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you are so arrogant, you are  not  welcomed in  china!
i should admit that our country is still developing country,we still have a lot of  aspects to be improved .
but i need say every nation has his own culture,some behaviors which are not polite in your position may be   not  the same in our view ! you should always be comprehensive towards a developing nation,and learn how to respect someone else,not always stand high above the disgusting!

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You should face the realty and try to improve the behavior of Chinese men.
I am very happy with the behavior of Chinese women, they are more educated and have a higher culture.
My country is also a developing country, we have also a lot of problems but we can criticize ourselves without any fear and complexes.

BTW, you do not decide who is welcome and who is not welcome in China.

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i think it's ok to choose a white, yellow or black. or even a dog.

but don't say who's better who.

you make a choice; then you have to live on your choice, the happiness and sadness.

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It's ridiculous to set out in life saying you want to be with someone from a certain place.

Generally, things happen unexpectedly.

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Reply #40 benny934's post

I agree, and, for the record, I don't think Turkey can be truly considered to be Western.
For the OP; if a foreign guy is your true ambition, then, take your time (I assume you're young) and get to know each other well. Only when people truly know each other, can love, the kind that is the cement in a relationship, grow to the point of being mutual, strong and lasting.

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Originally posted by lovechan2000 at 2008-9-10 09:56
their big cock will hurt u

right, the big stuff will make girls easy to get old.. i heard..

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Originally posted by istanbul at 19-9-2008 15:04

you are just jealous and do not want to accept that there are guys in the world much better than the Chinese guys.
Sorry to say but you are too nationalist. This makes one blind against there own mistakes.

The misbehavior of Chinese guys are not (1) example but the majority of them like this.
Just 15 Minutes ago I was watching a men bringing his dog to our door and doesn't clean after his dog.
He just ignored me and I called the Security guards to send him away because the entrance was full of dog ---- from previous days.

Just go to a restaurant you will find out that they don't care about other people, this is because they raised just like this as one child, the only child of the family...

You are too naive to talk about this. I know more about the differences in culture between the western world and China than you. In fact I was even majored in trading and culture differences between Europe and China! Talk about having a back-up.
China is KNOWN for its still some behind culture. everyone knows this, you dont even have to post the details here.
It takes time for it to correct. Have you been to Hong Kong? If yes you should know how behind or far China still is. but they are improving. It takes time for the 1st generation to "go away" and the 2nd and even 3rd to come up.
Think and research before making big theories.

jealous? Nationalist? funny!  I dont think so dude.  First Im not even mainland Chinese and 2nd Im actually "Foreigner" myself just with Chinese blood. The nationalist guy here is you, you're the PRO-western guy here. Seeing western world as superior while Africa, China, India are 3rd world countries in your eyes. Have you seen ALL China already? I assume your few years is only in 1 or a few cities or even farmer hometowns. Don't think that being a foreigner is that superior or much better. You will only live in your small small world. Like many Americans and Europeans are being manipulated by the so called Free-media like CNN... -.-" sad...

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