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Fluent English Speaker looking for Chinese with English skills [Copy link] 中文

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Hi, I speak both English and Chinese.  English is my stronger language by far.  I will be tutoring in English over the summer in China and I need to improve my Chinese skills as well as to improve my understanding of the current cultural situation in China, specifically in the Changsha, Hunan region.  

I would be glad to correspond with someone in English if they were to reply in Chinese.

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Fluent English speaker...

May I take the liberty to gently, lightly edit your message, as it is very important that the reader have good examples of proper English?

Thank you!

Hi, I speak both English and Chinese. English is my stronger language by far.

I will be tutoring English over the Summer in China, and I need to improve my Chinese skills, as well as my understanding of current Chinese culture, specifically in the Changsha, Hunan regions.

I would be glad to correspond with someone in English if they were to reply in Chinese.

Now, compare this to what you have written. As a person "fluent in English," it is important to go beyond the clumsy, old-fashioned grade school primer English and study modern English that is based upon Noam Chomsky's transformational grammar.

Also, it would behoove you to zip through some good editing and proofreading books.

There is the old maxim of the professional writers and editors--and of Noam Chomsky: "If you write the way your eigth grade teacher taught you, then you will never succeed as a writer." And, I add to that--a teacher.

If you are to teach, then you first must learn. Don't feel bad about my comments, but use them in your personal growth. It has been a part of my many careers to be a writer and editor...and a very harsh snob...with a spicy touch of arrogance. But, those are the necessary ingredients to reach higher and to become better at whatever one chooses to do in life.

The quality of English education, in China, is attrociously horrible. In my many travels in China, over the years, I have talked to far too many university English professors who would have flunked my middle-school English classes. That is NO exaggeration!

China tends to send students to study the sciences and engineering at American universities, ignoring the need to send students to study English to become English teachers.

Nowadays, unqualified American and UK "teachers" are flocking into China, making it much more difficult for the students to learn English. Oh, so discouraging for them! The sad thing is that they always blame themselves, rather than the inadequate teaching.

Most of the TOEFL and ESL materials are very poorly organized, such that it has become the duty of the teacher to help the student make sense of that which makes no sense. I suggest that you are prepared to teach outside of the "box." Of course, it is very important to give the students a joyful learning atmosphere.

Most are very interested in the West--America in particular. When I do consulting work in Hong Kong and Shanghai, often executives ask me if I will help their children with English.

Always, the children have a lot of questions about America, so I center their sessions around that, providing them with reading material that matches their level of knowledge.

Have you heard of the infamous Asian "cram schools"? Now, you have a very short time to create your own for yourself, hehehehe!

It is always the teachers moral duty to be a scholar--a student of what he or she teaches. And, it is also the duty of the teacher to evaluate his or her skills...and to ALWAYS improve.

Now, you should go practice eating a roast duck with chopsticks. No fair eating it western-style. It has to be roasted with the head on it, smiling at you. When I have eaten Chinese roast ducks, when dining alone, I have never felt alone. They are good listeners, hehehehe!

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I am unsure as to what you are trying to imply.

When I say that I am fluent in English, I mean exactly what I state, that I have command of the language in all respects.  

I'm not an English major, but I do well in all my humanities classes.  

This forum is for people who wish to learn languages for everyday use, and for passing certain exams.  I will be teaching for such purposes.

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language is not for "show"

it is self evident that you want to show sth.

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I am in Changsha, Hunan

Hi,  so glad you are in Changsha :) Me too.
I am fond of English and hope someone can help me with my oral English.
If you are interested in Chinese with English skills, you can call me by my mobil phone: 13874995750

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engllish speaker

hello, very interesting, may i ask where you are from?

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