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Originally posted by copyright at 6/5/2008 01:24 AM
Yes, the Blacks, Asian Indians, the Chinese, Aussie Aboriginese, Native Americans are all victims of these racist people!
But still these white supremacists would always blame their victims for their horrendous crimes committed against them!
And next they'll claim to be their saviour too and they 're actually doing good and  favours to the victims!!!  

I do believe one the Usual Gang of Forumites had a special title for Obama a few months back... "Unfed N*gg*r".

Or shall we talk of some of more interesting rants from the Usual Gang of Forumites about Forumites of Color - such as Tekvicious - or the forumite from South Africa?

<chuckle>  Shall we discuss the 2008 Beijing Paraylmic Volunteer Guidebook or shall we lay odds on at least "One True Son of P.R. China" causing at least one embarrassing moment at the Olympics with members of teams from Africa, South America, and/or the Middle East?

Sorry boys - the nationalist rants and raves may be amusing to read - but they are still a load of B.S.
China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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Reply #330 canadianbob's post

The economy won't implode just because of a "we hate foreigners" campaign, but if there is wholesale discrimination against us and people start dissappearing or getting hurt, then obviously, something bad will happen for China. I'm betting that the average Chinese is far too smart, well mannered and civilized to even contemplate such a thing. Only some of these usual gang of sino nazis are creating these problems, much like the radical fundamental muslims, or the nationalistic Jews or whoever fits the bill. It happens everywhere and I have no reason that it won't happen in China, but, China is a gracious host and I fear nothing from the usual horde of mumblers.

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Originally posted by exportedkiwi at 2008-6-5 19:48
Trouble here is that we (your so called KKK pests), most of us, do have consciences and are more than capable of reason  ...
As I said in a previous post, you're actually doing more damage than good to the image of China and Chinese people.

Ha, what a damn liar and hypocrite you are!! No, you KKK pests have no human conscience!!
I have never said anything bad about China nor her people! It's you people who constant insulting China and her people!!
I only speak the truth about you damn hypocrites who constantly pretend to love China and her people and yet you're the ones who are constantly slandering and deningrating  China and her people in your evil intention to tarnish the good image of China!!
Here's what you've said about China in the thread 'Where were you then?' :

"but the concrete seems to be, on the whole, substandardly mixed and the metal/gravel used to bind it all is too damn large allowing for too much air to be in the mix, therefore, the skeleton doesn't have the rigidity, or flexibility to withstand such things.. This is where the main root of the problem is I think. Many folks want to build these tenements on the cheap, and quickly so they can start getting rent from them. Add to this already lethal concrete mix, they use good old fashioned bricks as walls and they seem to lay the bricks extremely haphazardly and using the same totally inadequate concrete mix. I very much doubt, although can't confirm, that it's corruption involved, more like greed on the part of the landlords and building contractors. These are my observations of building sites, and practices all around China, not just in Sichuan"

and this "that many buildings in China are build with sub-quality materials and also subquality skills."

Aren you truly an English teacher?
How come as an English teacher you have all the time in the world to be in construction sites all over China to observe standards of China's building and construction methods and materials?
Are you trained in such professions?

You said you have nothing against me and yet you said this :
"You must be a small and lonely person who has nothing better to do than find fault with everything and everybody except yourself."

and this "eople like you, who profess to be Chinese and walk around with a huge chip on their shoulder looking for someone to blame and something to vent their anger or inadequacies on....someone or something besides themselves or in your case, yourself!"
Aren't you a damn liar and shameless hypocrite??

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Originally posted by brobostigon at 2008-6-5 15:54

It is not likely there are any KKK members on this BBS.   Fortunately KKK membership is a tiny fraction of what it was at its peak in 1924, is fractionalized is many small groups and  ...

KKK terrorist's spirit and mind-set is still alive and well in most of you KKK pests!!
Of course, you KKK pests are always in denial of all your racist crimes against humanity, aren't you??!!!

[ Last edited by correction at 2008-6-6 01:19 PM ]

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Originally posted by exportedkiwi at 2008-6-6 11:08
"we hate foreigners" campaign ...

This is a damn lie!!
There's no such hatred for foreigners in China!!
All foreigners are welcome except those KKK pests who come with the evil intentions to spread ethnic hatred, spreading lies in order to tarnish the country's image and cause social unrest and disorder or even organise terrorist activities in the country, these damn trouble-makers ought to be kicked out of China and never allowed to re-enter the country!

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You must be kidding correction. You have a very short memory.

1. That stupid coin scattering incident was a few years ago.
2. The Ayi's are not on public transport. They are hired help...the other people are paying customers. THERE is NO correlation with ROSA PARKS. None whatsoever. In stating that there is, you show extreme lack of logic.
3. WHy has nobody addressed tradervics concerns with this forums own hypocrisy?

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HOW Many KKK's

we have ALIVE or DEAD here .........

they shld vote for Obama
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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