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How influential is the American Israeli Lobby? [Copy link] 中文

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Tradervic says:

"Looks like I will just have to bump those other threads past this speed bump".

And how will you do that? By posting  photos of the "Flat Fatima" again?
Better flat than an amusing bloated bigot who mistakes vacuity for wit.

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Ni hao.

This is Avi from Israel.
Male, Jewish, 57, a mechanical engineer, self employed. Married + two children (a lawyer and an engineering
student)  + one grandson (one year old, next May,2th).

While searching for information on the web, I landed on this forum. You can only blame Yahoo for it; they are the
ones that got me here.
I hope I will find the time to read what was posted so far ..... However, I do not promisse to read all of it.

If I have some intelligent comments to add, and provided there is no objection ..... I intend to mix together
some letters with the general purpose of conveying some of my thoughts and ideas.

Ohhh, like I always write the first time I join a new forum ....... since English is not my mother's tong, I have
the tendency to write many words in a way that suggests I am punishing the English Language. Please
feel free to correct on line my mistakes ...... is part of the added value of spending time at the web.


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Tongluren, shalom !!

I read some of your ideas.
Let's consider this

"But for the fact that, looking back 100 years, Jewish folks did seem to be involved in quite a few incidents in attacking and weakening China and the Chinese."

"It is when they attack China and the Chinese that we find it difficult not to hit back."

I would like to see


in support of your allegations. Otherwise I will consider your messages on this subject, a collection of empty words ................... to say the least.

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Sacrifyyou, greetings from Israel.

In reference to Mark Weber, that I concede, he is entitled to think as he likes ..............

"About the author
Mark Weber is director of the Institute for Historical Review. He studied history at the University of Illinois (Chicago), the University of Munich, Portland State University and Indiana University (M.A., 1977). For nine years he served as editor of the IHR's Journal of Historical Review"

................... give me a break, sacrifiyyou !!!!

This is the real Mark Weber. A white racist, that has no regard for any of the minorities living in the USA, ....
among them, but not only as you will see, the jews. Mark Weber is anti-black, anti-latino, anti-asian, anti-.......
Mark Weber denies the right of the millions of blacks living in the USA, to be part of that society.

When you bring to the public attention, allegations like those undersigned by Mark Weber, you should first
investigate "who is" the underwriter. Otherwise you are instrumental to the disemination of racial fallacies.

Mark Weber:
The Professional Denier

More than any other propagandist, Mark Weber, 45, embodies the Holocaust-denial movement. An articulate, media-savvy spokesperson with a master's degree in History from Indiana University, Weber got his start in the radical right in 1978, when he took the position of news editor for National Vanguard, a publication of the neo-Nazi National Alliance. In 1979, Weber also began to contribute regularly to The Spotlight, a weekly  
tabloid produced by Willis Carto's Liberty Lobby organization. His involvement with the IHR also intensified steadily over the years; initially working as a contributor to the now-defunct IHR Newsletter, Weber began serving as emcee for the group's annual conventions in 1984. In 1985 he became a member of IHR's Editorial Advisory Committee and in 1992 he became editor of the Journal of Historical Review. Following IHR's break with Carto and the subsequent departure of most professional staff members in 1993, Weber became director of the organization with one professional staff person serving under him.  

Weber's more openly extremist commitment to white supremacy has not abated during his pyrrhic ascendancy through the IHR ranks. Throughout the 1980s, he maintained his contact with the National Alliance, serving, according to official documents, as treasurer of that organization's "Cosmotheist Church."

Similarly, in 1987, graduating seniors at four private high schools in Atlanta received copies of a 584-page racist and anti-Semitic book, The Dispossessed Majority, with a letter signed by Weber which stated, "... You and your classmates may expect to face grave political, economic and social problems. There will be outright discrimination against you as you compete for admission to the better colleges. Less-qualified nonwhites with lower academic standing will be pushed ahead of you by means of racial quotas and four-year scholarships."

