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A Way to root out Corruption [Copy link] 中文

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An efficient and effective transparent system helps a lot.

Educating everyone is very important. Educated people will eventually source for information, evaluate the information and act on the information based on the values they are thought or formulated with.

As Confucius thought, individuals are the foundation of a family and families are the foundation of a country. This is very important to any one country's independence in this world. If a country's people can sell his or her soul, over time these people will sell the country. The only way forward is to ensure a country's people understand how to come together to shed their differences to share and maintain the sovereignty of the country. When everyone wants to make their country the best in the world and stay the best to lead the world towards the same direction, this will naturally pose a strong challenge to corruption.

There are plenty of challenges to be met and much to do and not much time available.

Neighborhood is very important. Whatever one does make sure the neighborhood spirit stays alive. Finds ways to hold back one's anger and seek ways to enhance win-win situation. Usually there are many solutions. The question is one's calmness, patience and tact in solving disagreements. Strong neighborhood spirit curtails corruption practices from spreading from one place to another.

Magnanimity is important in fight against corruption. For example CNN is due to conduct an interview with the Dalai Lama. No one knows what CNN's intention is but definitely it is must have a reason to conduct such an interview with the Beijing Olympics looming. But does one need to circumvent such news or protest or boycott CNN? The more one circumvents such news the more such news or broadcast can hold one hostage and boost its own popularity. Indifferent attitude and open reception making such news common i.e. "nothing special" will neutralize the impact of such news. Anyway China needs to show the world that Communism does not prohibit individual expression of opinion. 'Communism' can be closely linked to the word 'Community'. So Communism carries with it a very onerous role in ensuring that the people's welfare is at the core of the heart of the administration. CNN looses because it is sacrificing much its valuable broadcasting time gaining no advantage to its viewers' ratings, credible international standing and advertising revenue. All over the world, how many people are truly interested in such interviews - maybe the few believers or followers of the Dalai Lama that's all. A family in East Africa will be more concerned about its family survival than such an interview. Over in the South, probably more than 98% of the people in South Asia, South East Asia, the Africa continent and South America will be more concerned with the escalating inflation than what Dalai Lama has to say.

In Indonesia, they have a system to rehabilitate religious extremism. This is because they understand that if they do not rein religious extremism sooner or later a religion will destroy itself. Likewise for the acts of Buddhists, if they do not rein their waywardness, sooner or later the religion of Buddhism will diminish.

Trust is important be it external or internal. A country must trust its citizens. This trust should not be abandoned nor questioned just because of some minority trouble makers. It doesn't make sense to trust foreigners more than citizens. Compassion and trust win you comradeships, friendships and loyalty. Ruthlessness wins you enemies. Ask yourselves - wouldn't you willingly on your own want to befriend a person whom is known to be friendly, helpful and sincere. In contrast you will do all you can to stay away from someone whom you know who is a crook and insincere. The world comprise of people who share the same logical analysis. We are all thought to do good and not to do bad, hence the world will move coherently in the same direction generally speaking.

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I believe Chinese leadership understands all of the above theories but they have to avoid talking this on paper and take effective measures to reduce the phenomenon of corruption, which cannot be totally stopped.

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Who CAN sweep out corruption? U.S.A? U.K.? JAPAN?......
In this world,if any human beings exists,corruption is always live.
This is a worldwide rub,not only in China.

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not tough enough,if the capital of corruption surpass 100 thousand yuan,the  death penalty must be demanded,no matter who he/she is. no matter how many people involve in it.

our country pay those officers such higher salary and benefit package,they shoud appreciate that.and try best to do something return.

why was there no so much corrupter in mao's age? because law was law,no body was higher than the law.

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Originally posted by paopaowzi at 2008-7-24 14:51
why was there no so much corrupter in mao's age? because law was law,no body was higher than the law.

Gorgeous stars in the sky, ethic moral on the earth.

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Chinese netizens speak out

A translation from Chinese into English from tianya dot com

Chinese posters making fun (satire) of the Comm.issioner of the Nanjing Housing Association...

