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Understanding and peace more valuable than heating up people against people [Copy link] 中文

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I am a bit disturbed when I see that in the moment there are signs of efforts to bring people together , to narrow  the cultural gap, to bring down the current high temperature - the threads are getting deleted.

It happened yesterday and it happened a few minutes ago.

I only saw the last,resonable reponce from Mark Wu :
Mark Wu. 2008-4-18 1:48
I'll take you up on that meal with drink, tradervic. Chinese cook vegetables better than anyone else in the world.

Let me add a quiet piece.  Years later all will look back at this period as one where there's a tectonic shift in the way geopolitics is being played out.  Indeed, it's all about power transition.  Yet too many are looking too near without seeing further.  And by further i mean answers to questions like:

What must be done now so that there will be a more harmonious coexistence later between future generations in different countries?

What are the common unifying bonds of men beyond the divisiveness of ideology?

How do we put in real effort to understand one another's point of views and perspectives, backgrounds and methods, before concluding too fast how different the other fella is and while at it taking shortcuts by using mental labellings?

How do we really turn swords of steel and knives of thought into the ploughshares of mutual respect and universal cooperation?

Somehow i think we are all here from time to time to ultimately seek good answers to questions such as these so that the next generations of markwus, tradervics and so on will better be able to spend time in other pursuits.

[ Last edited by markwu at 2008-4-18 11:49 AM ]

And I tried to send my answer:

"I think a good start is to stop calling the partners in dialogue goons and thungs, we stop belittling heads of state through willingly writing their names without capital letters, we just show respect beside showing differencies in points of view."

But when clicking on send button I got message that the thread does not exist.


IMHO there should not be restriction to posts appealing for understanding, cooperation between nations, cooling down the hot heads on both sides.
Andy Dob

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There can never be reason until the media are on the side of fair and balanced reporting.  The dissemination of sensationalism is part of the reality of a corporate media.  Conflict = sales, sales = money, money = power.  The truth has no financial value.

We are all part of the problem.  We like things which shock, excite and reveal.  We all like gossip, sex and violence.  We are inexplicable, who in their right mind would follow a soap opera?  We do!

You don't like violence?  Check your film collection!  How many copies you got of 'the Sound of Music'.  Exactly!

Me too.

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You got me with the film collection, Expatter. However the films made for pure showing the violence just to show the violence are all thrown away.

You are also right that people like to play killing heroes and sometimes madly believe that real bullets are something similar to paint balls.
Untill it is too late to realize there is no "start game again" button.
Andy Dob

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Reply #1 doberman's post

and a lot of regular forumer are missing too!

it got very hot in CD BBS, i guess.

Hmmm, i felt some heat also....

Green DRagon

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They were missing well before now -

and now has nothing to do with their missing -

in fact - they are noticed that they are no where to be found -

to defend China at this time -


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Reply #5 betrayed's post

I am not sure what you are saying?

But, if facts and common sense is presented to all.
It becomes easier to protect whatever it is that those people are doing.
if it is national interest on certain issue, then there must be valid reason and not hate.

this is possibly basic.


Green DRagon
God of Peace

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What I am saying -

is those of us that remain -

tried very hard to stop nearly 30 members leaving -

after being abused by the GULAG -




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