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Gunman injures four officers in US

Mon Jan 24, 2011

Detroit police stand outside the precinct 6 building in northwest Detroit where a gunman walked into the police station and opened fire injuring four police officers on January 23.

A gunman has opened fire inside Detroit Police Department's sixth precinct station, injuring four police officers, including a commander, authorities say.

Detroit Police chief Ralph Godbee said on Sunday they were treated in Detroit's Sinai-Grace Hospital and their conditions are not life-threatening, CNN reported.

The shooter, whose identity has been known by the police, walked in the precinct at 4:20 p.m. local time and opened fire at everyone with his pistol grip gunshot, but was killed after officers shot back.

The police chief said they withhold the person's name until further investigation is conducted to characterize to attacker.

Although the atmosphere at the department was very "sobered" by the shootings, Godbee said he was "just very relieved that it appears all of our officers are going to be OK."

A police officer was shot in the back at an intersection near El Camino High School in Los Angeles on January 20, but got no severe injuries since he was wearing a bullet-proof vest.

In another incident, sheriff's deputy Mohamed Ahmed was shot in the face while patrolling with a training officer in City Terrace in East Los Angeles.
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The sheeple are fighting back!

Originally posted by andr0078 at 2011-1-19 11:52
OMG!  It can’t be true! Is it really that bad?  

Could be a revolution soon!
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US school officer injured in shooting

Thu Jan 20, 2011

El Camino High School in Los Angeles

Following the shooting of an American high school policeman, nine school campuses have been locked down in Los Angeles.

El Camino High School witnessed the shooting of a police officer who was shot at an intersection near several schools on Wednesday.

However, the officer shot in the back only received minor injuries as he had a bullet-proof vest on, AFP reported.

He is reportedly in a stable condition at a local hospital, but his name has not been released yet.

A large area of Woodland Hills was closed down by security officials, placing nearly 9,000 students on lockdown for about hours.

At least two students were injured by shootings at another local school the day before.

On Tuesday, two 15-year-old students were shot inside a classroom at Gardena High School, when another student placed his backpack containing a gun on the floor, accidentally discharging the weapon.

A female student shot in the head and a boy wounded in the neck, are being treated at a hospital, while the student responsible for the incident remains in police custody.
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Glod Medal

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Bite Me
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US cop killers gun down 11 policemen

Tue Jan 25, 2011

Two police officers have been gunned down in a shootout in a home in St. Petersburg, Florida, January 24, 2011.

At least eleven police officers have been shot dead in the United States in the past 24-hours alone marking a dramatic rise in US police fatalities.

In the US state of Florida, two police officers were shot dead and a third sustained injuries while on an attempt to detain a criminal in the city of St. Petersburg on Monday.

Police had been in hot pursuit of the gunman - named in an aggravated battery warrant - for weeks, CNN quoted police spokesman Chuck Harmon as saying.

The officers eventually managed to locate the felon inside a house and went there at about 7 a.m. local time (1200 GMT) in response to a call, he added.

A burst of gunfire erupted in the home's attic where the man had been hiding and two of the officers were shot dead. The villain's body was not discovered until one-third of the house was torn down by a backhoe.

Meanwhile on Sunday, four officers were shot in a Detroit police station after a man walked in and opened fire on the cops. The attacker, identified as Lamar Deshea Moore, was shot to death by the police while his motive remains unknown.

Earlier in the day, a police officer had been shot during a traffic stop in Indianapolis. He is in a critical condition in hospital.

Separately, two deputies were shot in Port Orchard, Washington, near Seattle and a third one was shot on Sunday night during a traffic stop in Lincoln City, Oregon.

Two police officers were also gunned down along with a suspect in northern Miami last week. The policemen were killed when authorities raided a home in search of violent criminals.

During recent years, the number of police fatalities in the Unites States has seen a dramatic increase.

