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India, China will be growth engines: Indian PM [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by northwest at 2008-2-20 10:15

You mixed the issue of the difference between capitalism and socialism. You've failed to see the differences.

Same as how you unable to see the difference between communism and fascism. But  ...

Who can STOP India/china Grwoth when they are being SELF-RELIANT............!!!
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Originally posted by caringhk at 2008-2-20 13:44

Who can STOP India/china Grwoth when they are being SELF-RELIANT............!!!

i read iron ore price will increase sky high but China will pay for it.....

Similar US needs to pay for the oil it want
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Reply #23 caringhk's post

It's only PRICE INCREASE in US$ denomination......might mean nothing in local currency terms.

that''s probably the only realistic, logical way to absorb the excessive US$ mint.

Green Dragon

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Raymond, you have no credibility at all. So far, all you've demonstrated is that you have the ability to swindle people out of apartment complexes. You've never once shown an inkling of understanding on the macroeconomic issues you like to expound about.

What you've done, foremost, is conflate two points: a point about growth rate and a point about the size of growth. When someone says "X is the engine of growth" they mean merely that growth in that country is the single largest share of growth globally, not that it has the fastest growth rate. China, India, et al have fast growth rates because of their low base, they have large growth because their populations (and therefore economies) are larger than others in at their development level and some which are much more developed.

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"Justice prevails... evil justice."

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Swindle?  It’s not my problem when a property owner cannot manage their properties effectively, have vacancy problems, cash flow problems, variable cost problems, revenue problems, etc.  Their problems are my opportunities.  

When a REO lender has large portfolios of discounted problem properties, I see opportunity, while others may only see problems.  The owners want to sell, and I want to buy.  They are happy to unload their problem properties, and I’m happy to buy those problem properties, and correct the existing problems to make it profitable.  One person’s problems, is another person’s opportunities!

That’s not a swindle.  That’s Business.  Unfortunately, you don’t have the financial ability to do the deals I do, so I’m not surprised you call it a swindle.  Your opinion really doesn’t matter to me because you lack financial credibility to even have a meaningful opinion on this subject matter.  Try to earn some money first, so you can truly repair your ego.  The people I do business with, certainly don’t agree with you, since they would not do business with me, if they felt I was swindling them.         

I have not conflated two points.  I merely corrected your mistaken assertion that it was solely about population size.  If is was “solely” about population size, countries like Brazil and Russia, with comparatively smaller populations, would not be fast growing economies.  Your assertion is factually false.   

Your problem is you waste too much time with theories.  Despite GDP growth, US has gone from the largest creditor nation, to now, the largest debtor nation, a financial reversal.  There was a time when US focused on both economic growth, and financial strength.  But sadly, now it is more like a mutually exclusive decision to focus on economic growth, even when such policies weakening the country financially.  One reason you don’t see this important difference between economic activities and financial results, is the same reason you are in such bad financial shape.  Pestering me will not change your financial reality!  Get to a big city, learn finance from the real world, make some mistakes to gain valuable experience, and one day, you might change your financial state.  Good luck to you, because I hate to see someone, anyone waste his life away, and not experience sustained financial abundance.
Learn, as if your life will never end!

Live, as if your life will end today!  

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China is the 'rags to riches' story!

Money, money, money
Must be funny
In the rich mans world
Money, money, money
Always sunny
In the rich mans world

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India, China may overwhelm US economy: US senator

Washington, IANS:

The US economy and foreign policy are at risk of being overwhelmed by cosmic economic shifts driven by immense rapidly industrialising societies like India and China, an American senator has warned.

"Neoclassical economics analysed economic growth in terms of capital, labour, and technical progress. But, I now think, it is more enlightening to view the fundamental drivers as energy and ideas," Republican senator Dick Lugar said Wednesday, citing Financial Times columnist Martin Wolf.

"If Wolf is correct, and I believe he is, our economy and our foreign policy are at risk of being overwhelmed by forces that are receiving far too little attention within our government," said Lugar at a Senate Foreign relations committee hearing on the State Department budget.

Principal among these forces is the burgeoning demand for energy from China, India and elsewhere, and the cosmic economic shifts that are being driven by these immense, rapidly industrialising societies, he said.

"The immediate effect is rising energy prices, but longer term effects include accelerating climate change and shortages of hydrocarbon supplies, both of which could become sources of conflict," the senator said.

Lugar cited US agreement with India on civilian nuclear power and with Brazil on biofuels "as examples of how our strategic alliances can bring together our foreign policy, energy security and climate change interests".

Congratulating Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for moving toward a much-needed reinvigoration of US international energy diplomacy, he hoped she would soon appoint an International Energy Coordinator.

Energy "is a really important part of diplomacy", agreed Rice.

"In fact, I think I would go so far as to say that some of the politics of energy is warping diplomacy in certain parts of the world," she said, announcing her intention to appoint a special energy coordinator for the Central Asian and Caspian region.

Later, at a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs committee, Rice said the US had increased significantly the resources for public diplomacy. Changing the way the State Department operates, she planned to re-deploy people, "many of them out of Europe and into growing places like India and Brazil and to China."

Noting that the US had almost as many Foreign Service officers in Germany as it had in India, Rice said: "It seemed important to have that redeployment. But even with those redeployments, it is absolutely the case that the Foreign Service is too small."

Over four years 2,000 Foreign Service officers had been added, she said. This year's budget asked for about 1,100 more Foreign Service officers as well as 300 people for USAID, Rice said. "And I think it is very important that we rebuild this civilian strength." ... ?section=updatenews
You will reap what you sow!

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