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Has China Reached a Milestone? [Copy link] 中文

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We know that China has gone through tremendous changes in the last few decades.

People around the world are starting to recognise this and are wanting to do business with and include China in world affairs.

Despite all these successes, there was always the accusation that China was not united and that her people were not happy with their government.

However, recent events attacking China has shown an incredible defense by all Chinese, both home and abroad, of the Motherland and the leadership!

As well as this, we find our overseas friends coming out in support of us, despite what the western media says.

Is this a milestone?

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Pro-China event reflects change in community - report
Updated: 2008-04-27 08:43

LOS ANGELES -- A recent demonstration by thousands of Chinese Americans against CNN commentator Jack Cafferty's anti-China remarks marked a milestone for the local Chinese community, the Los Angeles Times said Saturday.

Thousands of people, including students, business people and engineers from Chinese  mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, rallied in front of CNN's Hollywood headquarters a week ago, calling for Cafferty's firing after he called the Chinese "goons" and "thugs," and a sincere apology from the network.

There is little evidence that the Los Angeles event, and similar pro-China activities recently around the world, were orchestrated by the Chinese government despite the claims of anti- Chinese activists, the newspaper reported.

"If people think we're supported by the government, they really don't know the truth," the report quoted Minxue He, president of UCLA's Chinese Students and Scholars Association, as saying.

The UCLA group held rallies for the Beijing Olympics on campus. He said his group promoted the Olympics to American students to let them know what's going on in China, and the idea came from association members.
Dramatic changes in last two decades have changed the local Chinese people's view of their home country, and paved the way for public demonstrations such as last Saturday's event, the newspaper said.

Chinese Americans here now enjoy access to China's booming economy, and many consider Chinese society significantly more free than in years past, according to the report.
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Comments from some of our brothers and sisters shows how united we all are:

The constant China-bashing by the Western media has brought together Chinese from EVERY corner of the world. This is truly a milestone in Chinese history and we have the western media to thank for it. We've all had enough of the West.  

-- LeeHK

The more the West push us, the more we band together as one.

-- MalaysianChinese

Chinese civilization have existed for more than five thousand years, longer than the combined civilization of Europe, North America, and Australia!

-- Global Chinese

The White-supremacist politicians prejudicial policy against the Chinese; and the persistent China-bashing tactics don't work any more!

--  Truth

No matter what you twist or tarnish China,west media,we Chinese will stand together and fight together as we are one, from one big family which teaches us to unite when foreigners try to undermine us and work hard in peaceful times to boost our motherland!! I love you, China, cheer up!  

-- grassroot

If white Americans categorized us as Chinese-Americans, we will be Chinese, because deep inside we will never accept the terminology of a " Chinese-America "! The more you use Chinese American, the more WE BECOME CHINESE! Are we going to be Chnese Americans or plain AMERICANS! This is my question to the White Americans! If white Ameircans keep using African Americans, we will define it as " not " being accepted as American! Your call/choice!

-- We R Americans!!!!!!

  Support you, from Canada!

--  Lynn ... +community+-+report
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Ghana-China Friendship Association Issued a press release On Recent Ocurrences In China

The Ghana-China Friendship Association wish to draw the attention of the people of Ghana and the world to recent occurrences in China. Recent attempts of secession in Taiwan and Tibet has become a matter of concern to the Peoples and Government of China as well as friends of China around the world.

In Taiwan, the Chen Shui-Bian authorities in disregard of the strong opposition both at home and abroad decided on the 1st of February to hold a referendum on the 22 March 2008 on joining the UN under the name Taiwan, a move to undermine the Chinese Government's "One China Policy".

The failure of the referendum recently held in Taiwan demonstrates the Taiwanese peoples' rejection of moves by the Chen Shui-Bian authorities to create tension in Cross-Straits relations.

In Tibet, the Government of the Tibet Autonomous Region on March 14th reported acts of violence linked to the "Dalai Lama" seeking separation of Tibet from China, a move also seen as underming the "One China Policy".

It is in this vein that the Ghana-China Friendship Association, in line with the position of the Ghana Government and the position of many other countries around the world, add our voices in support of the efforts of the People's Republic of China to protect and defend its "One China Policy" in the interest of the entire Chinese People and the world at large, based on the domestic and international Rule of Law.

