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Originally posted by immouse at 2008-3-8 10:52

Thanks, and yes TERRIBLE PEOPLE.

But at least these people get caught.  How many have escaped punishment, do you know?

These are only the tip of the iceberg, especially in ...

'Easy targets' for predators
By Chris Summers
BBC News

A man has been convicted of murdering five women in Ipswich. He is the latest in a long line of killers who have targeted prostitutes. Could the police be doing more to protect prostitutes and catch their killers?

1888: Jack The Ripper killed five women in Whitechapel, east London. Unsolved
1964-65: Six women killed and dumped in Hammersmith and Acton, west London. Unsolved
1975-81: Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper, kills 13 women - most of them prostitutes - and is jailed for life
1993-94: Lorry driver Alun Kyte kills two women, whose bodies are discovered in Leicestershire
1999: David Smith gets life for murdering Amanda Walker, six years after being acquitted of killing Sarah Crump
2008: Steve Wright convicted of five murders in Ipswich

Marina Monti, Karen McGregor, Gail Whitehouse, Lynne Trenholme, Natalie Pearman, Julie Finlay, Vicky Glass, Tracy Wylde, Emma Caldwell. The list goes on and on.

Women, often in the grip of drug addiction, who sell their bodies and die at the hands of strangers.

In the past 20 years scores of prostitutes have been murdered in Britain and hundreds have been beaten, robbed or raped. Most of these cases remain unsolved.

The victims often have the same sad biographies, marked by drug addiction, which lead them to sell their bodies to fund their habit.

Every now and again - the Yorkshire Ripper, who killed 13 women, most of them prostitutes; and the Ipswich murders - their deaths make the headlines.

But more often than not these killings fail to register with the general public.

In 1996 a nationwide police project, Operation Enigma, identified 210 unsolved murders of women - many of them prostitutes - which had happened in the previous decade.

Two years later they identified 21 "potential clusters" and said they were reopening 70 of the cases.

'Human tragedy'

Wayne Murdock has experienced the frustration of an unsolved murder inquiry.

He was the detective in charge of the investigation into the murder of Carol Clark, a Bristol prostitute whose body was found in Sharpness Docks, Gloucestershire, in March 1993.

Mr Murdock, now retired, said: "Sometimes members of the public say, 'Oh it's only a prostitute, good riddance,' but if you started thinking like that, society might as well give up.

        She was a human being first and foremost - she was not born to be a prostitute
Alice Wilson

"In Carol Clark's case I met her parents and they were very decent people and they had no idea what she was doing and it's just a human tragedy."

Often, if there are no strong leads in the first few weeks, the murder inquiry will be scaled down leaving just a detective, or a small team, who have met the victim's family and know their grief, to carry on working to obtain justice.

Mr Murdock said: "It's not like you see on television. It's not easy.

"It takes a heck of a long time, but we have got DNA now, which is a huge weapon, and I'm very confident that some of these cases will be detected and hopefully the Carol Clark case may be solved in the not too distant future."

Alice Wilson's daughter Jacqueline Gallagher was killed in Glasgow in 1996 and she said the police who investigated her murder were very good.

She told the BBC News website: "They appreciated that she was a human being first and foremost. She was not born to be a prostitute, but she developed a drug habit.

"But she did not deserve what happened to her. She had suffered 146 blows to her head and then been strangled."

The police eventually identified one of Jacqueline's customers as their prime suspect but the case was "not proven" in 2004.

Ms Wilson said a conviction would have given her closure, but as it is she remains in a state of emotional "limbo".

The English Collective of Prostitutes said most working girls did not report attacks by punters because they did not believe they would be treated seriously by police. A spokeswoman also claimed sometimes officers could be "brutal" in their approach.

"Police often have the attitude, 'Oh well what do you expect, it's part of the job isn't it?' if a prostitute is raped or attacked."

She said she believed the police had put huge resources into investigating the five Suffolk murders only because the case had gained much media coverage.

"And the police and the council have since got together to crack down on clients and drive the women out of the red-light district, but they are still working in less safe areas," she added.

'Hatred of women'

She said it was not clear why men attacked prostitutes. Some, like Peter Sutcliffe, claimed they were "cleaning up the streets", which the spokeswoman said echoed police rhetoric.

Others were probably just misogynists who found prostitutes to be easy targets, she added.

Mrs Wilson agrees: "These people are sick. Maybe it's a hatred of women. Maybe something has happened in their own lives. Working girls are just the easiest targets because many are on heroin and they will carry on even when there is a killer on the loose because they have to feed their habit."

She said she knew the pain the parents of the Ipswich girls had suffered and added: "I am glad this man has been convicted and I pray for their mothers."

