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Even in Hard Times, Get the Job You Deserve(e-c)practice [Copy link] 中文

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Even in Hard Times, Get the Job You Deserve

by Laura Rowley

--A new career may be coming your way whether you want one or not, so it's best to be prepared before the change happens.

Posted on Thursday, March 20, 2008, 12:00AM

In his resignation speech last week, former New York governor Eliot Spitzer said he would "try once again, outside of politics, to serve the common good." Clearly, public life wasn't an ideal fit for Spitzer's extreme-risk-taking personality, and a career change was in order.

  上周,当前纽约州州长Eliot Spitzer在辞职演说中称:“(我)会再次在政治圈之外为公众服务”。 显然,公众生活对于极端冒险的个性的Spitzer来说是不适合的,他应该转行。

Client 9 isn't alone. Some 63,000 people left the workforce in February, the biggest drop in payrolls in four years. Whether the reason is a spectacular, Spitzer-like blunder or just a consequence of tough economic times, a layoff can prompt a reevaluation of your career path. If you, like Mr. Spitzer, find yourself considering a change, where do you start?

  这位“第九号顾客”不孤单。 二月份美国失业的人是大约6.3万;是四年以来的最大一次跌幅。 不论是原因是类似Spitzer如此瞩目的错误还是只是艰巨经济时期下产生的结果,下岗都会促使人们对自己的职业路线进行重新评估。如果你也想Spitzer先生一样,正在考虑进行一个改变,要从何开始呢?

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What Color Is Your Career?

First, get a handle on your personality, advises Shoya Zichy, a New York career coach and author of "Career Match: Connecting Who You Are With What You'll Love To Do."

"The personality is pretty stable throughout life -- your interests and values change, but your personality holds stable," says Zichy, who was in private banking for 15 years. "Understanding what drives you, what gets you excited, is really key."

  首先,看看你的个性。这是纽约职业教练《职业匹配:将你的本色和热爱事业联系起来》一书作者Shoya Zichy给人们的建议。


In her book, Zichy offers a test based on the Myers-Briggs analysis, which teases out the ways you think and make decisions, and the working environment you prefer. Zichy says most people fall into one of four "color" categories: reds, who are competitive, adventure-oriented, good at improvising and managing crises; greens, creative, abstract thinkers who are empathetic and diplomatic; golds, goal-oriented, well-organized people who like procedure and structure; and blues, who enjoy theory, complexity, learning, and challenging the status quo.

  在她的书中,Zichy提供了一项基于Myers-Briggs分析的测试。这个测试能够得出人们思考和决定的方式,以及偏爱的工作环境。 Zichy说多数人都可以用四种“颜色”来概括:





Most people are dominant in one color with smatterings of another. Spitzer? "I think he's a blue with a backup red," Zichy surmises. "There's a fairly heady and theoretical piece to him and at the same time overly aggressive risk-taking. He would be comfortable anyplace where there's a lot of variety, where they appreciate his drive and innovative style -- but not someplace where he has to play by the rules closely."

  多数人都有一种主色调;而其和少许其它色调。 Spitzer呢? Zichy推测:“我想他是以蓝色为主以红色为辅;他有很任性、空谈的一面--同时过于冒险。 在多样性的任何地方他都能如鱼得水;那里人们会欣赏他的推动和有创新的风格--而不是在需要密切遵照规定的地方“

(Your personality may cause you to earn less than you deserve; take Zichy's short test on my blog to see if this is you, and how to get what you're worth.)


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Know Thyself

Understanding your personality should come before a skills assessment, agrees Travis Bradberry, president of TalentSmart, a San Diego consulting firm that provides training and testing to 75 percent of the Fortune 500. "There is a strong link between self-awareness and job performance," he says.

  了解个性的工作应该放在技能评估之前。来自圣地亚哥的一家给财富500中70%的公司提供培训咨询和测试的公司TalentSmart的主席Travis Bradberry说:"在自我意识和工作表现之间有一个很强的关系“

Bradberry, author of "The Personality Code," conducted a six-year international study involving 500,000 participants. He tested for self-awareness, and cross-referenced those scores with job performance ratings. More than 80 percent of top performers scored high on the self-awareness test, while just 2 percent of poor performers did.

《个性密码》一书作者Bradberry在六年中对50万名国际参与者进行了研究。他检测人们的自我意识、用分数按照人们的工作表现评级及进行交叉参考。 80%以上拥有顶尖表现的人们在自我意识测试都得了高分;而仅有2%得低分。

Self-aware people "understand their own tendencies, what motivates them, what situations and people make them want to get out of bed," Bradberry says. People who are not self-aware "are not honest with themselves; they don't realize they are deceiving themselves. They point their finger at the boss or coworkers or decisions up top" because they don't recognize that the job or workplace clashes with their personalities.

