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Ten Signs You're Being Bullied At Work(e-c)practice [Copy link] 中文

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Ten Signs You're Being Bullied At Work

Allison Van Dusen 03.24.08, 12:00 PM ET

Chances are if you work with others, you’ll be bullied at some point in your career.


In the U.S., where the practice is being studied, an estimated 37% of workers, or about 54 million people, have been bullied at the office, or repeatedly mistreated in a health-harming way, according to a 2007 Zogby International survey. The percentage balloons to 49% of workers, 71.5 million people, when witnesses are included.

  在美国有对这一行为进行的研究。 根据07年Zogby国际调查,估计约37%的的工作者、或者说5400万人在职场上被欺负、并反复受到影响到身体健康的不公对待。

The problem is, however, unless you're at the receiving end of severe abuse, you're unlikely to realize it.


Experts say there's a general lack of awareness about the bullying and the types of behaviors the term encompasses. This often prevents people from realizing that a boss or co-worker is a bully. There's also an element of personal shame involved.

  专家们称对于职场暴力及行为方式普遍缺乏意识感。这往往让人们意识不到老板或同事是欺负者。 事情有关个人羞耻感。

"They're sinking into a really bad state emotionally, finding it harder to go to work and it might even affect their job performance," says David Yamada, a professor at Suffolk University Law School and president of the New Workplace Institute, a nonprofit that promotes healthy, productive and socially responsible workplaces. "Oftentimes people don't put the pieces together until it's too late."

  来自Suffolk大学法学院及一推行健康、生产力、对社交负责的职场非营利性机构新职场学院主席David Yamada说:"受欺者陷入一个真正不好的心情境地,上班更加勉强,甚至影响到了工作表现;有时候,等到弄清楚事情的全部面目已经为时过晚"

While hard to quantify, workplace bullying is clearly costly for employees as well as employers.


About 45% of individuals targeted by bullies at work suffer stress-related health problems, according to the Zogby survey. That could include cardiovascular problems, an impaired immune system, debilitating anxiety and even post-traumatic stress disorder, says Gary Namie, director of the Workplace Bullying Institute and president of Work Doctor, a consulting firm that specializes in correcting and preventing workplace bullying.

  根据Zogby调查,由“暴力者”当成目标的大约45%的个人遭受了工作压力相关的健康问题。而这些问题可能包括心脏血管问题--一种免疫系统受损;衰弱型焦虑甚至创伤后压力心理障碍症.这是职场暴力学院及专门从事纠正和防止职场暴力的咨询公司Work Doctor主任Gary Namie的话。

Companies pay in employee turnover, employee absenteeism and, to a small extent, workers' compensation claims. Bullies can tarnish an organization's reputation and ability to recruit, since word gets around when employees are miserable and leaving in droves.

  公司们要在雇员流动、职员旷工上都要花钱;而且,从较小程度上说,还有工人们的补偿金。 暴力者会玷污组织名声;及招聘能力。因为员工们郁郁寡欢、员工大批流动。

New research by University of Manitoba's M. Sandy Hershcovis and Julian Barling, of Queen's University in Ontario, also shows that workplace bullying is hurting employees more than sexual harassment--causing more job stress, less job commitment and higher levels of anxiety.

  最新由位于安大略女王大学的Julian Barling、及位于曼尼托巴M. Sandy Hershcovis的研究同样表明职场暴力给员工造成的伤害大于性骚扰--这引起了更多工作压力、更少工作投入及更高焦虑。

Yamada and the Workplace Bullying Institute have been promoting state legislation that asks employers to address the issue and give victims legal recourse, which they currently only have if the bullying is related to a protected status, such as race. But critics counter that such legislation creates a serious liability risk for companies.


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Signs Of Trouble

Regardless of the legislation or your company's individual policy, workers have to recognize the problem before anything is likely to change. If you're physically ill the night before the start of every workweek, take a minute to think about whether it's because you're being bullied.

  不论是立法或是公司个人政策,工作者们得要认识到问题从此才可能发生改变。 如果你在每周周一前一天晚上感觉身体不舒服;花几分钟考虑一下是否因为受到了职场欺负。

While more overt signs might include a boss who has a habit of yelling at you in front of your co-workers or making belittling or critical comments about your work during meetings, some behavior is more insidious. Ever get excluded from a group lunch or team meeting? That might qualify as bullying, too.

