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France wants European Union to decide on Olympic boycott [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by 441424 at 2008-6-21 00:12

How do you dare to say that those demonstrators were paid   and /or supported by the French government ?

Same reply "bullsh.."

The absolute inactivity of all French policemen along the torch route were telling what was going on. At the same time big banners were hanging down from the city hall denouncing China and praising the fake monk and his goons. Enough said.

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Firstly they were not inactive ...

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Originally posted by 441424 at 2008-6-21 00:34

that China has a problem with t bet is not a French invention. Even inside China your torch run is no welcome anywhere. I am sure you have read the S.piegel report from

Kashgar:  - Faking t ...

Yeah, I understand. After the fake monk's move failed it's now time for the anti China publications to look for taliban and  t e. r r o . ist  assistance to achieve their goal. Very intertesting, indeed. But I'm sure that this will fail as well.

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The color of money .

The French may be the fashionista and guru of style but when it comes to politics , they are as clumsy as the rhino , and have hide thick enough to match .  Little N. Sarkozy strutted the world stage to declare ill will and ill wishes to China and this is supposed to be part of " free speech " !?

44,  the harsh and hurtful facts are , the Chinese nowadays have the wallet and the gall to boycott those whose colonialist and racist behavior are not to their liking . The Chinese work with their government , not against it . So when the people get angry , the government support their protests .

Your half witted and nonsensical babble and blather means nothing in the  long run . Money talks and lots of money talks lots .  Get a life .

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Originally posted by seneca at 2008-6-22 00:18
And  the word "goons" certainly applies to the blue-and-white-dressed foreigners surrounding the Torch too, doesn't it?  ...

Those also the same nationalities with the one who help you extending your visa?

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Sarkozy Apologized

When Sarkozy apologized to Jin Jing, he knew the whole had gone too far. Though France has never had a chance for the Summar Olympics for 108 years, what happened during the Paris leg will not be something glorious for a torch relay host country like France.

Sarkozy is trying to rennovate Paris, which may well pave the way for a future Frence bid for the summer games.The world will not forget what happened in Paris for a long time, as it will not speak very well for a government's ability to ensure peaceful international events on its capital city stree.

The French may be (or may not be) proud of their abundant free street riots and burning, or their tradition of taking every grevience to the street, either for work hours or paid holidays. But that may not be a favorable trait for a host country for Olympics.

The Olympics, as an international event and gathering, is always prone to sabotage and revenge by people with certain political agendas. It is in fact an easy target for terrorists. Terrorist attacks did happen during previous games if you care to check back. A bomb blew off at the 1996 Altantas Summer Games in the United States. Some athletes were attacked or murdered in previous games.

China is doing everything necessary to ensure peace and safety for the games, and that is only correct and responsible for the international community.

Sarkozy never planned to come to the opening ceremony, though he sounded as if he was going to cancel the plan for visit. He probably should stay home as planned and worry about rennovating Paris, and watch TV to see Bush and President Hu and the Chinese and American athletes bring out their best. France did not collect many gold medals, did they? Why should Mr. Sarkozy care?

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Screaming blue murder !

The French and the DL did nasty things to the Chinese and the whole world is aware of it ; political point scoring at best , financial losses at worst for France .  Both parties have since denied any " intentions to hurt " and become contrite .  Not so simple my dear . This is not China of the gun-boat days when you can freely kick and pummel them for entertainment . This time round , IOUs are being issued and payments demanded .

SS is struggling with excuses for his icons . Just admit that they have blundered and busted . I bet they will behave nicely to the Chinese for a long time to come . Wan sui .

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