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做人不能太CNN (C-E) [Copy link] 中文

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Thank you all!

Cafferty is an idiot right-wing commentator, and the attention he's gotten over this is the best thing that has ever happened to his career! Michael Jackson wrote some wonderful songs and was an amazing performer, but is extremely strange as an individual (not uncommon for artists of all kinds).

I can't post to the Grace Wang thread anymore, so I am posting this here at a related topic.

I was very happy to see all of your posts, both complimentary and critical!
Glaznozt: Thank you. As to my motivation, 3hairs? I’ve lived in China, I like China, I think China has a central role in the world, and I think to assume that role China must evolve more quickly to a more open and durable system, and I think my own little “1.3 Billion Flowers Campaign” will help. I may sometimes be critical but you should hear me on the Yanks, given their advantages, I hold them to a higher standard.
Expatter: There is much wisdom in your thoughtful comments and I very much enjoyed reading (and rereading) them.  But, I disagree with your “50 years” point.  I don’t think there is a single western country that had a majority of literate citizens, or a particularly high standard of living when representative government began. I fully support the Central Government’s acceptance of the new electoral policy for Hong Kong, and their (somewhat overcautious) experiments in local elections. I also think that the party (with some updated policies) would win a free and fair election in China now (but, maybe not in the future if they move too slowly), and that it is in their, and China’s, best interests to do so.
Buddy35: What is happening in TBT?: It is very difficult to say, but given the anger and violence shown by TBTns towards innocent Han economic migrants (encouraged to go West by their own government into a region with an obviously unresolved and potentially dangerous political/ethnic situation, and thereby placed in harm’s way), I think we can reasonably assume there is considerable hatred and resentment towards the Han and Central Government. However, as the only news available is Xinhua, and it NEVER presents the opposite view (This is not bias? Show me an interview with the D**** L*** in the news in China; there is none. This is not biased reporting, to show exclusively one viewpoint day after day and month after month? The CBC here in Canada showed a twenty minute interview with DL, and the next night the same for the Ambassador from China. People can hear out both, and make up their minds-THAT is journalism).
Reportersh: You are assuming an idyllic brotherhood in India/Pakistan/Bangladesh before the British; as others have bointed out, this is wholly inaccurate. Also, you seem to be saying that when Europeans exploited weaker states as colonies it was bad, but when China exploited weaker states as tributaries it was good. How does that work, logically? I agree that European culture is the most aggressive in human history—“The whole world is afraid of the Christians and their ‘God of love’” as a friend of mine puts it. Your bit about Chinese not using plastic bags or neon lights just astonishes me. Have you been to China in the last twenty years?

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Cafferty Jackson

This whole brouhaha has been the best thing that ever happened to Cafferty's career. He was an unknown right-wing goofball shock-commentator who was virtually unknown, but now he is famous! Michael Jackson, on the other hand is extremely weird as an individual, but has had an impressive career as a performer/artist (which is not atypical). He has had plastic sergury several times, and "skin whitening" as well, I think he is looking more and more like Elizabeth Taylor. Find a picture of him from the "Jackson Five" and compare it with a recent one, you'll be amazed.
Everyone should be polite to rainbow, she is always polite, and she is sincere, but young (I mean that in a nice way).
Also, rainbow, please see the Grace Wang thread for some of my response on Chinese media and bias.

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Medal of honor

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出于他自己在中国的所见所闻所感,这位美国青年写道:"近来发生的一切并不能带给中国尊敬或荣耀。相反地,在外人眼里,这些行为使中国看上去既不开化又粗鲁无礼(uncivilized and brutish)。我想帮助我的中国朋友,尤其是那些旅居海外的人,帮助他们学习如何恰当的处理西方的政治争议,这样他们就能更好的让外人了解他们的祖国,修补中国的国际形象。。。衷心祝愿北京奥运会成功!"

在建议开始之前,他说"我有些担心我所写的东西有点儿'训导'的味道"( I'm a little concerned that what I wrote might seem patronizing. )



1. 给该节目编辑写一封有礼貌的信,指出问题所在,用逻辑来支撑你的观点。(要文明的体面的表达你的观点,给编辑写信是个好办法 ---而且你的信可以被免费发表出来,让更多人看到)

DO write a polite letter to the editor to point out the problem, giving a logical argument to support your position. (Letters to the editor are a respectable, civilized way to express your opinion—and you can get it published for free )

2. 如果某些照片或视频片段是错误的或具误导性的,自己制作一段冷静的、有信息含量的视频解释为什么那些东西是错的。(人们愿意观看冷静理性的视频并从中学习)

DO make a calm, informative video that explains why a photograph or media clip is wrong or misleading. (People are willing to listen to and learn from calm, reasonable videos)

3. 不要写怒气冲冲的、丧失理性的充满了个人攻击和共产主义政治魔咒的抗议信。(如果你的信怒气冲冲,人们不会尊重你的观点。人身攻击时歇斯底里的表现,会被置之不理。共产话语的特点一目了然,如果人们认为你只是简单的重复政府的宣传的话,没人会搭理你)

DON'T write an angry, irrational protest letter with an argument based upon ad hominem attacks and Communist political mantras.(If you write an angry letter, your opinion will not be respected. Ad hominem attacks (irrelevant criticism of a person's character) will be rejected as desperate. Communist language is very easy to spot, and people will disregard you if they think you are simply repeating government propaganda.)

4. 不要制作怒气冲冲毫无逻辑的视频,目的就想告诉西方观众他们是白痴。(如果一个人试图通过侮辱你的方式纠正你,你一般很难接受,尤其这种纠正还毫无逻辑可言,这段YOUTUBE上的视频就是绝佳的反面教材,...... watch?v=x9QNKB34cJo。它不止侮辱了观众,还大肆宣扬一些毫无根据和逻辑的论断,比如CIA现在还在支持打来拉马。)

DON'T make a video that makes angry, illogical statements and tells the Western viewer he is an idiot. (It is difficult to accept correction from a person who insults you, especially if he does it illogically. This video on YouTube is a perfect example of what NOT to do: ...... watch?v=x9QNKB34cJo. It insults the viewer and makes unsupported and illogical claims, such as saying the CIA still provides support to the Dalai Lama.)

5. 对那些进行了不实报道的媒体,一不要呼吁禁止,二不要暴力攻击。(有一点很重要,西方媒体并不受政府掌控,所以不要太把它们的错误和偏见当回事儿。保护言论自由同样要保护那些错误和不公正的言论,为使我们免受政府暴政之害,记住这一点很重要)

DON'T call for bans or violent attacks against publications or broadcasters who make unfair statements. (It is very important to remember that since Western media are not controlled by the government, their errors and biases should not be taken so seriously. Freedom of speech even covers speech that is unfair or wrong; this is an important protection against government tyranny.)


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new world!

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that is just a saying

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