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My dear baby, if you can survive, remember I love you [Copy link] 中文

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When rescuers found her, she was dead,  a death caused by her falling house in the earthquake.
Among the debris,  rescuers could see her posture:  Kneeling with two arms supporting her body
as if crawling.  But looked strange because the heavy concrete slabs twisted her body.  When rescuers
cleared the debris arond her, they found under her body ..........a  baby, still alive, wrapped in a small quilt of red colour with yellow flowers.  the baby is about three or four months old.  Because her mom's protection,
he was safe and sound. The baby was sleeping when rescued.  Everyone felt warm-hearted to see this.

When doctors opened his quilt for a check-up,  they found a cellphone inside the quilt. On the cellphone
screen was a text message:  My dear baby, if you can survive, remember that I love you.


    抢救人员发现她的时候,她已经死了,是被垮塌下来的房子压死的,透过那一堆废墟的的间隙可以看到她死亡的姿势,双膝跪着,整个上身向前匍匐着,双手扶着地支撑着身体,有些象古人行跪拜礼,只是身体被压的变形了,看上去有些诡异。救援人员从废墟的空隙伸手进去确认了她已经死亡,又在冲着废墟喊了几声,用撬棍在在砖头上敲了几下,里面没有任何回应。当人群走到下一个建筑物的时候,救援队长忽然往回跑,边跑变喊“快过来”。他又来到她的尸体前,费力的把手伸进女人的身子底下摸索,他摸了几下高声的喊“有人,有个孩子 ,还活着”。



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isn't that heart-wrenching?

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]"My dear baby,  if you can survive,  remember that your mom loves you!"
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This is one of the most touching stories of survival I have ever heard . It brings tears to one's eyes and it exemplifies the all encompassing love of mother for  her child .  It is melancholic , tragic and yet helps us in putting proper perspective on what is important in life . Thank you for the account thirdpole .

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Dear thirdpole,

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but frankly speaking, i doubt the truth of the story!  

1) how does the mother's frail body manage to support all the weight on her without using her hands?  and if her hands were trying to hold up the weight, how could she manage to type text message?

2) 20 hours no food no milk, how possibly  the baby survived? according to the news report, the 3-4 month old baby was sound asleep when being rescued.

3) 20 hours, my mobile phone has a life battery of less than 10 hours. I bought it half a year ago.

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Originally posted by 413pinoy at 2008-5-18 20:44
can I have permission to copy the photo and also your text. I have shown it to my wife. We are both deeply touched. My wife is Filipina and has hundreds of e-mail-contacts around the world. She wou ...

Yes you can.

The story and photo are from Chinese media.  I translated the main points only.

The last lines are :  The doctors, who have seen so much life and death, shed tears when seeing this
scene.   Then the cellphone was passed from one hand to another,  everyone was moved to tears........


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