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Sarkoszy and Merkel Boycott Olympics [Copy link] 中文

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Sarkolean's popularity in France has diminished I read somewhere by as much as 40% because of his private life and his casual attitude towards his job.  The recent state visit to England was to try and improve his standing (although he will always be short) with the French people to try and look more stateman like.  No doubt his current position is just to grab some attention to an otherwise mediocre performance as The President.  I would think if the big money were to tell him to shut it, he might just do it.

As you say Mengzhi we give him too much attention here.  But if we could rattle the French business cage then they might gag him for you.  

You others, stop talking about hotdogs, you are making me feel hungry.

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Originally posted by caringhk at 2008-4-7 14:28

Thxs dear for being so concern!!!

i bet YongHeGong is PEACEFUL

Yong He Gong is always peaceful. No fake monks to be found over there.

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Originally posted by greendragon at 2008-4-7 14:36
Afterall, Germany, Japan are just Amerikan dogs.

We can do some "Public Relations" antics to "counter doggy activity".

Look at the rather pleasant "coke price triplin ...


You have to enlighten me a bit. Why do you mention Japan over here? Official Japan made no nonsense comments about what has happened over the last three weeks. Even some 60  pro test ers were kept at a distance of more than 1 km from the Chinese embassy and the mainstream Japanese language press has not entered the China b ashing and hatr ed club of the West.

Be fair and try at least to be unbiased.

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#44. Yes, it's shame.

you said:  " I am deeply saddened about the events concerning the Olympic Torch in London and so ashamed.  It seems a democracy is where the minority can shout loud enough about something they know nothing about to drown the wishes of the ordinary person who is too busy working to have a voice.


BTW,  China's national CCTV, in its prime time 7pm news programme, did show that group of mobsters who tried to ruin the torch.  Billions of Chinese people have watched it.

Are we shocked?  sure.   Angry, you bet.

But, i believe Chinese people are pretty resilient, we know what we will have to do to achieve our mission.

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why japan do not show ...

in fact, this time japan did do a good job about the olympic torch and olympic games ...this is right for the japanese leaders
not to be involved in this big event that china really do matter and concern most ...and i do believe that the japanese leaders understand not to hoatile to china is the right choice ,,
,,firstly the present prime n\minster of japan har been striving to help the relationship between chian and japan thaw and ger warmer .....
secondly ,now japan`s economy is plagued gy the subprime mortgage a lot ..and its central bank is now vacant and nobody come to fill it ,beacuse of no suited candidates ....
thirdly ,our secretary general are scheduled to have a state vist to if something undermining the ties hetween the two countries happens , it would deteriorate what two counties have tried to erect .....this is what the japanese leaders never never wish to see ....
given above three points ....i think even the japanese leader want to voice something to join the anit-torch groups is no possible ....

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Watch the tide of discontent spread .

We are seeing the damaging effects of this global hooliganism unfold as the torch passes around the world . The latest news is that the French has failed to protect the Olympic flame. Her amateur and half hearted efforts in crowd control is similar to their president's lemon sucking performance . This is poor grade for the French . The French Olympic fans , including the torch bearers , were deprived of their rights to enjoy this once-in-4-years celebration in peace .  Where is the justice when ( say ) several hundred hooligans can disrupt the hundreds of thousands of citizens' right to participate ?  Yet the western press harps on about " Chinese crackdown " ?!! The logic escapes me .  

If you see some of the pictures of hooligans being tackled and pushed to the ground , and one ( in France ) bleeding profusely from the mouth , one could say that this is " police brutality " if it had exactly happened in China .  Because it is in UK and France , this odious creation and distortion was spared .

I see the tide of opinion change as the torch progresses .  I see each and every country being tested and the majority of the population being made sick and angry by this mob running amok like a bunch of juvenile hoodlums first hand and in  their face , taking away other people's rights while they crap on about human rights at the same time.The DL is desperately trying to call for " no boycott , no violence and no disruption " because he can see how counter productive this is becoming .  Go torch Go.

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Quite right.

There is a majority who want to see the torch and are being denied this.

The more the torch gets disrupted the more negative the image.  The Yahoos are being noticed for what they are.  


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