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“Racist” video shocks South Africa  Close [Copy link] 中文

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welcome on board...

Originally posted by anon_coward at 2/28/08 08:42 PM
:) will do

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“Racist” video shocks South Africa

Originally posted by anon_coward at 2008-2-29 14:58

>The whites are now sowing what they have reaped!

No, mainly it is the blacks who suffer.

How many African nations have never been under some kind of European rule? I cannot think of one.
have the Africans in those former colonies benefited or have good living standards? NO all that Europeans have done is to plunder their resources and then leave those countries in politcal and inter-ethnic turmoil, remember the old British saying? divide and conquer well that is what they use as a political tool to keep control, as once again proven in Iraq, one incident that was hushed up by the British government was, when a small number of S.A.S individuals were arrested by the Iraqi police, and these police officers were installed by the allied forces. here is what happened, the S.A.S operatives were on a mission to plant some bombs in a Shia area to excelerate inter-religious hatred, these British troops were wearing islamic clothing at the time, the were questioned and put into cells, so what did the British army do to cover it up? they sent a tank in to break them out.. they used this type of tactic to gain the whole of the Indian sub-continent and look at the inter-ethnic and religious tensions that are still continuing there today. they sent their Christian missionaries to China to try to Christianise the Chinese, why? I can only see one objective of such a move and that is to cause political unrest. there is a so called saying from Christ and that is if someone strikes you then you should turn the other cheek. so if they are sucessful in converting people to Christianity and when those people are struck and turn the other cheek, then they will be stupified and walked over by the invading forces of the Christian missions. the Europeans will and have tried every tactic to gain a foothold in other nations, and will stop at nothing to drain the blood from every nation they come accross. not long ago I was having an argument with a yank about the Iraq oil war and what did he reply? if we cant have access to anyones oil we have the right to take it by force. this is the arrogant attitude of these people. very soon there will be an invading force not of this earth and yet again America will expect the rest of the world to back them up to do their dirty work.
America and Europes intentions are to annexe Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirgizstan and work their way through Siberia to the Oil deposits beneath the permafrost, this is one of the reasons why they want to invade North Korea so that they can have another easy route to cut into Siberia, also North Korea has the highest deposits of Tungsten in the world and this is another resource that they want to plunder, remember that big railway explosion in North Korea a couple of years ago? that was no accident, it was actually targeted from space using one of the Star wars weapons developed by the H.A.A.R.P project. this was a  high compression blast which they have been using to punch holes into the ozone layer in Alaska and was first tested in Nevada. the so-called reasoning for punching holes into the ozone layer is to actually close the bigger holes or to re-locate them, but this has a knock on effect as when it is used the hyperbaric pressure of the earth is greatly effected, hence causing more migraine headaches in sensitive people, weather is being used as a weapon and they are continuing to try other methods of destruction under water by attempting to influence geological faults to become more and more unstable, that last one in Indonesia was no natural event, and it did not effect the target it was deployed against as much as the other nations in its wake. other weapons, like the H5N1 strain A.I.D.S are what they call Eugenic weapons just like they used with Asian flu and the so-called HongKong flu, yes viruses do mutate but do not pick out a ethnic group through choice, and if I am not right about this subject then how come a man made strain of foot and mouth disease was accidentally released in the U.K last year from one of its research labs, these pandemic animal viruses are used as a terror weapon, and is another move to get non white nations to accept the Thimerserol poisoned vaccines to yet again kill more countless victims, the one thing that you notice when the Europeans invade and take over any country is that they will use the so-called medical aid to supposedly innoculate those inhabitants of that land against endemic viruses and diseases. later generations suffer the birth defects and cancers from these drugs. Viral hemorrhagic fever is another weapon that will be used against higher populated areas as this will break down the medical infrastructre of most of these areas causing mass panic and migration thefore spreading the virus even further. genetically modified foods is another weapon as back in the 1960's and early 1970's I remember articals written about genetically altered foods being used against some nations as a form of weaponry, just look at the growers of G.M crops, they have to buy the seed from the seed producers as they cannot produce the seeds themselves as most are of the F1 hybrid type. and what is the west doing in a mountain range in Norway? storing every known original seed to mankind. why? then there are the genetic mutagens and the carcinogens that they produce and enhance, American long grain rice safe for white people not so safe for orientals, it takes into too much water into its cell structure, I find it tasteless and will not waste my cash on it, but that is my personal choice. I may seem to have gone off on a tangent or two here but all the comments that I have made are very relevant to what is going on in this world. dont forget to keep your eyes looking above as well as around you. I really have seen the future and it is not a good one.

Karl Marx, said religion is the opium of the people just look at all of the addicts in the Bush country in the U.S. they are waiting for this so-called Rapture from the Christian-Zionist alliance, when this Rapture does come, it will not be from no God or Satan, but from those that they beleive to be God and Satan, as it is nearly time to harvest this earth again, there are those that know the truth behind religion and they keep the truth suppressed for their own gain, there are no Gods and no Satan but there are those not of this world here and now and we know who their allies are.

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Racist” video shocks South Africa

Originally posted by anon_coward at 2008-2-29 21:11

AIDS part of a biowarfare programme? Sies man, so much kak here I wouldn't know where to start. Let me point out that in the 1980's, government anti-AIDS campaigns in S Africa were opposed by m ...

non of the blacks have benefited from colonialism you are not even worthy of an answer but I will answer you, lets see oh boy do you remember that failed attempted coup organised by Mark Thatcher the incompetant idiot son of Margaret Thatcher, I want to Vomit just thinking of that name, and whilst he was attempting that coup purely for the diamond deposits the Naval forces of Spain were also active ready to seize that country, of course like any corrupt capitalist Thatcher paid the courts off for his freedom at the end of the day he is just another M.I6 operative but with more government support and backing. just like America the U.K's governments serve the same puppet masters and it makes no difference who is elected in power, non of you in the west realise this as your attenion is always diverted by your government to look overseas in troubled spots which have been contrived by western governments and all the time your taxes go up and up so your government feels obliged to plunder even more wealth from poorer nations and by the way the correct spelling of the word kak as you put it is actually spelt Cach so Dos i ffwcio dy hun y cont ,Twll tin y gont hoyw and Paid a mallu cachau, I hope that you have found this little language lesson enlightning and remember this,
"To succeed in the world it is not enough to be stupid, you must also be well-mannered."

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