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Who is greater, Phelps or Bolt? [Copy link] 中文

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I think you very wrong. I think people picked Mr. Bolt, for a variety of reasons.

1. The arrogance of the USA swimmer.
2. The color of the Jamaican.
3. The youth of the Jamaican.
4. The underdog status of his country Jamaica against the mega giant power the USA.
5. The pure speed and brilliance of Usain Bolt.
6. The heroe inside the performance.
7. The might of his whole performance, matchless, unequalled, awesome.

no interesting, you are mostly wrong and often wrong, but this time, " your " USA arrogance let you down.

this black man Mr. BOLT, he deserves to be a world hero and he is a world hero.

and to make the claim that people on this bbs, that have some severe racist attitudes would select the black man over the white man, is as ridiculous as it looks.

and yes, I voted for Usain Bolt.

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Sure...Capt. Kirk.
You just told him that he's wrong and then PARAPHRASED his statement. Lol.
Awesome irony! You are the king of comedy.

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PARAPHRASED his statement.

well if you can read that from what I wrote, you need an ambulance, in fact you have needed an abluance before today.

unfortunately, no one has ever cared enough about you to call an ambulance and I am included.

stay and suffer as you are, Ignorant and badly educated.

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Originally posted by capt_kirk at 2008-8-23 05:43
The underdog status of his country Jamaica against the mega giant power the USA.

I think this is the one that most people have on their minds, but the same would and has held true if an underdog country beats any developed nation that has been seen as the dominant "owner" of an event/activity (inex. Chinese table tennis, American basketball, Canadian hockey, Russian Chess, etc.).

I still remember the hope many of us had for the original Jamaican bobsledders and it didn't matter what country a person was a citizen of.  "Underdogs" will always inspire people.

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Yes, good movie too.

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What's important to note is that it is Kenyans, not Americans, who are famous for winning track events. Jamaica, too has a good reputation in track. So there's no sense in which Bolt is either from an underdog nation, an underdog himself or challenging the status of the US.

Next: if the color of the competitor matters, that's just a sharper edge for my sword and, as it happens, no one is nominating the gymnasts, who are usually much younger than Usain.

Basically, you've got no ground to stand on, Will.
"Justice prevails... evil justice."

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Youth of the Jamaican? Michael Phelps is only 2 years older.

Arrogance of the USA? What arrogance has he shown? He competed the best he can. He wins 8 golds and you call him arrogant.

The color of Bolt? What does this have to do with it? You feel Bolt is inferior because he is black so you cheer for him? Or you just hate Phelps because he is white? Either way it just racist!

Underdog of Jamaica? Jamaica is no underdog in Track&Field. They have been among the best for many years.

Brilliance of Bolt's performance? I cannot argue that it wasn't brilliant. However I don't know how you can say it is more or less than what Phelps performed. He won 8 races with 7 world records and 1 olympic record. One of them smashing the previous record by 5 seconds....

The Hero inside the performance? I don't know what this means...

The might of his performance? I agree, but also don't see how what Phelps did was any less.

I think Chinese seem to look down on Jamaicans. Maybe you think they are poor with little to celebrate in the world so you cheer for them. Rest assured they are not. While americans would naturally like to see americans win, we also celebrate Bolt's achievements. Also, we do not celebrate China's failures at the track and field like so many Chinese seem to revel in anything the USA doesn't win.

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