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The 8 qualities of a wealthy woman(e-c)practice [Copy link] 中文

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From  "Womean and Money" by Suze Orman


Now that we’ve gained some insight into the external forces
that tend to make women feel powerless when it comes to
matters of money, it is time to learn how to recondition ourselves
from the inside.


What’s required now is that we come from a
different place within our beings so that we can realize the
potential we all have to become powerful and wealthy. Are you
surprised that I used the word “wealthy”? It is still startling for us
to hear a woman express a desire to have wealth.

富有女性的潜能。 我用到”富有“这个词,你们感到惊讶了吗?看来,现在听到一位女性表达

A wealthy woman absolutely has money, but she also has happiness,
courage, balance, and harmony.A wealthy woman is generous,
clean, wise, and therefore beautiful.A wealthy woman has
it all, so to speak, and brings these qualities into every relationship,
carries them with her in every waking moment of her life.

  当然,富有女性肯定有钱,但是,她还有快乐、勇气、平衡和和谐。 一位富有女性是
慷慨的、干净的、从而是美丽的。 可以说,一位富有女性拥有一切,并把这些特质

It’s my wish that you will carry these eight qualities within you
wherever you go and that they will serve as your guideposts to
make sure you are always walking toward wealth rather than
walking away from it. It is important that you understand that all

不是南辕北辙。 现在重要的是你要理解

eight qualities must be present and work together at all times in
order to attain and maintain the true state of a wealthy woman.


Harmony Balance Courage Generosity
Happiness Wisdom Cleanliness Beauty

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Harmony is an agreement in feeling, approach, and sympathy.
It is the pleasing interaction between what you think, feel,
say, and do.


Balance is a state of emotional and rational stability in which
you are calm and able to make sound decisions and judgments.


Harmony and balance are perhaps the most important qualities
of all, for they serve as the foundation for the remaining qualities.


When you possess true inner harmony, what you think, say,
feel, and do is one.We are so accustomed to this split-screen state
of mind in which we think one thing, say another, feel something
else, and act in a way that has nothing to do with what we just
thought, said, or felt. When your thoughts, feelings, words, and
actions are not in harmony, it shows up as an imbalance—you
feel agitated, uncomfortable, you sense something is off, so you
find it difficult to make rational, calm decisions.This is why these
two qualities are a pair.

感受的又是别的,而行为方式则和刚才想的、说的、做的都不同。 当我们的思维、
某样东西偏离了,因此,感到要做出理智的、平静的决定就很款那。 这个就是为什么

To make sure these two qualities are present in your life, you
need to pay attention to your feelings. Observe and listen to the
words you use—the actions that you take should be perfect
reflections of the thoughts you think. If you maintain this awareness,
you will notice when you are out of harmony/balance.

  要让这两种特质出现在生活中,你必须注意自己的感受。 观察和倾听你所用到

When you detect an imbalance, you are to stop whatever it is you
are about to say or do and investigate the location of it.Take note
when you feel agitated—it’s a sign of impairment. If you read the
definition of balance again—a state of emotional and rational stability
in which you are calm and able to make sound decisions and judgments—
you will understand that it is an essential cornerstone to
a lifetime of correct and powerful behavior.

如果感到焦虑--受损害的标记--那么记录下来。 如果再去看看平衡的定义--一种情感和理智的稳定

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Harmony is an agreement in feeling, approach, and sympathy.
It is the pleasing interaction between what you think, feel,
say, and do.


Balance is a state of emotional and rational stability in which
you are calm and able to make sound decisions and judgments.


Harmony and balance are perhaps the most important qualities
of all, for they serve as the foundation for the remaining qualities.


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Courage is the ability to face danger, difficulty, uncertainty,
or pain without being overcome by fear or being deflected
from a chosen course of action.


Courage gives harmony expression.When your thoughts and
feelings are one, courage helps you manifest them in the form of
words and actions.When you are afraid to speak or act, courage
helps you overcome your fear. Courage gives you the ability to
speak your truth, even when it is not what others may want to hear.
It can be difficult for women to connect to their courage.

  勇气给和谐带来了表达方法。 当你的想法和感受合二唯一,那么勇气就能帮助你让你用
的能力,即便那不是别人想要听的。 对女性来说,获得勇气可能是困难的。

Women can be deflected from a course of action if they think
that it might hurt someone else. It’s so much easier to hurt yourself
than to hurt someone else, isn’t it? Women also lose their
courage when they subscribe to a belief that someone or something
is the key to their happiness—rather than recognizing that
power lies within.

  如果认为某个行为会伤害到别人,那么女性可能会从行为路线上偏离。 对女性来说
伤害自己比伤害别人更容易,不是吗? 同样,当女性认为别人或某个事物对她们自己的快乐

If you are dependent on your husband or partner to support
you, it is easy to lack the courage to speak up on behalf of yourself
and your family. Think about it: Are you willing to risk the
roof over your head for your needs and wishes?


