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What are the Problems with American Food?   [Copy link] 中文

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Obesity in US military doubled since 2003

Since the start of the Iraq War in 2003 the number of overweight and obese US military has doubled, in keeping with the national trend but also due to the stress of deployment, a Pentagon study said.

“In the past decade among active military members in general, the percent of military members who experienced medical encounters for overweight/obesity has steadily increased; and since 2003, rates of increase have generally accelerated,” said the report published in January. In 1998, the number of military personnel diagnosed overweight or obese stood at 25,652, or 1.6 percent of the entire armed forces. In 2003, it increased to 34,333 (2.1 percent), and from then to 2008 the number doubled to 68,786 (4.4 percent of the total).

A 2005 poll of the US military established that “stress and return from deployment were the most frequently cited reasons for recent weight gain,” the report said. The US military has shown signs of overall exhaustion after years of deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan. And beside weight gain, the US Army has seen a sharp increase in suicides that hit a record 143 in 2008, compared to 115 the year before. The weight increase of US servicemen and women reflects the weight-gaining tendency of the general US population, where 20 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds are considered obese.

As with the civilian population, the rise in obesity among the military is largely blamed on fast food and physically passive recreational activities including videogames, television and movies, the study said. “Overweight/obesity is a significant military medical concern because it is associated with decreased military operational effectiveness ... and both acute and chronic adverse health effects,” the Pentagon report said. afp


It's inevitable, isn't it, with all the fast food they have access to on base. That and the fat lazy habits they bring with them when they join up. Soon science will 'prove' that there's nothing like imposing sanctions upon and raping and murdering a helpless society to give you an appetite.
the anglos are rsponsible for ...

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Is this an admission from the Anglo-Americans?

Food safety system a health 'hazard'
Updated: 2009-03-15

WASHINGTON - The food safety system in the US is a "hazard to public health" and overdue for an overhaul, President Barack Obama said Saturday as he filled the top job at the Food and Drug Administration.

Obama used his weekly radio and video address to announce the nomination of former New York City Health Commissioner Margaret Hamburg as agency commissioner and the selection of Baltimore's health commissioner, Joshua Sharfstein as her deputy. Consumer groups applauded the picks.

Obama said too many agencies are responsible for food safety, making it difficult to share information and stop problems from falling through the cracks.

The FDA does not have enough money or workers to conduct annual inspections at more than a fraction of the 150,000 food processing plants and warehouses in the country, Obama said.

"That is a hazard to public health. It is unacceptable. And it will change under the leadership of Dr. Margaret Hamburg," he pledged.

the anglos are rsponsible for ...

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The dangers of eating Big Macs


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There are some important differences between salmonella and melamine.  Salmonella is naturally occurring and is killed when you cook your food.  Melamine is a man made toxin and cannot be removed from your food.

Do you cook your chicken, I usually do!  The problems have arrisen because containers used to carry chicken have been used for carrying vegetables.  So long as you cook them they are still fine.

Another important detail is that the Hebei government tried to suppress the melamine outbreak because it was sensitive.  How many babies got sick in the time from when the first complaint was issues to when the central government finally acted.

Anyway no one is perfect, it you want to be really safe live on a farm and grown your own food.  I think that is the only way to really be confident.

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Why do American Men have More Prostate Cancer Than Those Elsewhere

Estrogen From Eating Animals And Their Products Not Testosterone Causes Prostate Cancer

The drug companies are heavily invested in testosterone reduction
pharmaceuticals. There has been a conspiracy of silence
about estrogen as the chief cause of prostate cancer.
While the EU has banned the use of female hormones
in livestock, the USDA and US government have
fought in the World Trade Organization to protect
the toxic products of Monsanto and other companies' bovine, porcine,
avian and other estrogen growth hormones.

Perhaps the financially oriented insurance companies
will tell the truth.

The FDA, CDC allow
estrogen hormone to be given to livestock animals in order to
increase the slave animals' output of milk, eggs, meat.

Hospitals, including those such as Johns Hopkins,
the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic, drug companies and the CDC keep the lie
going that testosterone not estrogen is the cause of
prostate cancer.

It is this estrogen which causes prostate cancer
as well as breast, uterine, ovarian, cervical cancer.

Female hormones administered by drugs cause this
cow's udder to swell. The same hormones when the cow
is eaten or her calf-intended milk drunk.. cause swelling of
the prostate. Their udders often hang so low from the drugs
that they step upon them.

Monsanto has sold its estrogen for livestock business in order
to attempt to insulate itself from lawsuit for the millions of deaths
__________________ 20,000 groups
No Virgin Girl in America

American can not live without SEX.

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Factory farming

The horrors inflicted by the factory farms on animals are ghastly.And the effect of their lunatic processes on the
consumers of their toxic products has already made itself felt.Nearly 70% of adult Yanks are overweight.About 70%
of all the antibiotics produced by Amerika are fed to cattle since most of them are fed corn which their digestive
systems are not designed to handle.They were also fed animal matter whch caused mad cow disease.Vast
quantities of milk and dairy products are shoved down the sheeple's throats,though no adult animal consumes
milk.Frankenstein GE food,growth harmones.God help us.

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Originally posted by buddy35 at 2008-6-10 11:32 PM
Consumers are urged to avoid certain tomatoes amid the present salmonella scare. To avoid the current outbreak of salmonella in tomatoes, consumers are told to employ a little detective work and fo ...


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