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Survey finds prices intolerable to half of Chinese [Copy link] 中文

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Reply to #Challenges

I think it's dangerous phenomena

People who is not satisfied can react very brutally, we learn a lot from history, with the most recent cases, Myanmar.

If we analyze deeper, IT'S AN EMERGENCY CASE, because nearly 50% respondents said prices had become intolerable, a big jump from 25.9 percent in the first quarter of 2007.

I think that CHINADAILY can play a very significant role to drive the negative energy realese by those people into a very positive action.

Here is the plan :

1) CHINADAILY could reveal to public that the whole countries in the world also experience the same high inflation. It is mainly happened because of the price rise of global food commodity, the price rise of crude oil, the price rise of global mining resources. Combines with so many nature disaster that destroy many agriculture farm and the high demand of those commodity, the whole world feel the heat. Then CHINADAILY should search for the facts around the world about the price rise, starting from Myanmar. Economy has been so difficult, that we can find so many Indonesian people died because of hunger and lack of nutrition. Meanwhile in Taiwan province, many people has suicide because of big debt. EVEN United States, the richest country on earth, revealed at 23 Nov 2005 ... Some 38 million people in America are considered "food insecure" -- they have trouble finding the money to keep food on the table.

2) CHINADAILY could show the fact how much the government has struggle for us, to help fight the price-rise. Start from the fact that state-own-entreprises like Sinopec and CNPC has losses billion dollars in 2007, because they decided to take the pain by themselves. They can raise the price following the international price, but they don't do it.

3) Personally, I hate so much to NATO (NO ACTION, TALK ONLY). So, I think after CHINADAILY show "the whole picture" to public, it's time to ask them to share the burden together. It is also a good way for the unsatisfied people with the current price-rise, to release their negative energy into a very positive action.

Launch a nationwide campaign called "LET'S SHARE MOTHERLAND BURDEN TOGETHER". Ask people to save electricty and fuel, so that we don't have to import those expensive commodity. "Quickly turn off every electric device whenever you don't use it anymore. Don't turn on if you don't really need it. Use public transportation instead of private vehicle. Use your motorbike instead of your car. Use your bicycle or walk instead of your motorbike", etc. For TV advertisement, start from showing thousands of electricians have risk their life to restore power in recent snowstorm, and some of them have died for motherland. Call everyone to save electric and fuel. Everyone can be a HERO.

Then spread millions of stickers nationwide, entitled "I WILL SHARE THE BURDEN", which ask people to make their signature below the sticker, and stick it at the place where they can see it everyday.

Washington Post Interview With Premier Wen Jiabao (2003/11/23), our premier said "So if we use multiplication, any small problem multiplied by 1.3 billion will end up being a very big problem. For a very big aggregate divided by 1.3 billion, it will come to a very tiny figure".

Imagine millions of citizens take action initiated by CHINADAILY

With this integrated strategy, CHINADAILY will contribute one of the most significant solutions for Motheland, as part of media responsibility.

The decision is in your hand
But you can do something very big

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Many American politicians, even in my own party, denounce Chinese "currency manipulation"; I, however, do not, as I recognize that China EARNS the Yuan peg by funding USA deficit spending.  (And, for that matter, I bank with HSBC ;)  And the price you guys pay is an inability to utilize monetary policy to control inflation.  Reap the whirlwind; for the devalued dollar sucks for us too.
Of the people, by the people, and for the people.

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There isn't runaway inflation here, ZG. In fact, if you were paying attention, the biggest concern for the US is falling prices.
"Justice prevails... evil justice."

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FALLING prices?  Let 'em drop!  Some of us are only making $50 a day here!
Of the people, by the people, and for the people.

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up to now,it is tolerable to me.may be becauseI am isolated from the society as a poor man

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It's really a big problem.

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