  虽然更公然的信号也许包括有老板有对你在员工面前大叫的习惯或轻视或对开会的。。上批评,但是有些行为要更加地潜伏。 你有没有被排挤在工作餐或小组会议之外?那也许也能称的上是欺负。

If you're looking for advice, scholars with Arizona State University's Project for Wellness and Work-Life, a group that examines the intersections of work, domestic life and wellness, have some suggestions. In their 2007 report entitled "How to Bust the Office Bully," they recommend that targets figure out a rational way to tell their stories to colleagues, bosses or human resources while managing their emotions. Emphasizing your competence and showing consideration for others' perspectives is also crucial, the report says.

  如果你在寻找建议,那么来自亚利桑那州一个检视工作、家庭生活及健康三者交集的团体“健康及工作生活”州立大学学者就给出了一些建议:在2007年题为:" 如何挫败职场暴力“的一份报告中,他们建议目标人在管理情绪的时候用一个理智的方式来把发生在自己身上的事情去告诉给同事、老板或人力资源。这份报告中称强调自己的能力;表达对别人看问题角度的理解同样是关键。

But if you feel like your company supports this kind of negative behavior, your best option just might be to quit.

"It's not worth it," Hershcovis says, "to put your health at risk."


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Work Means Misery

    If you often feel like throwing up or are particularly anxious the night before the start of your workweek, there's a good chance you're experiencing workplace bullying, experts say. While few people look forward to Mondays, they shouldn't cause you to feel physically ill.


    Constant Criticism

    If the criticism from your boss or co-worker never seems to stop, despite your history of objective competence and even excellence, a bully might be to blame. Workplace bullies also tend to have a different standard in mind for their targets, experts say.

    尽管客观上自己能力很好甚至非常好,但是如果来自老板或同事的批评似乎连连不断,也许应该职责暴力者。 专家称,职场暴力同样往往会对目标人采取”不一样“的标准。

    Lots Of Yelling

    Overt workplace bullies tend to make their feelings known by yelling. If you are frequently screamed at, insulted or humiliated in front of others, you're probably being bullied.

    公然的职场暴力者往往都是通过大叫来让别人知道自己的感受被人了解。 如果总有人在别人面前对你大喊大叫、侮辱甚至羞辱,那么大概你就受到了职场暴力。

    Remembering Your Mistakes

    If your boss or co-worker seems to keep a file of your mistakes and constantly refer to them for no constructive reason, you're likely being bullied. Falsely accusing you of errors is another common tactic.

    如果老板或同时似乎在为你积累一份错误老底,而且不断要将它们翻出来而又不没有带有建设性的原因,那么你可能受到了职场暴力。 把错误怪罪给你也是另一个常见的策略。

    Gossip And Lies

    A covert office bully is more likely to spread destructive gossip and lies about you and your performance, rather than scream at you in front of your co-workers. Failing to stop the spread of a rumor can be an act of bullying, too.


    You're Not Invited To Lunch Or Meetings

    If you feel like you're being singled out and/or isolated by your co-workers or boss, socially or physically, you are probably being bullied, experts say. That can mean having your desk moved or not being invited to meetings or even lunch.


    You Always Need Mental Health Days

    If it seems like all of your paid time off is being used for mental health breaks to get away from the misery of your office, it could be because you're being bullied. Other signs include spending your days off feeling lifeless or your family members showing frustration over your constant obsessing about work.

    如果看上去似乎所有带薪休假期都要离开痛苦的工作场所而去进行精神健康休息,那么这可能因为你受到了职场暴力。 其它信号包括感到没有活力、或者家庭成员对你工作的抱怨表示沮丧。


    A workplace bully may try to find ways to ensure that you fail at your job. Examples include changing rules on the fly that apply to your work or not performing tasks crucial to your success, such as signing off on details or taking calls.

    职场暴力施加者也许努力寻找方法让你无法完成工作。 例如:随意改变你的工作规则;在完成对你成功非常重要的任务上不作为,例如:对细节签字同意;或打电话。

    Impossible Schedule

    A workplace bully won't hesitate to change your schedule to make your life more difficult. If your boss always schedules last-minute late meetings on the days when he knows you're taking night classes or you have to pick up the kids, for instance, he or she may be a bully.

    职场暴力者会毫不犹豫地改变的工作日程安排表让你生活中更为难。 如果你的老板总是在最后时刻把会议安排在他知道你要上夜补习班;或者你要接孩子的时候,那么他或她也许就是一位职场暴力者。

    Stolen Work

    You've been working day and night for weeks on a project that's now getting good buzz at your office. If your boss or co-worker steals the credit, and has a habit of doing so, you're being bullied.


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While more overt signs might include a boss who has a habit of yelling at you in front of your co-workers or making belittling or critical comments about your work during meetings,

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Thank you for your reply :-)

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Thank you for your reply :-)hehe

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"It's not worth it," Hershcovis says, "to put your health at risk."

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