play? they won't even let you know in the first place...    many (or almost all of them) here looking are to play only. sure they are good places you can trust but Im afraid not here at Chinadaily BBS.  Best choice would be via (foreign) friends or colleagues. Or places foreigners like to go (night life) but I dont think that would be the right choice as people gather there to play -.-"

hmm it would be automatically to look forn own species (as Chinese look for Chinese). because of communication AND culture differences. Im born and risen abroad so I know the differences very well.  

hehe wel Im not a real foreigner even I own a foreign passport and a HK ID .
I look like a CHinese and feel like a Chinese (much more than Dutch).
and im here to stay here, live here longterm, for life.  its a little different than the most expats I know, I see, I hear they all just come here temporary. especially ages between 20 till 30. These are the most flexible and uncertain ones...

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Western guys have hirsutism.

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lyjkeai, you've a right to choose, but everyone is entitled to comment,
we are all guys, surely we know guys ourself better than u girl,
i can take fully responsbile advise u that 98% of the foreign guys in china treat relatiionship in china is TEMPORARY AS auchengyu  refered.
yet if u a girl who keens on ONS or night life, their are definitely a good choice,but be careful of AIDS OR STD....
or else, then chinese guy is a good choice. fyi
All i can is to be a better man.

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