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Being adventurous is a little like being a good dancer: Most of us think we aren't, and the more we're convinced of this, the less hope we have of loosening up and getting better. Learn to develop a true sense of adventure with this miniguide to the how, why, when and wow of opening up your life.

  做冒险者有点像做优秀的舞蹈家:多数人都不会去成为;而且,我们越是说服自己这点;那么去准备、去提高的希望就越小。 以下是一则教人们怎样、为什么、什么时候去培养真正冒险精神及打开生活的精彩的微型指南

Talk Yourself Up.

Jim Loehr, PhD, is a psychologist who cofounded LGE Performance Systems, a high-performance training center for athletes and executives in Orlando, Florida. During the day, his clients repeat to themselves mottos they've composed—like "I am self-reliant," "I am decisive," "I'm a good problem solver"—to counteract the running self-critique the rest of us tend to deliver all day ("I am way too needy," "I can't make a decision to save my life," "Why can't I solve my problems?!"). If daily affirmations aren't your speed, you might try playing your favorite kind of music at the same time every day.

  Jim Loehr博士是一名心理学家。他是LGE Performance 系统的合创办者--位于佛罗里达奥兰多市的运动员、执行官高表现培训中心。在白天那里的学员们对自己重复构成的警句--例如”我自我依赖“,”我果断“,”我是一位优秀的问题处理者“--来反作用于我们其余人往往成天会做出的自我批评(”我太依赖了“,”我无碍做出拯救我生活的决定“,”为什么我不能解决自己的问题?“ 如果每天的肯定你不习惯,那么也许可以试着去每天同时播放你最喜爱的音乐。

Get Unstuck.

Maggie Craddock, a coach of employees of Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, and Credit Suisse First Boston, says that people who are feeling as if life is closing in on them have one thing in common: They're having trouble separating what they think they should want (a promotion, a big fat raise, the return of casual Fridays) from what they really want (recognition, a sense of purpose or balance in their lives). What are you really looking for? "People have to ask themselves, How is my sense of who I am being shaped by the people I'm around?" says Craddock. "Is that keeping me in my rut or helping me out of it?"

  Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, 和Credit Suisse First Boston的雇员教练 Maggie Craddock说那些感到生活将他们”包围“的人们都有一个共同点:他们在区分什么是应该想要(晋升、大加薪、休闲星期五)和什么是真正想要的(认可、目的感、生活平衡)时遇到了麻烦。 你到底在寻找什么? Craddock说:'人们必须要问自己,我对自己是谁的感觉是如何被周围人所塑造?这样的感觉让我陷在泥潭中还是在帮助我脱离?"

Take a Risk.

There's a program specifically designed to help people brave that next step: In 1941 a German educator named Kurt Hahn cofounded the first Outward Bound, a school that inserts people into some hairy situations and helps them prove to themselves how much they can accomplish. Create your own at-home version by taking small risks, then graduating to larger ones. (Take a look at a month's worth of suggestions in the Mission Calendar!)

  有一个专门为帮助人们勇敢走出下一步而制定的培训:1941年一位德国名叫Kurt Hahn的教育者合办了第一所将人们放入”危险“环境中帮助他们对自己证明能实现多少的学校Outward Bound。 你可以从冒一些小风险开始,然后逐渐过度到更大的风险,让自己在”家中“创建类似的学校。(参看”Mission Calendar“获得一个月时间的建议)

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