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Who is greater, Phelps or Bolt? [Copy link] 中文

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water equals to POWER...

swimming using all parts of your body  

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But Those Are Augmented

The slippery suits are NOT just another piece of clothing.  A $20 brief from Speedo is another piece of clothing.  A multi-million dollar piece of artifice, complete with refitting and retailoring over years of training with it, AND not generally available to the other swimmers, is NOT just another piece of clothing. When swim meets are decided by 0.01 sec. between gold and silver, ANY artifice worn that is not practically available to the other swimmers would be a FRAUD, on both the sport and the other competitors.  You can buy one  of the slipperies off the rack for $550 (although that would put it out of reach for most swimmers already).  But that is NOT what Phelps has, as the refitting and retailoring and training did not come with your off the rack purchase.  It is not just different; it is unfairly and grossly unequal.  

No we are not asking the Yanks to give back the medals (we are not meanies like the American gymnastics program head, whose raison d'ete was to try and deprive the little girl champions of China).  And no we are not asking the Americans to swim without the augmented slippery suits while others are allowed to wear them in 2012 (although you'd have to think about that one - WHY are the Americans here on this forum so very concerned about that, if indeed it is "just another piece of clothing" - if that were true, Phelps certainly would not be disadvantaged if he does not wear the slipperies!!!!!).  All we are saying is that the Olympics should be about pure sports, and not a competition of the labs to see who can come up with the best undetectable performance enhancement drugs, or the most slippery suit.  Let no swimmer be augmented and let there be a fair competition, not one in which the so called champions all spot slipperies.

Let the swimmers try to break the old record pants down (literally).  Show some class and honor for a change already!!!

Ban the slippery suits for 2012, and I'll bet you dollars to peanuts that there'd be no swimming records falling in 2012.  It is a scientific fact that swimmers swim quite a bit faster with a well fitted slippery suit.   Some may say opening the refitting and retailoring program to all would be sufficient.  But that simply allows more abuse, and would never be practical.  Besides, WHAT is the Olympics supposed to measure?  Is it the prowess of the sportsmen, or the ability of the labs and scientists to make the body sheaths more slippery?

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The only fact here is that Phelps is an American and as such some Chinese will want to tarnish his accomplishments. It is so sad that China has both inferior swimmers and runners that they resort to attaching themselves to Jamaicans and attacking Phelps as they have none of their own athletes to applaud.

If you want to believe that Phelps suit makes him float, straightens his back and even has miniature motors in it to make him go, then be my guest. Everyone is free in their own mind to believe in fairy tales :)

Phelps won 6 Gold and 2 Bronze in Athens. Now 8 Gold in Beijing. That is FACT.

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Those golds are AUGMENTED, and that's the scientific fact.  Phelps swims faster with the suit pants on.  The flotation and the reduction in drag are scientific FACTS, and advertised by the suit makers all over the place.  If the American idiots we see here refuse to acknowledge scientific fact, it must be part of their faith based upbringing.

There is NO HONOR in getting augmented gold medals.

China's got LOTS of gold medals of her own (15 more than the Americans, who apparently covet the other kinds of medals more), and does not need to stoop down to the low of the Americans in their groundless attacks on the little girl champions of China.  

The slippery suits are scientifically proven and advertised by their manufacturers to increase the speed of the swimmers.  The Olympics should not rightfully be a competition to see who can make the most slippery of suits.

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As much as I try, my post is just not going through.....

Just because you keep repeating the same thing over and over does not make it fact. Chinese government maybe able to falsify papers and erase evidence (not good enough...thank you baidu cache ;)) but it can't make what you say is true.

Wow...look at this, athletes who wear the LZR suit:

Michael Phelps
Grant Hackett
Natalie Coughlin
Libby Trickett
Bronte Barratt
Katie Hoff
Ryan Lochte
Eamon Sullivan
Tae Hwan Park
Stephanie Rice
Jessicah Schipper
Kate Ziegler
Markus Rogan
Thomas Rupprath
Liam Tancock
Leisel Jones
Hugues Duboscq
Caitlin McClatchey
Amanda Beard
James Goddard
Alain Bernard
Frédéric Bousquet

(list available at speedo website, I can't seem to post links)

No, not just Phelps. Many athletes from across the world. Many athletes that Phelps BEAT were wearing the SAME SUIT. But you are here proclaiming that Phelps and only Phelps is a cheater. Not only that, Phelps only wears the pants while others wear the full body suit. Surely that is an advantage to the other swimmers?

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Bolt donated to Sichuan

but Phelps did not!!!

So who is greater??? U BOLT la
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Phelps Is Ceratinly Not Great But a Cheat.

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