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Sharon Stone: Was China quake `bad karma?'   [Copy link] 中文

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LOS ANGELES - Sharon Stone's "karma" is having an instant effect on her movie-star status in China.

The 50-year-old actress suggested last week that the devastating May 12 earthquake in China could have been the result of bad karma over the government's treatment of Tibet. That prompted the founder of one of China's biggest cinema chains to say his company would not show her films in his theaters, according to a story in The Hollywood Reporter.

"I'm not happy about the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans because I don't think anyone should be unkind to anyone else," Stone said Thursday during a Cannes Film Festival red-carpet interview with Hong Kong's Cable Entertainment News. "And then this earthquake and all this stuff happened, and then I thought, is that karma? When you're not nice that the bad things happen to you?"

Ng See-Yuen, founder of the UME Cineplex chain and the chairman of the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers, called Stone's comments "inappropriate," adding that actors should not bring personal politics to comments about a natural disaster that has left five million Chinese homeless, according to the Reporter.

UME has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Hangzhou and Guangzhou, China's biggest urban movie markets.

During the brief interview, which has also surfaced on YouTube, Stone also said she cried when she recieved a letter from the Tibetan Foundation asking her to help the quake victims.

"They wanted to go and be helpful, and that made me cry," she said. "It was a big lesson to me that sometimes you have to learn to put your head down and be of service even to people who aren't nice to you."

Stone's words created a swell of anger on the Internet, including at least one Chinese Web site devoted solely to disparaging her comments.

An after-hours phone call and email to a representative for Stone were not immediately returned Tuesday night.

"To Sharon Stone's comment, it's unlikely that we will respond," said a woman who answered the phone at the Foreign Ministry in Beijing. She refused to give her name or position.

According to the Web-based database, Stone has at least four movies coming up between now and 2010, including "Streets of Blood," "Five Dollars a Day" and "The Year of Getting to Know Us."

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I think Sharon Stone will die early due to this "karma 因果報應" - for what she cursed  咀咒 our Chinese' 80,000's immortal souls 永不安宁的灵魂.

80,000 everlasting lives => 1 pity life of S.S.'s, that's enough 因果報應 !

S.S. won't last long for her life, might be ard 59 or 62.  This is 上帝的招唤

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The karma charmer

Sharon Stone has the intelligence of a cockroach to say the earthquake was the result of "karma". Doesn't she realize that many Buddhists live in Sichuan? If it was "karma", shouldn't it have been in Beijing? Just like hurricane Katrina should have drowned the White House instead of New Orleans?

Notwithstanding her lack of intelligence, she's a well-known celebrity, and, as such, her controversial statements make front page news world wide. Otherwise, her revolting statements about the earthquake wouldn't be worth a comment.

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What about the 78,000 who perished in Myanmar? What bad karma can she pin on them? Who did they do bad things on?

Your heart breaks into two when you read of the despair of the doctor who could only see the young boy die after he had to saw off his leg; your heart breaks into three when you see the corpses of the children buried under the piles of concrete; your heart breaks into four when you hear the wailing of the mother for the husband she has lost.

How many parts can the heart break into?

Karma? 80,000 just happened to be at the same area to suffer the same fate at the same time because they all had done some wrong things in their past?

If anything, have love and pity for those who died, take care of those who are still alive, support those who have lost so many.

Then, using the best scientific and engineering techniques, fight double hard to prevent the next disaster from happening and make use of the best management methods to be more prepared for the next eventuality.

Life goes on for those who survive but the suffering we have seen must unite all peoples of the world to the fact that life itself has been made fragile...and because it is fragile, one must value more those who live, not denigrate the memory of those they have lost by pinning some half-baked cheap potshot about politics on the reason for their loss.

As with some in the west, Stone may have a heart but what is it made of? stone?

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Sharon Stone

Strange ???????????  

I first posted this topic lunchtime 27th May before Oxgold evening 27th and the CD on morning 28th.

After just 3 or 4 posts my  thread dissappeared.  Is this normal?

I thought it had been removed because of the topic.

Can anyone enlighten me on this procedure, please.

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Originally posted by expatter at 2008-5-28 00:25
Sharon Stone

Strange ???????????  

I first posted this topic lunchtime 27th May before Oxgold evening 27th and the CD on morning 28th.

After just 3 or 4 posts my  thread dissappeared.  Is  ...

Let me "enlighten" you:  that's, maybe, because the oxgold might be also a mod, or/and CD as a mod, wanted to grab your "credits" to show their creations first for this explosive news of SHARON STONE - but actually she's nothing.  Nothing at all - only a 枯萎的老太婆

I has same experience like you. My "credit" has been taken by someone else.

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