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What Exactly Is "Freedom"???? [Copy link] 中文

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I've always been curious by the exact definition of the term "freedom". Everyone always sings about it in the west... "I just want to be freeeeeee!" Even as a kid I always wondered what it actually meant, I felt pretty happy as a kid, but perhaps I was missing something? Where there people more free than me?

Now as an adult, I think I've worked out exactly what freedom is. Basically, it's not being under the control of someone. So how do achieve not being under control of someone? By either working for yourself or having enough money that you can be financially independant. That is freedom. Millions of people in the west shout and scream about freedom, but these are milions of people (including myself) that are all working sh.itkicking jobs for some a.sshole boss, are they free? No, they aren't! Yes, as a worker they probably have more rights and freedoms than an authoritarian controlled country, but at the end of the day they are no more free than these people.

If you're a millionaire, what does it matter if you live in CHina or in the west or anywhere? You have freedom to do what you want! People in CHina who have started a successful business, become a famous artist, singer, sportsperson, they are as free as anyone else in the world who has "made it!"

That's freedom!

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I fully agree with you ( I never thought I can say this). Enough cash is the main criteria for fr ee d om.  Without it even life in a de mo c ra c y  is no f re ed om.

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You would be surprised at the number of non millionares that have a good life without an overbearing governmental entity breathing down their necks.
China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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Originally posted by tradervic at 2008-5-28 22:37
You would be surprised at the number of non millionares that have a good life without an overbearing governmental entity breathing down their necks.


You're going to the extremes. I didn't say you have to be a millionaire. Just enough cash, that's it.  :)

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Freedom.  An ambiguous concept if you really think about it as you undoubtely are.

My colleagues and myself used to frequently discuss the modern world and how we fitted in to it. Like you we came to the conclusion that if you were a working man, you were a slave.  Society dishes up the consumables and we have to have them.  Society becomes prosperous and we all blag about our car, video, television.  In the process we chain ourself to the machine and it values.  Our lives become static and the machine espouses the 2.4 children the mortgage and the other fetters to keep us busy and produce the next generation of workers.  Only the truly free, the unemployed have the freedom (time) to espouse their minority ideas and influence the next level of the system.  Which is usually contrary to the needs and ideals of the workers.  And let's face it elections are just to choose between McDonalds or Burger King.

As for rights, I see far more freedom in the Chinese system. They do not have to suffer the petty fines for each little infringement of a system which has grown over hundreds of years with an ever burgeoning petty crime list for the working man.  They can afford to eat out on the street as very few are liable for tax and food is cheap here.  And they are always laughing and shouting and enjoying their lot however humble.  Watch them playing street board and card games.  See this in the West?  No, too busy keeping up with the bills.

What is freedom.  My thoughts are: The ability to do anything you want to do within the rules and guidlines of the country you live in.

It seems to me that China can be harsh implementing rules which endanger the fabric of their society, contrary to the West and pays little attention to minor infringement, and again in contrast to the West.  I got fed up with living in a society which cares little about long term overall needs for the ordinary working people and one that would keep stuffing bills, massive taxation and fines through my door at any possible pretext.  Normally, to pay for the ridiculous excesses of the social security system.

I wish you luck in getting your first million!

Go man go. Yo for freedom!

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Yes, that's right tradervic ..

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Freedom is a sort of thing that if you think you have ,so you have, but if you think you dont have it,  so dont have it...
There are so many people live happily even they do not have much money, and i do believe that freedom does not depend on whether you are wealthy or not

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