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Shooting in America   [Copy link] 中文

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They are blasting each other to kingdom come!

Is it a case of reaping what you have sown?
You will reap what you sow!

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1. First of all, American have the right to bear arms. It is protected under the 2nd Amendment.

2. Second, guns are supposed to protect your family, home from invasion and dated back 230 years against the British.

3. Guns are a big, big business. Multi-billion dollars business and hundred of millions of black market under the table business. Guns are shipped to Canada, to South America , Carribean. Guns are coming in from Hungary, Czech Republic, etc .

4. It is good for the doctors to practice emergency trauma surgery. There were more than 10 people died in less than 24 hours in New Orleans. We got the best trauma team in Charity Hospital, New Orleans and we can handle around 20 people getting shot at the same time and I think Charity has more than 40 Emergency Phsyician residents in training and over 40 attending phsyicians on call around the clock. What is 2-3 people get shot and killed. That's nothing.

5. Many trauma surgeons are trained in the US Army in the war so New Orleans is nothing compared with iraqi.

6. The more people getting shot and killed, the more money funded to the local, state and federal enforcement, police branch. And more nurses, trauma teams, EMS.

7. More insurance pay-out and more lawsuit

Welcome to America !

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Originally posted by wowzers at 2008-2-5 15:14

That's ridiculous, I have walked on the streets of many U.S. cities at night, and have rarely felt unsafe.
Have you ever been there?

I would not walk by myself at night in any big cities in US ! I live in N. America for 40 years !

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Originally posted by correction at 2008-2-5 13:49

And the difference is that China is a lot more safer country than USA, with very low rate of violent crimes, no cases of public shootings and also its economy is booming, growing at more than 10% ...

I suppose that's why my country ( The U.S. ) has an estimated 500,000 illegal Chinese immigrants?

People from other countries want to complain about our way of life..but if given the chance, they will be here in a heart beat.

So if their countries are so freaking great, just why do they want to flock to my country?

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Also, I find it to be curious that people from other countries are so concerned about our gun laws.

So do you want to disarm our legal gun owning citizens so you can come here and take over? Or perhaps sell your illegal guns once we are disarmed?

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I found it offensive we talk about gun and murder in America when every one minute, one American suffered from heart attack and we don't have universal health care insurance.

Vote Democrat in November !  It is a win-win situation. I am not for Obama or Clinton and I want the Democratic Primary to play out and let the voters to decide. Mississippi already casted its vote so there are few states left.

Let me make sure "Clinton did not win Texas" Her Highest HRC lost Texas based on the actual delegates count (she did win the popular votes just like Gore won the popular votes but lost the White House).

There is nothing anyone can do because America is born out of a revolution. It is our rights to bear arms and a few just misused the guns.

If it is not guns, it will be knives. So let it be !

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5 dead in Kentucky plant shooting

Updated: 2008-06-25

An employee got into an argument with a supervisor early Wednesday, then shot and killed four people at a western Kentucky plastics plant before killing himself, police said.

The shooting happened at Atlantis Plastics in this Ohio River town of about 28,000 people.

Henderson police Lt. David Piller said two others were injured and flown to hospitals in Evansville, Ind. At least one was in critical condition.

The employee used a handgun he retrieved during a break, Piller said.

The shooting victims were scattered around the plant, Piller said.

"It appears the shooting was random at this time," Piller said.

Police did not say if the supervisor the employee argued with was among the victims.

A woman who answered the phone at a number for Atlantis Plastics declined to give her name and would only say that the company would not comment until a 3 p.m. news conference. The company's Web site said it is based in Atlanta, Ga.

Names of those involved in the shooting have not been released.

Rita Quinonez, a supervisor at Deaconnes Hospital in Evansville, Ind., said they have received one of the injured employees, who was listed in critical condition. She would not say if the patient was male or female.

Hours after the shooting, police had set up a roadblock on the street leading to the plant, which is in an industrial area on the southern side of Henderson.

Other employees at the plant were sent home.

In a news release on the company's Web site, Atlantis Plastics said it is a leading US manufacturer of three kinds of products: polyethylene stretch films for wrapping pallets of materials, custom films for industrial and packaging uses, and molded plastic pieces used in products such as appliances and recreational vehicles.

The company has 700 employees, including 200 in Henderson, and annual sales of $110 million, according to business directory Hoovers.

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