This story also had attached a photo of the Comm.issioner wearing an expensive watch and smoking a brand of cigarettes which a government worker normally could never afford.

A cry for fairness for good comrade Zhou Jiugeng!

Photos can never be counted as evidence of officials’ corruption, because video tapes and witness testimonies can never be counted as evidence of officials’ sexual abuse of adolescent girls either. In order to keep myself alive with health [sanity], I always tell myself to change whatever I could change and accept whatever I have to accept. Since we can’t change those stupid c.unts in the society, we change ourselves into stupid c.unts.

Maybe Comm.issioner Zhou only smokes “Nanjing 9-5 zhizun” [expensive cigarettes] on rare occasions, but how can we say that he smokes one pack a day? Maybe he puts some “Da sheng chan” [super cheap cigarettes] in the expensive cigarette pack after he has finished the expensive ones. After all, who can prove that the cigarettes inside are real “Nanjing 9-5 zhizun?” Moreover, maybe Commissioner Zhou has never smoked expensive cigarettes and just picks up a cigarette pack [from the ground]. Even if you had taken a picture of the trademark and brand name of the cigarette between his fingers, how can you dispute that Comm.issioner Zhou just picks up cigarette butts to enjoy?

Comm.issioner Zhou wears a watch; who has taken a picture of the trademark? How can it be proved that it was a Vacheron Constantin? Even though you had taken a picture of the trademark, who can prove this is not a counterfeit he bought from a roadside stall? For example, is it just a 20 kuai [fake] Rolex? Even though the watch he wears is a real Vacheron Constantin, who can dispute the fact that such an incorruptible and honest ca.dre member could have just borrowed it from someone and put it on his own wrist? Officials have borrowed cars before. An off-road vehicle is much more expensive than a watch. Civilians support officials working, what make you qualified to decry lending things to officials? Besides, Comm.issioner Zhou’s weary look does not necessarily mean he visits pros.titutes every night. It is very possible that Comm.issioner Zhou has been working hard day and night for citizens of Nanjing, hoping they all could live in cheap housing. Even though you journalists had taken pictures of him in the red light district, how can you prove that he wasn’t there for inspecting the project of old town reconstruction and redevelopment?

There are so many good ca.dre members in our country, and they have been put in the wrong like this. They are concerned about the stability of our motherland, so they dispatch policemen to keep the society in order, but their actions are misunderstood to be supp.ressing civilian pro.tests. They are concerned about the development of cities, so they send armed police to communicate with residents, but they are misunderstood to be violently tearing down houses. They raise the price of housing to prevent the financial crisis from spreading, but they are misunderstood to be coll.uding with real estate developers. They put the increase of state assets into consideration, so they don’t cut the price of gas, but what they are doing is misinterpreted as monopolization. They take a particularly suspicious bad guy to the police station to investigate, but the guy didn’t have a good body, was destined for a short life, was not careful while walking, hit the wall, and died. How can you say that cadres ext.orting his conf.ession resulted in his death? They care for the next generation of our motherland, they only hug and tenderly touch adolescent girls, but they are misconstrued to be sexually abusive. Today, we just overacted! Comm.issioner Zhou just picked up some cigarette butts, but some people have linked him with corruption. How can it be that China’s officials don’t even have the right to pick up cigarette butts?!

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it  is   not  easy  to  root  out  corrution,because  lots of  people  are  not  rich  and  have  high  desire  for  money  and  all   kinds  of  pleassure  the  nature  of  human being  is  fragile  enough  not  to   ignore  the  excitement  of   the  gain.

so  when  the  people  become  having  no  worry  about  money  or  having  free  spirit  to  get  the  all   kinds of  pleassure  from  external  or   internal  aspect,they  would  prefer  the  clean  in  managing  state-ownered captital  and  benifit  the  people  and  nation  without  thinking  much  her or  his  return.i  think  the  communism socity  would  get  rid  of  corruption,just  wait!

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