We also would like to take this opportunity to condemn any organized violence causing heavy losses of life and property to the Tibetan people by the separatist forces. Any attempt to destabilize Tibet and split it from China through these violent acts undermines the sovereign status of the entire people of China and a medium to discredit the international image of China as she prepares to host the 2008 Olympic Games-A GAME FOR PEACE.

Our unflinching support for the "One China Policy" stems from the recognition of the fact that stability in China is vital to the stability in the international community considering the important role that China plays in the current global economic, social and political order.

We cannot and will never support activities of secessionist elements bent on splitting China under any name or by any means but uphold the noble ideal of ONE CHINA.




23RD MARCH 2008
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‘Valuable support’ against separatists praised by China

ISLAMABAD, April 25: China has thanked Pakistan for its ‘valuable support’ in effectively dealing with the East Turkestan Islamic Movement and the Xinjiang-based Uighur separatist movement regarded by the Chinese government as a terrorist organisation.

“China will further cooperate with Pakistan in dealing firmly with terrorists,” Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said at a joint press conference with his Pakistani counterpart Shah Mehmood Qureshi after their talks here on Friday.


APP adds: The Chinese minister also appreciated Pakistan’s firm support on Taiwan, Tibet, human rights and other issues.

“Over the years, Pakistan has given firm support to China on Taiwan, Tibet, human rights and other issues that are crucial to China’s core interests,” he said.

Referring to the Olympic torch relay that took place a few days ago in Islamabad, he said the event was a great success, which had not only promoted the Olympic spirit, but also shown to the world the all-weather friendship between China and Pakistan.
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Pro-China rally in Auckland

An estimated 3000 Chinese supporters filled the square waving flags and singing patriotic songs during the two-hour rally.

Radio New Zealand reported one of the organisers as saying there had not been such a coming together of Chinese people in New Zealand for a decade.


It was the second demonstration in support of China and the Olympics in two days.

Yesterday several hundred Chinese people took to the streets of Wellington to support their country hosting this year's Olympics.

The protesters, mostly Victoria University students, said they were upset at perceived media bias in the reporting of human rights issues in China and the China-Tibet situation.

They denied the Chinese government was behind the march.

"Oh no, no, this is all student-made," one protester said.

"Support China, support Chinese, support Olympics," she chanted.
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Chinese rally in Chicago to show support for Olympics in Beijing

By Kristen Kridel

Tribune reporter

10:25 PM CDT, April 24, 2008

Following recent protests about holding the summer Olympic Games in Beijing, at least 500 people gathered outside Chicago's Dirksen U.S. Courthouse on Thursday to show support for China.

As a flowing dragon danced through the square above the heads of several people, , some advocates—many Chinese students—said political issues concerning Tibet, human rights and economic inequality shouldn't be factors in the sporting event.

Others denied the reports of human-rights violations in Tibet and other parts of China that have spurred demonstrations.

"The reasons they gave to not have it in China are not true. They're trying to use the Olympic Games for other political purposes," said Hanlu Zhao, 22, a student at Illinois Institute of Technology. As hundreds of red Chinese flags brightened the Loop, a woman quickly walked through the crowd, encouraging everyone to remember that China was responsible for the bloodshed of Beijing's Tiananmen Square in 1989. "Free Tibet!" she yelled.

But Heather Han, a Chinese citizen, said the people of China know better than anyone else how they are treated by the government. Han, who said her ethnicity makes her a minority in China, said she would not have been allowed to come to the United States if the government was oppressive.

She said the reports in the Western media have been distorted and said the Chinese people deserve an apology.

"China is our mother," Han said. "And our mother's reputation was destroyed."

Ann Liu, a Chinese lawyer , said she hoped the rally organized by more than 30 local Chinese organizations would serve to welcome Americans to China.

"We think the Olympics represent the spirit of peace and union," she said.

Copyright © 2008, Chicago Tribune ... olympics-rallyapr25,1,4352255.story

Chinese dragons were featured in downtown Chicago Thursday during a rally to support holding the summer Olympic Games in Beijing. (Tribune photo by Milbert O. Brown / April 24, 2008)
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