Story from BBC NEWS:
You will reap what you sow!

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Poor Chang!

All his efforts ,,,,, that's why evil still prevails today and is getting worse (not better).

Have to say such crimes, conduct (sex tourism for instance [and you know what that entails] is commercialised into booming business today) are unacceptable and should be .... but yet.

Btw, I know when Chang posted those reports, he wasn't targeting at anyone in particular (unless you are).  But then, why?

Perhaps, Chang (my kind advice to you), the next time you want to enlighten us on such heinous crimes, make it more fun, more comical and perfectly normal.  Don't ask so many questions like "why, why, why ???", but say "so I understand ...."

Btw, and so I understand that a 12-year English girl was almost nabbed just outside her school gate.  She fought off her assailant and managed to escape.  How unlucky her assailant was.  It must be his unlucky day.  Hope he tries again another day, hopefully, when he will have more luck.  Bless him. :)

That way, you will not get verbal assault of  any kind.  I support you totally.

What I said, remains.

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Reply #4 gotohell's post

Yes, it is terrible.  These stories are certainly a shame on the human race.  Even worse is exploiting the victims of these crimes for chauvinistic rhetoric in a BBS.  Shame on criminals all over the world and shame on “gotohell” for using these tragedies to unfairly slander millions of hard working and diverse people.

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Indeed over the last four years I could have chronicled the DAILY crimes I have observed while in China. I could have talked about my initial experiences with the local police -- all good guys, BTW, and their total lack of care or concern. My last encounter with the local finest was interesting. I came out of a coffee house on one of GZ's more frequented streets and as I was awaiting my party to join me outside, a large group of prostitutes saw me from across the street and after a short discussion, they all decided to walk over to me en mass. Three or four policemen with batons were standing near by and doing their best to ignore what was taking place -- sooooo I just walked over to the police and stood among them and looked at them as the prostitutes simply altered their course to intercept me walking over to the police who finally and begrudgingly relieved me of my potential assault by shooing the girls back across the street.

You know the Mainland Chinese see this sh.. every day == who do you think you're fooling, immouse?

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Pub chef: 'I regret having sex with body of dead model'

A pub chef accused of murdering the model Sally Anne Bowman spoke today of his regret at having sex with her dead body.

Mark Dixie, 37, is accused of stabbing the 18-year-old seven times and raping her as she lay dead or dying in the driveway of her home in south London.

Today he voiced what his own lawyer has already referred to as “a very unattractive defence”, claiming that he had stumbled upon the corpse in the driveway and had sexual intercourse with what he took to be an unconscious body, only realising that the person was dead afterwards.

Sally Anne Bowman’s mother, Linda, sat in tears a few feet away and later left the court as Dixie continued to give his evidence.
Related Links

    * Sally Anne suspect ‘raped student’

    * Pub chef charged with murder of Sally Anne

    * Boyfriend denies killing teenage model

Dixie said he found the corpse after a drink and drugs binge at a friend’s flat in the same neighbourhood. He said he left the flat at around 4.30am on September 25, 2005, to buy more cocaine when he saw a pair of legs in front of the house in Blenheim Crescent, Croydon, south London.

Asked what he thought, Dixie said: “I have gone over it during the last three years. I don’t know what went through my mind.”

He said the body was naked from the waist down.

“I crouched down from behind where the legs were,” he said. “I took full advantage of someone and I should not have done it.”

His counsel Anthony Glass, QC, asked: “Do you mean you had sexual intercourse with her?”

“Yes,” he replied.

Mr Glass asked: “Did you think she was dead or unconscious?”

He replied: “I would not have expected to see anyone dead in that street. I thought she might have passed out or fallen over.”

He said there was no reaction during the sex attack, even when he bit her. He added: “I did maybe think she would wake up not realising what went on the night before.”

He said that “after a while” he had realised that the teenager was dead. “I panicked. I stood up. I looked at her,” he said. “I did not know what to do.”

He said he realised he would have to cover up his DNA and placed cement dust and concrete from a skip on the body.

He said he then ran back to the friend’s flat at 4.55am. Yesterday Mr Glass told the jury: “It is, you may think, a very unattractive defence.”

He added: “Even though you may think his conduct is disgusting, he allowed his lust to get the better of him.”

Dixie, of no fixed address, denies murder. The trial continues.
You will reap what you sow!

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Hahaha ...

Stop pretending to speak for the real Chinese in China, mouse ...

Originally posted by immouse at 2004-4-3 04:07
Is it safe for us, as foreigners, to take the taxi on our own?  What are the things we have to look out for in travelling in a taxi or are there official taxis in Beijing and how do we identify them?

Squeaky is a self-confessed laowei

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