Fear is usually what stands between us and our courage.We’re
afraid to rock the boat.We’re afraid of confrontation.We’re afraid
to upset someone.We’re afraid we’ll lose our job.We’re afraid he
will divorce us.We’re afraid our kids won’t love us.We’re afraid
of what others may think of us.We’re afraid we will be flat broke.
The list goes on and on. But if we are to embrace this quality of
courage to its fullest, we can no longer allow ourselves to hide
behind fear.


The only way to conquer fear, finally, is through action.You
can meditate on your fear and think about it rationally and try to
will it away, but in the end, if fear is preventing you from acting,
you must find your courage and act to overcome your fear.You
find the courage to silence your fear and you say what’s on
your mind, you do what you believe must be done, you express
your feelings.

  征服恐惧的唯一方法就是行动。 你能在冥思时理性地考虑恐惧,然后努力将之

And yet, don’t think I’m not aware that it’s easier said than


Suze’s Story

There was a time—not that long ago, actually—when it
appeared that everything was right in my life. I had three
New York Times bestsellers, I was on television, I had money,
I had fame, and I was doing good, helping people connect
to their money and improve their financial lives. I was surrounded
by family and a circle of friends and colleagues I
was close to . . . and yet something wasn’t right. Though in
The Courage to Be Rich I had written about the need for
thoughts, feelings, words, and actions to be one, it took
some time for me to locate the source of the imbalance in
my own life. I came to see that I had a few friends and professional
colleagues who truly did not have my best interests
at heart. Though we appeared close on the surface, the
truth was we were not. I seemed always to be serving their
needs, responding to their schedules, paying attention to

提高经济生活。 我周围被家人和朋友、亲密的同事包围..可是有个地方不对劲。
但是,在我自己的生活中找到不平衡却花了一些时间。 我发现我的一部分朋友和
同事其实没有我内心最感兴趣的内容。虽然表面上显得亲密,但是其实不是。 我似乎

what they were doing, while they showed little interest in
where my life was taking me—unless it was useful to them in
getting ahead in their own careers. If asked, at the time, I
would have said I loved them, but in truth, I sure didn’t like
them, not on any level. And because I had been afraid to
speak these thoughts—even to myself—and act upon them, I
was robbing myself of my happiness, my power, and my selfrespect.

有帮助的情况。 如果那时候,有人问我,我会说我爱他们,但是其实,我当然不爱,
--一点也不。 但是,由于我一直害怕说出这些想法--即便对自己--并采取行动,

One day, I decided that needed to change. I needed to
muster up all of my courage to squelch my fear and to act on
what I had been feeling, yet was too afraid to acknowledge,
for years now. I took a seriously deep breath and proceeded
to do some very dramatic housecleaning. Within a few
hours—literally—I ended every one of those relationships
once and for all. For the first time in years, I was truly in harmony
and balance. I felt proud of myself; despite my fear, I
had acted in a way that was true to myself, and the reward
was the harmony and balance I was now feeling.

  一天,我决定这一现象需要改变。 我需要鼓足一切勇气来压制恐惧,按我的感受
--可却由于过于太害怕而不肯承认--来行事。 我做了一次深呼吸,开始进行非常
戏剧化的”大扫除“。 在几个小时里面,我永远地将那些友谊结束了。 多年来,第一次,
我真正地感受到了和谐和平衡。 我对自己感到较好;尽管恐惧,我按对自己真实的方式

To this day, it remains one of the best things I have ever
done. I did an internal housecleaning and made space for
other people to come into my life. And when the right people
entered my life, it started to soar. I had relationships that
were based on truth. I felt the benefits of harmony and balance
internally, and I also became more powerful. I had
awakened courage that had been dormant, and it started to
show up all over the place. The more I used it, the more readily
it was there to help me, and my life grew bigger, better,
happier, and richer.

的生活留出了空间。 当正确的人们进来后,生活开始翱翔。 我拥有的关系是建立在
真实之上。我感到了内心和谐和平衡的好处,而且变得更加强大。 我已经唤醒了那一直
在沉睡中的勇气;它还是在各个方面展现。 勇气用的越多,就越容易帮助我, 我的生活

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Generosity is when you give the right thing to the right person
at the right time—and it benefits both of you.


Generosity is a quality that most women can tap into very easily—
maybe too easily, if you ask me. As women, we tend to be
overly generous with our time, support, love, and money—but
giving simply for the sake of giving does not match the definition
of true generosity as stated above.


True generosity goes far beyond what you give to others. In
giving there is a power, an understanding that you are just the
vessel that wealth or energy flows through.You allow money to
come in through your hands and out through your heart.To be
empowered to give, to be moved to give straight from the heart,
is a feeling that all the money in the world could never buy.That
is how I want you to feel when you have been truly generous.