In 2010 alone, 160 police officers lost their lives in the line of duty, marking a 37 percent increase from the 117 deaths last year.

Most of the killings were reported in the US states of Texas, California, Illinois and Florida.



" Violence breeds violence " is common Western saying. All wars are violence. So it is now USA's turn. When a society causes Violence out side its borders it "comes home to roost".

As America's leaders continue to order the bombing and slaughtering of people around the world, their own society is rapidly disintegrating into violence.
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Another cop shot

Oregon Manhunt: Coastal Town on Edge Amid Search for Man Who Critically Wounded Cop
Posted by Barry Leibowitz Leave Comment

Anthony Durham, DMV Photo, left; newly released image, right (KVAL) WALDPORT, Ore. (CBS/AP) Residents of a small Oregon coastal town waited anxiously Tuesday as police combed a forested peninsula for a man suspected of shooting and critically injuring a police officer, before leading a gunfire-filled chase and then disappearing into the woods.

Searchers in Waldport are looking for a man believed to be Anthony Durham, 43, of Portland, whose Dodge truck was stopped for speeding Sunday night by Lincoln City police officer Steven Dodds, who was shot multiple times, and was in critical condition after surgery.

Waldport's two schools were closed Monday during the manhunt, and the Lincoln County School District planned to have classes Tuesday but were to be locked down during school hours.

Police said Tuesday it was possible that Durham may have eluded the search, focused on a peninsula that juts into Alsea Bay, and which they said would include citizen patrols and take as long as needed.

Newport Police Chief Mark Miranda urged Waldport residents to remain vigilant and call 911 with anything the least bit suspicious - like a broken window, or a missing car or boat.

Miranda said it was possible that Durham was suicidal, but that the suspect's behavior to this point makes him think otherwise.

State police said Durham is considered armed and dangerous and may be accompanied by his 40-pound, black and white dog named Huckleberry.

"He's out there hiding somewhere," Waldport city manager Nancy Leonard said of the suspect. "There's a lot of forested area, it's very easy to lose yourself."

"He's going to get more desperate," said Sean Nutting, who lives in the area. "He already tried to kill a cop, there (isn't) much he's scared of at this point."

State court records showed only minor offenses in Durham's past. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor prostitution charge in Portland in 1999 and had citations for speeding in 2000 and not wearing a helmet on a motorcycle in 1993.

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Police Brutality in the USA: Americans, Too Are Oppressed

by Paul Craig Roberts
Global Research, February 4, 2011

Police in the US now rival criminals, and exceed terrorists, as the greatest threat to the American public. Rogelio Serrato is the latest case to be in the news of an innocent person murdered by the police. Serrato was the wrong man, but the Monterey County, California, SWAT team killed the 31-year old father of four and left the family home a charred ruin.

The fact that SWAT teams often go to the wrong door shows the carelessness with which excessive force is used. In one instance the police even confused the town’s mayor with a drug dealer, broke into his home, shot dead the family’s pet dogs, and held
the mayor and his wife and children at gun point. But most cases of police brutality never make the news.

Most who suffer abuse from the police don’t bother to complain. They know that to make an enemy of the police brings a lifetime of troubles. Those who do file complaints find that police departments tend to be self-protective and that the naive and gullible public tends to side with the police.

However, you can find plenty of examples of police brutality on youtube, more than you can watch in a lifetime. I have just searched google for “youtube police brutality” and the result is: “497,000 results.” There’s everything from police shooting a guy in a wheelchair to body slamming a befuddled 89-year old great grandmother to tasering kids and mothers with small children. The fat goon cops love to beat up on women, kids, and old people.

The 497,000 google results may contain duplicates as more than one person might have posted a video of the same event, and the incidents occurred over more than one year. However, probably only a small percentage of incidents are captured on video by onlookers, and many incidents of police brutality have no witnesses. What the videos reveal is that a large percentage of police move with alacrity to assault the public. The number of incidences could be very high. One million annually would not be an exaggeration.

