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Dont be cheated by guys! [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by nolanchan at 2008-4-29 18:18


It is ture,believe or nor, you can judge.

why I told my suffer in here.希望别的女孩子不要被这种人欺骗.~

I think what you say is TRUE!!!

Sorry about that & sure one must be AWARE of White/Black Serlang
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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nolanchan -.-that's quite an experience.....
good that you warned the girls here... they need it.... there are so many naive, uncareful girls around...including on this board.."looking for"- topics...

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Originally posted by thunderbird at 2008-4-29 23:48

I am sorry that you have gone through such a negative experience in life!  

Did you report him to the authority!

No money should have changed hands....he s ...

I have not call the police,he never leaves me his address and never let me see his passport,I can't make sure if policeman can help me easy,he told me he lives near gardon hotel of guangzhou.but now I do want to forget is a deep class to me.

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Originally posted by nolanchan at 2008-4-30 11:14

I have not call the police,he never leaves me his address and never let me see his passport,I can't make sure if policeman can help me easy,he told me he lives near gardon hotel of guangzhou.b ...

can arrange to put him under surveillance........................
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Originally posted by caringhk at 2008-5-2 13:32

can arrange to put him under surveillance........................


I do consider to call the policeman.but i don;t live in guangzhou city. it is hard for me to handle this case.

Many foreigors do lawless work in china.Like drug trade,bilk,rape,,,,,seems it is a big hidden trouble to china.we must aware this problem.

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The truth about Western guys hearts...

This bad guy not included... We would call him a "Con Man" in the West its a kind of criminal who makes his living by cheating people out of their money. VERY bad...

But to the point of the thread...

What Chinese girls need to understand about Many western men who may seem like they are just "playing" with your hearts is that unlike in China where often sex is a direct precurser to marriage plans, we don't think like that.  

We might have no intention of getting married for a while yet but if we are really into a girl we will date and sleep with her and its considered normal at home.  We might REALLY like you very much or even love you but it doesn't necesarily mean we are thinking marriage.  Maybe for career reasons or whatever we just aren't at that place in our life yet.  If everyone is happy and and having fun its not necessarily considered a bad thing.  In fact most guys where I come from would NEVER marry a virgin because she won't know what to do in bed and probably be a very boring girl.  We want an exciting woman who has the kind of skills you only learn from experience.  And we are expected to have enough experience to know how to REALLY please our wife to be by the time we are going to get married too.  In fact we wouldn't even consider marrying a girl and vice versa if we didn't already know that we were sexually compatible.  

You can't know these things unless you go out into the world and sleep with enough people to learn how to do it and how to know if your partner is doing it right.  Of course you are ALSO expected not to be a big whore or a total dog (man whore) and youre  supposed to pretty much only have one girlfriend at a time unless both partners know its not the case and its OK with both plus you should be using condoms or whatever to make sure you don't get any diseases that you bring to your wedding bed either.

Also Whats this crap about we cant get good jobs at home.  Most of the people who you meet from the USA or other places if they have jobs at all, actually have quite good jobs with multinational companies that SEND them to China.  I for one am a shoe designer with many years of experience (not sooooo many, I'm not old yet LOL!) and I make pretty good money working for a Taiwanese owned company that is headquartersed in Seattle, USA and owns distributers in 8 countries and two Chinese factories + a Hongkong office.  That puts me in China for fully 1/3rd of my year living in a country club/hotel or in my company's apartment in Panyu.  So how does that mean I'm a failure in the USA?  Many people I know would gladly swap places with me and "draw pictures all day" then travel to Las Vegas and China all the time for work.  I Date Chinese women and American women.  Why? Because I'm spend 1 out of 3 nights of my life in China.  Thats a lot of lonely if I didnt have friends there to spend my time with.  My GF knows that sometimes I see girls in the USA and whether or not shes really OK with it deep down inside she knows I am hers for 1/3 of my life and I do love her.  No I'm not ready to get married to ANYONE but I don't lie about that.  She tells me she loves me and Ive said it back and its true.  But it doesn't mean its the only love I can feel and its not a ring on her finger.  Who knows one of these days I might put one there but I don't know yet.  Its a big deal to marry a single mother and bring her and a kid to another country.

I think a lot of Western guys are like me in that they can actually fall for a girl in China and really don't want to break her heart or hurt her but we do know it isn't going to be forever, culturally maybe thats more normal for us and confuses Chinese girls, but please understand we aren't trying to hurt or cheat you.  Some of us really mean those 3 little but powerful words when we say them, BUT our cultures are different and so misunderstandings are inevitable.  

Ive seen how fast China is changing though.  I've had SMOKING hot Chinese girls pick ME up or jump in my cab with me and tell me they were coming home with me just for a few nights etc.  No strings.  Even if I wanted strings LOL, I could see how a beautiful Chinese girl could easily break the heart of a Western guy here.  I'm sure its happened more than a few times too.  Maybe even to me but we wont go there...  Still it goes both ways and often its more to do with the cultural misunderstandings of what love means and whats expected when in a relationship and when certain thresh holds have been crossed etc.  Most of us don't want to hurt you.  Its jut how the world works.  Sooner or later we get sent back home or to another place or something else changes.  Then we have to make hard decisions.

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I was cheated by a foreign friend (We were just friends,nothing else )for almost two years.
Just very supprised when he was finally honest with me. He didn't get a reason why he did so.

Sir,how could you do this to me ? I can't forgive.. sorry
Yeah, you're right,  upset,betrayed,disdusted...
We love our home,though our feet can leave it,yet our hearts can't.

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