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A Tearing Lotus: (3) Cession to A Marriage Fortune [Copy link] 中文

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(3) Cession to A Marriage Fortune

There was continuous happiness coming to He Hua’s family.
Before long, she met her long-lost brother, this day she was happily busy at his marriage wedding.
A large red lantern with a cutting paper of “double happiness” was hung upon Xi Hua’s front door. A pair of ruddy Lucky Couplet* was pasted on both sides of the doorway.
Smiling brilliantly and loudly all the time , He Hua was busy at hosting the guests to and fro. Even the hunchback Song Qing was also hurrying in or out with his hump’s frequently up-and -down and arms’ swing.
All of Xi Hua’s family members were involved in this celebration army: some of them to assist purchasing, some of them to clean up and decorate the wedding room.
At exact the noontime, after a gust of fire cracks’ bursting, the bride had happily arrived. However, she wasn’t Xi Hua but her classmate—Feng Shu Zhen!
The things got such dramatic turning purely because Xi Hua’s odd behavior.
At that day immediately after the brother and sister’s reunion, Zhi Ming told He Hua a  story.
He just withdrew from Korea War and came back to motherland with 10 days’ military vacation.
After getting home in Nan Chang County, his uncle told him a probable address of his long lost sister.
He immediately came to Gan Yue county.
Thanks to local communities’ help, he finally spotted He Hua.
In this way, the vacation had already past more than a half, however, he had a very important affair left, considering his mature age, he wanted to fulfill his marriage plan here.
Then, in a low tone, he approached to sister’s ear with balms closed and toldher he had fell in love with landlord’s daughter, Xi Hua.
After heard brother’s secret, He Hua was so amused, she slapped him on the back and said: “ Wow, what quick sight you have! Pretty, smart, she really is No. one girl in our community. As a nominee, I am sure you could hardly find anyone better than her.”
She told her brother even further: “You know, short time ago, her scores in the entrance exam to high school was ranked as No. one among all female examinee in our county. ”
Zhi Ming was happy and excited too after sister’s introduction: “ Yes, she is superb! But,……but……I am worrying about what’s her opinion?” he said hesitantly.
“ No, no problem at all, I suppose. You didn’t find how happy she was since you arrived here?”
“Are you sure?” Zhi Qing asked.
“Yes, I guaranty it just a cup of tea.” She said with a loud breast slap**.
Immediately after this conversation, she came to the kitchen and talked to Xi Hua privately.
To He Hua’s surprise, after a blush, Xi Hua’s face appeared to be reluctant.
“My sister, frankly to say, your brother is that sort man I mostly fancy. I like him even at my first glimpse, however, I am afraid I have no such fortune as to ……”
“Why? Why not?” He Hua exclaimed out unconsciously.
“You may ask my Mum.” Xi Hua said bitterly, then turned back to wipe out the tears rolling down quickly.
Sure enough, what He Hua learnt from Xi Hua’s mother made her very disappointed.
Ever since Xi Hua’s childhood, she had been appointed as a child bride of a little beggar. Last year, her fiance had been kicked out for his naughty fighting in middle school. Then, the poor fellow had to stay home as an apprentice of carpenter.
Xi Hua’s mother was a strong-minded dogmatism. She always looked down the snobbery and never changed her mind no matter what misfortune he had.
Obviously, it was absolutely impossible to cancel Mum’s decision.
He Hua really came to dismay. She turned to Xi Hua again and told her:
“Zhi Qing will leave here in a few days, you should treasure this opportunity and made up your mind ASAP. No point to tire up your future to an underdog.” She even further implied her to go far away together with her brother.
After thinking a while, Xi Hua firmly shook her head, because she didn’t want to offend her mother, neither to hurt the unlucky guy.
Obviously, an originally doubtless business became a visionary plan, which made both brother and sister very depressed.
At that day there was no smoke coming out from He Hua’s kitchen at all.
In the mean time, hiding in her bedroom, Xi Hua was also crying all day long. At last she had a win-win idea to introduce her classmate, Shu Zhen to Zhi Ming.
In this way, Shu Zhen married Zhi Ming three days later.
Shortly after wedding, the newlyweds stepped on a Northward train.
After a tearing farewell and long-time hands weaving, the Binary Stars had been separated.
None of them ever imaged this parting would be as long as half a century!

(To be continued by (4) Different Fortune Wheels)

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Pathetic child bride

Huang got married with the woman he didnt really love, Xi hua obeyed mom's wish being a child bride and marry the unlucky guy. Old society leaded to this tragic fanale.

I'd like to know what happened in between the half century.

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For more details pls log in my blog:

Sorry! I can not paste my pieces now,for more details of the story, pls log in my blog:

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