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How is DL in your eyes? [Copy link] 中文

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#32: That's what the KMT said about certain folks, recall....
"Justice prevails... evil justice."

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devoid of gratitude

If he had stood out against goverment at the very beginning, he might get a much better reputation. But he was cultivated by government and then betrayed it later. In our words he is devoid of gratitude.

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He would be a nuisance

I don't think I would like having a dodgy Tibetan monk stuck in my eye

It would be sore

I would blow my nose

and expel him

"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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DL is quickly becoming dispirited and his western-sponsored cause is fading.

DL wouldn't have become a phenomenon without CIA's money and covert coaching, and then those western politicians eager to use him as a means to destablize and break up China, and then those nostalgic for a sactuary of the last large-scale salvery or sefdom in human history, and then those appointing him as a political leader, or as a spiritual leader, or as a traveling monk,  or as a scientific-minded living Budha researcher, or as a Hollywood fascination, and what not.

For half a century, DL has been trying to live up to all those 'lofty' expectations and to play those multiple roles he has been play.

The biggest blow and wake-up call, of late, for DL was Sarkozy's flip-flopping, and the US Congress patting on his back on the one hand and Bush coming to the Olympic opening ceremonties and asking President Hu for a basketball ticket on the other.

When the Beijing Olympics are over, DL could count on futher diminished western interest in him and disarray in his own camp in the years to come.

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Reply #39 seneca's post      i.s     s/   back to your old religion.

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For #39 for seneca

From the beginning, the DL phenomemon has been political in nature. His armed rebellion was financed and directed and emboldened by CIA and his western sponsors. His so-called government in excile did not give up the plan to break Tibet from China until quite recently, when, seeing a formerly weak China growing strong every day, DL finally came to terms with reality and realized that his so-called independence was nothing more than a day dream. In fact, his political sponsors know better,  that DL's cause and camp have little future, only they still want to prop it up so long as there are still some residual advantages to take of it for their own, not DL's, political interests.

Along the way, there are people who took a fasination in DL for various other reasons to start with. When DL gave a meditation coaching in the Central Part of New York, listeners were more concerned about their own health conditions than anything else. But DL and his PR always try to channel all these into political support for him.

The simple truth is: Tibet has witnessed greater changes and social progress in the last fifty years than any time in the past under the system of serfdom and theocracy. The central government that has freed Tibetan serfs from slavery and centuries of unbelievable backwardness, a government that has given the Tibetans opportunities of public education and college training throughout China that no previous DL had ever done or wanted to do, a government that invests heavily in Tibetan cultural, economic, industrial and infrustructure developments, a government that wants Tibet to grow with the rest of the homeland, a government that stands up for China's sovereinty and interests in the world, this is the central government DL has to work with if he wants to. Otherwise, DL could retire in India or in France...

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Reply #39 seneca's post

It seems in your eyes only western median photos tell truth, and only exiled monks are kind citizens.

If you really want to make it clear, i sincerely welcome you to Tibet. You can enjoy marvelous natural beauty there, and look into the truth by yourself.

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