  真正的慷慨远不限于给别人。 在给与中,有一股力量,一个想法:你只是财富
或精力传输通过的管道。 你让钱进来然后从你手中流走。 要完全发自内心、感到有权
的、被鼓舞地给与是一种金钱无法买到的感觉。 这就是我要你们在真正慷慨中所体会

So let me ask you: Is that how you feel when you constantly
give of yourself? Do you feel enhanced or do you feel diminished?
Be honest here.You think of yourself as a giver, as generous with
your time, your talent, your compassion, your money. Others
probably describe you as a generous woman, but if I were to look
at you, I might think you give for the wrong reasons. Do you give
because you feel that you should? Do you give to feel included?
Do you give out of guilt or embarrassment? Do you give because
you’re worried about what others will think if you don’t?

  我来问你:在你不断的给与中,你是这样感觉的吗? 你感到被”加强“,还是”减弱“?
这里要诚实。 你把自己认为是一位给与者,对自己的时间、才华、同情、金钱都很慷慨大方。
给与。 你的给与是否因为感到自己应该那么做吗?是为了感到被接纳而给与吗?是出于罪恶感或
窘迫而给与吗? 是因为如果不给于的话,你会对别人怎么看你而担心而给与吗?

It is very important that you understand that true generosity is
as much about the one who gives as it is about the one who receives. If
an act of generosity benefits the receiver but saps the giver, then
it is not true generosity in my book.


To me, honest giving must always observe these six rules:


1. You give to say thank you and out of pure love. Not to
get something back. A true gift has no expectations on it or

1. 你的给与是为了感谢,是出于完全的爱。不是为了获得回报。真正的礼物是不附带期望或要求的。

2. Whether it is a gift of time, money, or love, you must
feel strongly that your gift is an offering. It should be
given freely and out of pure love.


3. An act of generosity must never adversely affect the
giver. When you give money that you do not have to give,
that gift adversely affects you.


4. An act of generosity must be made consciously. You
must be aware of how your gift will affect its recipient and
make sure it will not be a burden.

4. 慷慨行为必须有意识地做出。 你必须意识到自己的礼物将会如何影响到

5. An act of generosity must happen at the right time.
You must be able to afford to give your gift, whether it is a
material item or the gift of time.

5.慷慨行为必须在适合的时间做出。 你必须能够承担给出这份礼物,不论

6. An act of generosity must come from an empathetic
heart. Your generosity should be directed to those who move
your heart, those you feel need your help and will treasure the
help you give. Giving should enhance you, not diminish you.


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Happiness is a state of well-being and contentment.
When you find the courage to live your life in harmony and
balance, when you understand and practice generosity in the
truest sense, happiness spontaneously appears.

  快乐是一种安逸自足的状态。 当你找到在和谐和平衡中生活的勇气,但你理解并采用了

When you are happy, you are open and accessible.When you
are happy, you tend to be more optimistic.You approach new
challenges with a clear mind that seeks positive solutions.You see
possibilities rather than problems.


If you are not happy, then I would ask you to try to find the
place in your life where there is discord and not harmony. Have
you wanted to do or say something but failed to find the courage
to act? Have you been too giving or generous for the wrong reasons?
When you are unhappy, you feel as if something is missing
in your life—and that something becomes a hole to be filled. It is
dangerous to be in a state of wanting, for it leads to decisions that
are not always made with your long-term best interest in mind.
Happiness is not a luxury. It is a necessity for true wealth.
When you are happy, you find pure joy in your life.You are not
in a state of wanting but a state of contentment.You have the satisfaction
of knowing that your actions come from a place of
purity and balance, that they are correct and generous and kind.
There are no regrets in this state of happiness—and that’s a goal
worth striving for in all areas of your life.

  如果你不快乐,那么,我要请你来找到生活中不一致的地方。 时不时你总想说/做某件事,
生活中有某样东西漏了--它成为了要填补的空缺 。出于这种”渴求“状态是危险的,因为它会导致
你做出不符合你长期最佳利益的决定。快乐不是奢侈品。 它是真正拥有财富的必需品。

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特质6: 智慧

Wisdom is the knowledge and experience needed to make
sensible decisions and judgments, or the good sense shown
by the decisions and judgments made from an accumulated
knowledge of life that has been gained through experience.
The quality of wisdom is more than intellectual, and it is in no
way related to how much schooling you have.Exercising wisdom
requires cutting through the noise of life and tapping into your
core beliefs to make thoughtful decisions.Wisdom results from
inhabiting all the qualities that came before it. A wise woman
recognizes when her life is out of balance and summons the
courage to act to correct it. A wise woman knows the meaning
of true generosity.A wise woman knows happiness is the reward
for a life lived in harmony, with courage and grace.A wise woman
knows how to summon her courage and do what is right, rather
than what is easy.

的决定。智慧产生于拥有前面讲到的所有特质。 一位聪明的女性意识到了自己的生活
没有出于平衡,于是鼓起行动的勇气来纠正; 一位聪明的女性知道慷慨的真正含义;一位

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