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Survey finds prices intolerable to half of Chinese [Copy link] 中文

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years by years,life is becoming meaningless,so hard a life to rise in china!

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I suddenly realize we are in such a dagerous situation. I can feel the rising price, but I did not think it deeply.

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tackle inflation

I don't agree the idea of bringing up wages in line with inflation. Wages are part of the cost base in the production. Higher wages contribute to higher inflation.

There is only so much interest rate can do to tackle inflation. By increasing interest rate, the central bank should look at the broader picture to assess the measure.

Natural desasters, flooding, drought, might have contributed to food shortage worldwide. As well as increased demand from emerging economy. That can be only short term senario. I don't believe it can't be solved.

Governments need to provide incentives for farmers stay in land, ensure their income not worse off than their urban counterparts. Build infrastructures to make food delivery most cost effective. Cut trade barriers for globalization to allow easier flow of import and export. Eliminate as much as possible intermediaries within the supply chain which adds costs to food price.

More needs to be done. The problem remains, when you talk whether the government will listen.

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Originally posted by jhony_cheung at 2008-3-24 22:50
I think it's dangerous phenomena

People who is not satisfied can react very brutally, we learn a lot from histor ...

This is a word from France and Europe wher we have nothing : no army, no oil, no gas, no mining ressources, but where we use to have land to feed the peoples. Now land is used - thanks to environmental lobbies  and blind politicians - to grow seeds to make "green" energy to put in our too many vehicles, where it was used before to "grow" animals for the richest, and where it was used long before to grow cereals and food for humans. Everything tends to be made more and more for the rich and always for the rich.
Although in France we are the people who work the least hours in a week I can say for my part and for most of my relatives and friends that we do work harder and harder, and we really do have to count our euros to shop and put food on the table : VAT, income tax, bills for insurances, bills for electricity, water, waste disposal, schooling, social security -which isn't worth- university, bills for local taxes, land taxes, it just never stop increasing for worse services quality, thanks to presidents that just act as "guignols". It's the same everywhere. But you Chinese people have the chance to be a great people united by a strong history - a bit like the Egyptian people - and to have a strong and pragmatic government - not like in Egypt. So be patient, work hard, act for China and be strong enough very soon to impede the US or else from degrading the great people of China one too many times.
I agree, share the burden while solidarity can still exist amongst you and it will pay... for you.
We, in Europe, are already dead !!!

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Solidify, Solidify, Solidify, Chinese People!

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OK ,I Know


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Hi there,

I am sure many Chinese posters would thank you for your comments.

As an English person who lives in China, I can only say that ten years ago I left England due to its position then, which has been reinforced to me over the same ten years.  My good friend zglobal would agree with me on this point from an Oceanic point of view.  Unfortunately, he no longer graces us with his point of view and others will know why.

France has been through many the same pains as China.  In 1789 it took the most savage steps to throw off tyranny and oppression to become the modern France of today, a precedent which was followed throughout Europe in one form or another.  And now Europe and America have the same compliant systems.  A two-party one system state, the bureaucracy.

I just wish that the rest of France as you do, could understand modern day China, giving what pains France has already seen in its past as a leader of change.  A good example of this was the oppression of the theocracy in Tibet pre 1959 and the eventual liberation so that these people could become equal citizens in a modern world.  Liberty, equality, fraternity.  Yes, O.K under a one party government, but at least it is not slavery and depravation.

You are not dead!  You are alive because you can see the problems of liberal politics to appease everyone and the corruption of corporates whose influence decides even the clothes you wear.

As a European you will already know your vote decides nothing and your taxes pay for whims.

As an individual I wish you the best of luck and maybe it will be the French who are the first to discover that you are the new slaves of capitalism and democracy.  Both of these two things are the world’s finest, but together they make a lethal cocktail especially if swallowed!

Adieu Citizen and good luck!

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