In 1989, several ROTC cadets at Auburn University received an identical mailing from Weber. In the same year, Weber was interviewed by The Sower, a student newspaper at the University of Nebraska. In the interview, Weber stated, " l'm concerned about the future of (the white) race and I'm concerned about the future of our country." He also warned against America's becoming "a sort of Mexicanized, Puerto Ricanized country.... I don't believe it's possible for Black Americans to be assimilated into white society."

Nonetheless, it is as a Holocaust-denier that Weber has found his niche on the radical right, and it is through the IHR that he has found the platform to pursue his increasingly solitary, yet persistently hateful propaganda mission.


Now, sacrifyyou, some evidences about de Institute for Historical Review

Institute for Historical Review (IHR):
Outlet for Denial Propaganda

Founded in 1979 by Liberty Lobby leader Willis Carto, the Institute for Historical Review (IHR) has spearheaded the international movement to deny the reality of the Holocaust. Though it broke with Carto and the Liberty Lobby network in 1993, to its own financial detriment, IHR remains the world's single most important outlet for Holocaust-denial propaganda.

A contradiction lies at the core of IHR activities; though operating under a guise of scholarship and impartiality, and seeking to gain credibility within the academic community, IHR remains committed to an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory which accuses Jews of having fabricated tales of their own genocide to manipulate the non-Jewish world. In support of this belief, IHR distributes a variety of books and propaganda materials saturated with anti-Semitic innuendo. These include: The Zionist Factor, The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, The Zionist Terror Network, Crying Wolf: A Study of Hate Crime Hoaxes, and Auschwitz: The End of a Legend.

Similarly, IHR professional staffers and Editorial Advisory Committee members, even those with academic degrees, have participated extensively in pro-Nazi and anti-Jewish activities.
For example, Mark Weber, who currently serves as director of the organization, was an activist in the neo-Nazi National Alliance during the 1970s, and an officer in the Cosmotheist Church, founded by National Alliance leader William Pierce, during the 1980s. Additionally, the late Revilo P. Oliver, a retired professor of Classics and an IHR editorial advisor, was a regular contributor to the neo-Nazi periodical, Liberty Bell. Robert Faurisson, an IHR editorial advisor who bills himself as a Professor of Literature at the University of Lyon-2 in France, was actually removed from his academic post as a result of his anti-Semitic activities, and has been convicted on three occasions of violating French hate-crime laws.

In addition to its propaganda distribution, IHR publishes a magazine, The Journal of Historical Review(JHR)and sponsors more-or-less annual conferences. These, too, have been platforms for anti-Semitism and extremism. The September/October 1995 issue of the JHR, for example, featured an article titled "My Impressions of the New Russia," by Canadian neo-Nazi Ernst Zndel. The same issue included a review of Ron Chernow's mainstream biography, The Warburgs. In the review, the author, John Weir, wrote, "Chernow provides insight into how Jewish patricians operate in society. . . . Jews [in Germany] were permitted to wield tremendous power and influence even though so many of them. . . were part of a mighty, supranational Jewish network that was dedicated above all to its own particular interests. . . . An international network of Jewish organizations and charities devoted to the well being of Jewish communities around the world operated as a shadow government for this scattered, stateless population."

IHR conferences have been the scene of even less restrained appeals to bigotry. Attendees in recent years have included surviving representatives of the Nazi era, such as Florence Rest van Tonnigen, widow of the Dutch collaborator M.M. Rest van Tonnigen; Wolf Rudiger Hess, son of Rudolf Hess; and Major General Otto Ernst Remer, himself an officer under Hitler whose anti-Semitic activities resulted in his 1986 conviction under German hate-crime laws. Other attendees of these affairs have included Ernst Zndel, British Holocaust-denier David Irving, and German neo-Nazi Ewald Althans.

One typical example of the rhetoric encouraged by such gatherings occurred at the 1983 conference, one of the best-attended in the organization's history; concluding his address, Keith Thompson, one of IHR's early stalwarts, urged supporters to "stand by the Third Reich" because, "if, in the end, the Holocaust did take place, then so much the better!" Thunderous applause greeted these remarks. In keeping with its duplicitous efforts to conjure an innocuous impression before the outside world, this statement was deleted from recordings of the speech sold through the IHR catalog.


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