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How influential is the American Israeli Lobby? [Copy link] 中文

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Jewish race?

Originally posted by tongluren at 2008-1-5 10:46
The Jewish race (yes, it is a race, according to the substantial number of scholarly works published in recent years) has finally found its voice in America.

With a population of only 6 million  ...

I don't think so. The Israelis divide them selfs into Ashkenasim und S'faradim (white and black Jews). There are no genetically similarities. They don't like each other very much and they probably would fight each other if there would be not a common enemy (Arabs) to fight. By definition the Jews are a religious group.
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Originally posted by northwest at 2008-1-19 01:04

Hey, you indeed have many 'funny' pictures. Do you have others similar to that?

I plan for a massive onslaught toward undergorund christian churches, those kind of pictures should be good.

You have already given emu a pounding that he will never forget.

I now feel sorry for tradervic as you are about to give him one hell of a good hiding.
You will reap what you sow!

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# 33

They are already trying to get into China as well. Hope the Chinese are being aware of that

Like East India Company cleared the path for direct British Rule ?

Or they have some other idea ?

As I can understand the Jews, they will be influencing the economic with their heavy presense there.  Than they will start making the Political lobbies. If my opinion is correct ??

Than, What I understand from the mounting pressure from the west over China is because they want China to open their markets for foriegners and there should be no restriction over it. So that they can easily sweap in Chinese economy, while successfully keeping them in the backend.

And the second thing they would need is the political presence. For that, I believe the Communist System in China would be a biggest hurdle in thier way to China. And they must be backing the Anti-Communist Lobbies in China. and would be making the way for Democracy like things there.

Can someone put the light over the Economical and Political system of China so that we can obseve, how much chances they have to make their influence in China ?



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# 33

They refer to all people who are not Jewish as "goim" which can be translated into "human animals"

And this must not acceptable for any of us

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# 33

By the way. Every single word thats been written here is carefully analyzed and stored in their databases

This is well known. Perhaps our Chinese friends and folks from other parts of the world also know about it. And I strongly believe that this is not a simple matter and all of us should show unity on this issue.

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How influential is the American Israeli Lobby?

too influential, that is why we have all of these wars, most of the Senate is Jewish as is the House of representatives, the media is controlled by them edited by them mostly read by them, the banks are controlled by them, all the American/British and European telephone billing and internet communications records is monitored and processed by a Firm called Americom and they are based in Israel, I used to wonder why back in the 1980's all of the Adverts for British Telecom was of a Jewish theme all Jewish actors Maureen Lippman Bernard Breslaw and Miriam Margoles and some other guy I cant remember and at the end of the advert the logo would transform into Hebrew typeface, I probably will get arrested now for anti-semetic activities but I dont care they need to be wiped out, as they funded all of the world wars and the destruction of peaceful civilisations because of their greed, and it was MOSSAD who were behind the WTC attacks so weird the way those Israeli agents were released by the police after they were dancing in the streets minutes after the towers were hit and  Larry Silverstein the new owner of the lease to the WTC paid $14 million for the lease insured the WTC for $3.8 Billion and 4 weeks later the WTC was attacked it just so happens that all the EXXON Fraud case papers and other major pending fraud case papers were lost when they so-called pulled building 7, how did they manage to lay the explosive charges so quickly in building 7? no one has asked this question, do you really think that explosive charges could be set in a building of that size within a few hours after the twin towers came down? no the thermite charges within building 7 were laid within the same time period as they were set within the twin towers. so many lies were told and so many lives lost in the process and the death toll is rising still due to this False flag act conspired between America and Israel.

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I Could Care Less What the Race Is

But for the fact that, looking back 100 years, Jewish folks did seem to be involved in quite a few incidents in attacking and weakening China and the Chinese.

Opium War.

Now Mia Farrow and Steven Spielberg.

What do the Jews have against the Chinese?  Is it because the Chinese alone share too many of the Jewish values, and perhaps even smarts, so they feel threatened?

BTW, with globalization and electronic transfer of funds, the Jews are now a permanent upper class.  Whichever country has a change of heart and does not welcome them anymore, all they have to do is hop on a plane, with no loss of property or influence.    That is neither good nor bad, as Jewish folks do contribute much to human progress.  

It is when they attack China and the Chinese that we find it difficult not to hit back.

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