  Bradberry说:自我意识的人们”理解自己的倾向是什么、动力是什么、什么情况和人使他们希望起床“ 那些没有自我意识的人们”对自己不诚实;没有意识到自己在骗自己。他们指责老板、同时、或者来自上面的决定“ 因为他们没有意识到工作或职场和他们的个性发生了冲突。

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The Joy of Work

How do you become more aware of your tendencies and preferences? "Look at the people you connect with and figure out what you like about them," Bradberry suggests. "Maybe you love to golf with your friend Jim, or you click with Sara at work or your brother-in-law. Maybe they're all extroverts and free-thinkers. Who you like to associate with says a lot about who you are and what's going to motivate you."

  如何才能更大地意识到自己的倾向和喜好呢? Bradberry建议:“看看和你有联系的人们;看看你都喜欢他们哪些地方;也许你喜欢和朋友Jim打高尔夫;或者在工作中和Sara或表兄弟是情投意合。也许这些人都是外向、自由思考者。你喜欢同谁联系在一起很大地说明了你是什么样的人;是什么在激发你“

Next, identify your "joyful skills," advises Andrea Kay, an Ohio career consultant and author of "Life's a Bitch and Then You Change Careers." "People will say, 'I'm good at planning, but I don't like it,'" says Kay. "Joyful skills are the things that come naturally, that you enjoy doing and that others have rewarded you for."

If your joyful skills aren't readily apparent, start by listing what bugs you about your most recent job. "Saying 'I never want to deal with clients again' is another piece of data that helps you come up with vision of what you want," Kay notes.

  下一步,找到你的”带去快乐的技能“。这就是来自俄亥俄州职业咨询顾问及《生活一团糟随后你改行》一书作者 Andrea Kay的建议。 Kay说:”人们会说’我擅长于策划;但我不喜欢策划;带去快乐的技能发于自然;个人喜欢去做;别人也会为此而感激过你”

  如果你的快乐技能并不是显而易见,可以列出最近工作中让你烦心的事情。 Kay指出:”试着说‘我永远都不想和客户打交道了’这是去发现你真正想要什么的另一个途径“

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Build a Career Bridge

Zichy suggests reflecting on peak experiences at work, school, leisure, or volunteer activities. "Sit down and analyze what you were doing, who you were with, and why you were so high about what you were doing," she says. "Find five or six of these stories and you'll start to see a pattern."

  Zichy建议人们去反省工作中、学校、休闲或自愿活动中的巅峰体验。 她说:”坐下分析都做了什么、和谁一起进行、为什么对于刚才的工作如此兴奋;找出五六件这样的故事;你将会开始找到一个规律”

Even if you realize your heart lies elsewhere, it's not necessarily a matter of throwing away your profession and starting from scratch, but "finding that bridge -- taking what you know and spinning in a new direction that will be more satisfying," Zichy says.


She describes a successful partner in a Wall Street law firm who saw a therapist twice a week because she hated the brutal confrontations her job required. She went back to school for her master's degree in social work and became a therapist -- for lawyers. Another client, an investment banker passionate about making jewelry, runs his business on the weekends, and is managing his money so that he can retire at 50 and do it full-time.


"View your past life as a tapestry with everything contributing to where you're getting now -- if you remember that, you won't get discouraged in the process," she advises.


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The Art of Self-Direction

Meanwhile, if you're laid off, take time to process the event, says Kay. Give yourself the space to examine why it happened, and quickly determine how long you can go without a paycheck. After a layoff, "most people are driven by fear rather than facts," she says. "If you're operating out of fear, you'll be panicked rather than prepared, and take the first thing that comes along. You're not going to examine all the information that will tell you if the next job or company is right for you."

  同时,如果你下岗,花时间去消化这个情况。给自己空间来看看究竟发生了什么;然后迅速地决定自己没有收入能支持多久。 在下岗后,她说:“多数人做出行动是因为恐惧而不是事实。如果出于恐惧行事,那么感到的便是恐慌而不是准备充足,从而接受第一件工作。 你不会去考虑所有那些能告诉你是否这份工作或公司对你合适的信息。

Also take into account the cost of your lifestyle, and your willingness to change it, says Kay. For instance, you may love teaching, but "the market rewards certain industries more than others, and teachers are not rewarded greatly. If you need to make X amount, think about what industries value people who teach but also reward their skills and endeavor."

  同样,把生活方式的成本、要改变的愿望都考虑进去。例如:你也许热爱教书,但是”市场对特点行业的报酬会比另外行业要多;而教书并不是一个非常高收入的职业。 如果你要求赚到一定数目的金钱;那么考虑一下有那个行业重视有教书技能的人而且同样会对技能和努力给与充分报酬“

Although recessions often prompt vocational soul-searching, "people should be doing it when the economy is good," Kay argues. "This is the art of self-direction, taking charge of your career -- and not waiting until you get kicked in the butt."

  虽然经济不景气往往会激发人们对职业方面的心灵去探索。 Kay认为:”人们在经济好的时候也应该那么做。这是自我定向、掌管职业的艺术--而不要等到火烧屁股的时候“

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