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Emotional health-Self-esteem (e-c)practice [Copy link] 中文

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Tracy Turner

Self-esteem means 'appreciating your own worth and importance' - and it helps you to cope better with the challenges of life.


What is self-esteem?

Definitions of self-esteem vary in their breadth and sophistication. But all agree that high self-esteem means that we appreciate ourselves and our personal worth. More specifically, it means:

  对自尊的各种定义区别在于广度和复杂度上。不过,所有共同认为高自尊意味着我们欣赏自己及个人成长。 更具体地讲,它是指:

    * we have a positive attitude 我们有积极的态度
    * we value ourselves highly 我们高度看重自己
    * we're convinced of our own abilities 相信自己的能力
    * we see ourselves as competent, in control of our own lives and able to do what we want. 我们把自己看成有能力的、能够掌控自己命运、做我们想做事情的人。

In addition, we compare ourselves favourably with others. Low self-esteem can mean helplessness, powerlessness and even depression.

  此外,我们会有益地和别人进行比较。 低自尊会产生无助、无力、甚至抑郁。

Some American states have gone so far as to establish commissions to study the effect of self-esteem, and make recommendations promoting this concept. But how do you promote an idea everyone thinks they understand - but few can define? Is this even the role of the Government?


Building self-esteem

Though it's impossible to legislate high self-esteem, our own self-esteem has huge implications for our life paths. Our history of self-esteem begins as children, and follows us throughout our lives; it affects all our decisions - and, like a garden, needs constant tending.


One example of self-esteem can be seen in setting out upon our careers. For a person to make a non-traditional career choice, for example, a woman becoming a commercial pilot, or to go against family desires, requires someone to have a belief in their ability to make appropriate decisions, even though significant others in their life disagree with them.

  一个自尊的例子可以在开始工作时显现。 对于一个做出非传统职业选择的人,例如,成为飞行员的女性;或者,违背家庭意愿,都需要本人对自己能力有信心来做出合适的决定--即便他们的配偶也不认同。

Almost everyone can identify when they're on top of the world, enjoying the benefits of high self-esteem. However, experts have theorised that high self-esteem can also act as a cushion for those times when life lets us down. Rejections, disappointments and failure are a part of daily life.

  几乎每个人都能发现什么时候自己处于最快乐中,并享受着高度自尊的好处。不过,专家们提出理论认为高自尊在人生让我们失望的时候同样能起到一个“缓冲垫”的作用。 拒绝、失望和失败是日常生活的一部分。

Life isn't always fair; and even our best efforts aren't always successful. But high esteem can help us get through life's downturns.

  生活不总是公平;甚至我们做出了最大的努力也不见得总是成功。 但是,高自尊能帮助我们度过人生的低迷时期。

Self-esteem: the 'social vaccine'

Research into self-esteem has branded the concept a 'social vaccine,' a dimension of personality that "empowers people and inoculates them against a wide spectrum of self-defeating and socially undesirable behaviour." The California Task Force to Promote Self-esteem made the following generalisations:

  对自尊的研究把这一改变标榜为:“社交疫苗”---性格中“给人们赋予力量、使人们免疫范围广泛的自我毁灭和社会不良行为”的一个方面 California Task Force to Promote Self-esteem组织就做出了以下的总结:

    * The family is a strong force in the development of self-esteem. The early years are particularly important in establishing an 'authentic and abiding self-esteem' in a person.
    * 家庭在自尊发展过程中是一个很强的力量。 早年对于一个人的“真实和持久的自尊”尤为重要。
    * High parental self-esteem is crucial to the ability to nurture high self-esteem and personal effectiveness in children.
    * 父母的高度自尊对于具备培养高儿童自尊和个人有效性的能力尤为重要。
    * School climate plays an important role in the development of the self-esteem of students.
    * 学校气氛在学生自尊发展阶段扮演重要角色。
    * People who hold themselves in high esteem are less likely to engage in destructive and self-destructive behaviour including child abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, violence and crime.
    * 具有高度自尊的人们参与破坏和自我破坏行为--包括虐待儿童、需求、吸毒、暴力和犯罪--的可能性较少。
    * Young girls who possess positive self-esteem are less likely to become pregnant as teenagers.
    * 具有积极自尊的女孩早孕的可能性更小。
    * High self-esteem can never be given to a person by another person or society. It must be sought, 'earned' by the individual for him or herself.
    * 一个人的高度自尊不能被另一个人或社会给与。 它必须通过自我寻找和“自我争取”
    * Self-esteem may be expressed as an overall generic characteristic, for example, 'she exhibits a high self-esteem' or as a more specific behavioural attribute, such as 'he certainly has a high sense of self-esteem in tackling a difficult writing task, but he has absolutely no belief in his competence to do anything numerical' .
    * 自尊可以被表示为一种泛泛的特点,例如:“她散发了高度自尊”;也可以具体的描述为一种特定的行为特质,例如:“他在一项艰巨的写作任务时肯定有高度自尊感;但是对于任何数字上却没有任何信心”
    * Though the definition of the concept varies, commonly used terms include: security, connectedness, uniqueness, assertiveness, competence and spirituality.
    * 虽然这一概念的定义不同,普遍被用到的词有:安全感、联络感、独特、主张、能力和高尚。

Is this the way of the future - people brimming with self-esteem, ready to take on the world? In the uncertain times of a new media revolution, some are saying yes: high self-esteem workers, making independent decisions, taking risks, vigorously pursuing new ideas, and acting on their own initiative are exactly the employees needed for the 21st century.

These traits are characteristic of people with high self-esteem, of those who are confident of their abilities and gain pleasure from acting on them. Practising problem-solving with clarity, resolving conflicts, and clearly communicating your thoughts and desires isn't only good for you - it's good for those around you.

  这会不会是未来的方式?--人们充满自尊、准备主宰地球? 在一个纷乱的新媒体革命中,有些人说是: 高自尊、做出独立决定、冒险、强烈追求新想法、自主能力强的工人完全是21世纪所需要的员工。

  这些特质是具有高自尊者的特点--那些对自己能力有自信、并施展能力中获得快乐的人们。 采用清晰地解决问题、解决矛盾、清晰地交流思想和欲求不但对你一个人有好处--对周围的人也有好处。

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