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Is China demonized by western media [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by meiguodiyi at 2008-5-13 04:11

Yeah, we're real jealous of China's pollution (16 of the world's 20 most polluted cities are located in China and over 70% of China lakes and rivers are contaminated) , unemployment rate ( ...

Oh come on mate, these are major problems of China, not things to use to insult the place about.

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When does being offended become an overreaction?

With regard to this Jack Cafferty debacle...

I can understand the hurt incurred by the Chinese people but does one really expect CNN to apologise? I certainly expect Cafferty to do so (and thought he had done so) but not the network itself.

The keystone to free speech within international media is that the opinion expressed is that of the individual and not necessarily that of the network. I don't believe this should change.

What do you think?

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Flip-Flop expert.


It is much too sleek of you to come up with this old hoary chestnut argument .  Individual vs organizational . Good point until you try to flip over whenever it suits you . You see Mr Cafferty the nincompoop delivered his insult to the Chinese people when he was fronting as a compere of CNN . He represented the CNN , just like a national athlete wearing national colors are responsible for their good behavior . There is no squirming ,squealing and squawking about it when caught, buster .

Are you one of the believers of " Do as I say but not as I do " ?

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The real thugs and goons

Originally posted by tangmanyiu at 2008-5-13 13:44
Wastern media have their own speech freedom and they are just doing their business. There may be something we did wrong so we must accept their criticism. What's more, there lie some differences in ...

Their "business" is generating publicity by catering for lowest common denominator, hurling ever more outlandish insults and hyperbole to create more business. Freedom? You've got to be kidding- anyone telling the truth about Iraq is dispatched to Guantanamo if they're Iraqi. If a westerner, their reports are buried whilst they themselves are re-educated by their superiors and threatened with dismissal; why do you think that, of all the hundreds of newspapers and tv stations that Murdoch owns, not one criticised the invasion of Iraq, nor the fake evidence used to justify it.

Their business is a dirty one- to distract people's attention, keep them fighting amongst themselves and to prevent any rational thinking. Their owners are like hyenas feeding off roadkill.

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If that is the case Mengzhi...

... then it is safe to say that you, wchao37, changbula, jetsam, and the rest of the usual gang of forumites represent the China Daily with your political views?
China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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