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8 First Date Tips for Women(e-c)practice [Copy link] 中文

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8 First Date Tips for Women

First dates are all about getting to the second date. Here's how to make him fall all over himself for a second date with you

初次约会的最终目标到获得第二次约会。 下面教你如何叫他翘首以盼和你再约会。

By Lauren Frances

As a love coach, I've heard the following question more times than I can remember:

"What happened? I'm so confused. At first, he seemed to really like me. He made reservations, picked me up, and took me to a fabulous restaurant. But for some reason, over the course of dinner, he became a little cold and distant. By the time he dropped me off, he seemed withdrawn and just sped off into the night. I haven't heard from him since! And I really liked him. I'm so bummed! What do you think happened?"


Does this sound familiar to you? If so, you may have broken some cardinal first-date rules without knowing it. Here are eight tips to ensure that a first date will turn into a second if you'd really like it to:

听上去耳熟吗?如果是的话,也许是你在不知觉地违法“初次约会者守则”。 以下八点提示如果你愿意的话保证让第一次约带带来第二次约会:

Tip 1. Don't be negative about dating.
提示1: 别消极。

Why should a man pursue someone who isn't happy? It's ineffective manhandling to dump your dating disappointments on bachelor No. 3.

Talking to a man about how awful dating is just begs the question, "Are you in therapy?"



Manhandling Tip: Be a romantic challenge, not a mental health challenge.
对策: 看做一次浪漫挑战;不是心理健康挑战。

Tip 2. Don't get tipsy.

Always maintain enough sobriety to assess your date's character. Practice restraint, and don't have more than a drink or two when you're out on a first date. Otherwise, how in the world can you possibly observe him and decide if he's remotely right for you?
Manhandling Tip: Always stay sober enough to remember how naughty you were the night before!

一直要保持头脑清醒,这样才能去评估对方的性格。 要学会克制,第一次约会不要超过1、2杯。 否则,你怎么可能去做观察,并决定是否他适合不适合?


Tip 3. Don't talk badly about your exes.

I don't care if he cheated on you with your sister, don't recite a laundry list of grievances about your exes. This will only make you sound unavailable at best, or worse, wounded.

Reveal your secrets when you're both on a beach in Hawaii or, better yet, engaged!

就算你的前任和你妹妹一起对你不忠,也不要滔滔不绝地抱怨。 往好了说,这会让你听上去”不是彻底单身“,往坏了说,让你听上去是”受伤了“


Manhandling Tip: We all have baggage. Keep it in the closet on first dates.

对策: 我们都有历史包袱。不过初次约会时还是留在心中吧。

Tip 4. Don't spook your suitor.

Now is not the time to point out your physical flaws. Only bring these complaints to people who can actually do something about them, and not to men who will now be forced to lie to you if they possess good manners.

  初次约会不是指出你身体缺陷的时候。 把这些问题交给那些实际中处理这些问题的人,不要把它们告诉那些如果是彬彬有礼的男士则将要出于被迫而对你撒谎的男人们。

Manhandling Tip: Confidence is sexy! Sometimes, thoughts are for the inside.
对策: 性感是信心! 有时,。。。

Tip 5. Don't talk about your personal pet peeves.
提示5. 别谈那些琐碎烦恼。

Although your therapist might get butterflies inside when you talk about how traumatized you are by the staggering number of germs
that thrive in public restrooms, the typical male will be horrified. You'll have violated the sacred air space of "romantic quality time" and these little monologues of strange pain will be as off-putting as if you started sorting unwashed laundry in a restaurant.


Manhandling Tip: You already know all about you. Keep your problems to yourself and get to know him.

对策:你已经知道自己的烦恼。 把烦恼留给自己;让他来了解你。

Tip 6. Don't chase your date.
提示6. 别主动

Never deprive a man of the thrill of the chase. Besides, it's so much fun being caught! A woman can always initiate a first tea date, but after that, it's up to a man to decide whether he wants to pursue you. Entice men, play with them, and then release them! Allow men to initiate and take the lead in moving your relationship forward.

Manhandling Tip: When men chase you, they're much less likely to fly away.

绝对不要剥夺男人在追求女人时的兴奋。 况且,被“追上”的感觉也很好玩!女人往往可以主动邀请第一次约会,但这之后,要由男人来决定是否他想追你。 引诱男人、戏耍他们、然后释放他们! 让男人主动、在恋爱关系中走在前面。

对策: 当男人追你的时候,他们”飞走“的可能性更低。

Tip 7. Don't keep squawking.
提示7. 别说不停

Don't feel pressured to try to fill up every second with meaningless chatter. If the conversation falls silent for a moment, don't panic, just let it happen. Natural pauses are sexy, and body language can be so much more powerful than words. Slowly smile at him and breathe. You may be surprised when he blurts out in the middle of a deliciously pregnant pause, "Come here and kiss me!"

不要感到有压力要用无聊的话来填塞每一秒钟。 如果从谈话变得沉默,不要慌张,顺其自然。 自然的停顿是性感的;肢体语言能比语言强千万倍。 慢慢地对他露出笑容、然后呼吸;你也许会惊讶的发现在那一个甜美的、意味深长的停顿中间,他不经意”过来给我一个吻!“

Manhandling Tip: Remember, sometimes less conversation really is more.

Tip 8. Learn how to leave.
提示8. 如何告别

Anyone can be pleasant when they're enjoying themselves, but the true test of character is how one behaves when terribly bored, or worse, treated shabbily. There's nothing to be gained by suffering through a terrible date, so if you're having an awful time, depart quickly and gracefully, without being rude. When you're itching to leave, say: "Thank you so much for meeting me. I think it's time for me to go on home, Jerome. (Smile) Take care." Extend your hand for a quick shake, swiftly turn on your heel and depart.

在享受时光的时候,彼此都会愉快,而真正考验性格的是在实在无聊透顶、或更糟地出现被不好对待时,一个人如何表现。把糟糕的约会进行到底,没什么好处,所以,这时候,迅速、优雅地离开,不要粗鲁。如果你按耐不住要走,说:”谢谢来见我。我想现在回家,Jerome(微笑)保重)。 快速地握一下手,立刻调头走人。

Romantic Rule: If you're on date number one and aren't having fun, release men back into the wild immediately.

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