In contrast, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, in 2009 (the most recent year for which data is compiled), there were 806,000 aggravated assaults (not including assaults by police against the public) by criminals against the public, of which 216,814 were committed by hands and feet and not by weapons. (In the U.S. if you merely push a person or grab his arm, you have committed assault. “Freedom and democracy” America uses any excuse to multiply the number of felons.)

Considering the data, one might conclude that the police are a greater danger to the public than are criminals.

Indeed, the trauma from police assault can be worse than from assault by criminals. The public thinks the police are there to protect them. Thus, the emotional and psychological shock from assault by police is greater than the trauma from being mugged because you stupidly wandered into the wrong part of town.

Why are the police so aggressive toward the public?

In part because their ranks attract bullies, sociopaths and psychopaths. Even normal cops are proud of their authority and expect deference. Even cops who are not primed to be set off can turn nasty in a heartbeat.

In part because police are not accountable. The effort decades ago to have civilian police review boards was beat back by “law and order” conservatives.

In part because the police have been militarized by the federal government, equipped with military weapons, and trained to view the public as the enemy.

In part because the Bush/Cheney/Obama regimes have made every American a suspect. The only civil liberty that has any force in the U.S. today is the law against racial discrimination. This law requires that every American citizen be treated as if he were a Muslim terrorist. The Transportation Security Administration rigorously enforces the refusal to discriminate between terrorist and citizen at airports and is now taking its gestapo violations of privacy into every form of travel and congregation: trucking, bus and train travel, sports events, and, without doubt, shopping centers and automobile traffic.

This despite the fact that there have been no terrorist incidents that could be used to justify such an expansive intrusion into privacy and freedom of movement.

The TSA has not caught a single terrorist. However, it has abused and inconvenienced several hundred thousand innocent American citizens.

The abuse happens, because people with authority are dying to use the authority. The absence of terrorists means that the TSA turns innocent Americans into terrorists. There have been so many absurd cases. One woman traveling with her ill and dying mother, who required special food, had contacted the TSA prior to the flight, explained the situation, and was given permission to take the special food onboard. But when she went through “security,” the food was taken away, and when she protested she was arrested and hauled off, leaving the elderly mother in a wheelchair deserted.

Others have been arrested because a member of the household used a suitcase or carry bag to take guns and ammunition to the gun club or on a hunting trip and forgot to remove all the ammo, or the explosives test detected gunpowder residuals. Boy Scouts forgot to remove pocket knives from backpacks that they took on camping trips. Lactating mothers forced to give up breast milk. And so on.

These are the “great dangers” that the TSA protect the american sheeple from, and the sheeple submit, even servilely thanking their oppressors for protecting them.

Submission is what the government and the police want. Anyone who argues with TSA or the police will be abused. An American who stands up for his rights is likely to be beaten to a pulp. TSA has announced that such Americans are “suspects” and will be held in indefinite detention.

And “our” government assures us that we have “freedom and democracy.” We have a police state, and everyone who forgets it is in deep trouble.

The Amerikan police state is closely allied with police states all over the world--Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Israel in the Middle East and former constituent parts of the Soviet Empire in Central Asia. The U.S. government never lifts a finger in behalf of democracy anywhere. In fact, the U.S. government quickly moves to overthrow democracy wherever it rears its head, as the U.S. recently did in Honduras. Before Honduras it was Palestine where the U.S. overturned the election that brought Hamas to power. Now Washington is targeting Lebanon where Hisbollah has gained.

Everywhere on earth the U.S.government prefers an autocracy that it can purchase to free elections that bring to power candidates unwilling to serve as American puppets.

The U.S. government is the most determined foe of democracy in the world. Yet, Washington lectures China, which has more civil liberties than Bush/Cheney/Obama permit Americans.

If americans ever find the emotional strength to acknowledge the oppression under which they live, they, too, will be in the streets.
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