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How influential is the American Israeli Lobby? [Copy link] 中文

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How powerful is the influence of AIPAC (the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) on U.S. policy?

They are rated as one of the most powerful lobbies in the U.S. AIPAC lobbies on behalf of Israeli government policy. But how much influence do they really have?

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The Jewish race (yes, it is a race, according to the substantial number of scholarly works published in recent years) has finally found its voice in America.

With a population of only 6 million (about 2%), Jewish folks have 10% of the Senate, about 8% of the House of Representatives, and just about over 50% of the top 1% of top earners in America.  What is even more influential are the over 50% representation of Congressional aides being Jewish - and those are the ones controlling access to the pols, in terms of issues, policies and physical access.  

Jewish folks had never had it so good in their thousands of years of existence on Earth.  Plus with the globalization of economies, it is no longer possble (or at least much harder) for any one government to try to do what many have done to the Jewish folks over millenia - e.g., take what they have.  Today Jewish wealth is all over the globe and occupy very powerful corridors.  

AIPAC is not the cause of the influence, but one of the manifestations.  

It is a shame that the neocons (many of whom are Jewish) seem to have it into China.  The most recent poll shows that over 70% of the Congressional aides (again most of them Jewish) are hostile to China.   What has Chinese done to our Jewish friends to warrant such animosity?

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AIPAC is highly influential

AIPAC is a very powerful force in American politics.  One of the things that distinguishes America from Europe is its intolerance for anti-semitism.  Prior to WW2 when Hitler and the Nazi party were rising to power in Germany, Europe was unable to stop it.  This in part was due to the fact that Hitler's anti-semitism was itself somewhat popular in Europe.  There were some people in the USA who argued for isolationism -- not getting involved in Europe's problems -- but they were few.  America is very proud of its role in ending the Holocaust, although just as there were some Germans who weren't so bad, there were also some Americans who weren't so good.  

One story about the Isreali/Jewish lobby I like to relate comes from the 2000 election.  At that time, Israel had made some negotiating compromises with the Palestinian Authority.  In America though, there were congresmen who did not support the changed positions.  So some American congressmen had tougher conditions for peace than the Israeli government!  That's the power of AIPAC.  

Recently, there was a spy scandal involving some AIPAC employees.  American law prohibits giving secrets to those who aren't cleared for them -- whether they are Americans, Chinese, or Israelis.  Some people forget that it's just as illegal to give secrets to the Israelis or South Koreans as it is to give secrets to the Palestinians or the DPRK.  Those who depend upon America are especially needy to know what's going on within its military, where there are many secrets.

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Again, see the forest, not the trees.

AIPAC is not the root cause for the powerful influence.  It is merely a reflection of the power of Jews in America today, and hence the world.  That's how Israel ignored, without consequence, the will of the UN, and merrily carried on apartheid and efficient ethnic cleansing.  

Being powerful is neither bad nor good.  We all know about all the wonderful contributions that the Jewish folks made to human kind.  But all should ask the question - does that give them a pass to practice the pogrom on others?

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They don't really have much influence at all. Israel is actually a minor part of the overall commitments of the US; policy dealing with Israel gets a lot of media time because Israel is prone to bouts of terrorism and wars, making it a good source of news during otherwise slow periods, which increases the perceived importance of US policy towards Israel.
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That Must Be Why

That must be why, even when the Yanks have to borrow hundreds of billions just to stay afloat, they still are "obligated" to give a substantial portion of that as "aid" to Israel.

It is curious to observe Schreiber's thinking.  He must have graduated from the same school of propaganda as Karen Hughes, and share the same success.

Laughable and despicable, as if he tells the lies long enough and frequent enough, the world would dumb down to his level and actually swallow them!  

Oh, I forgot, he's an American and used to that.

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Still rather minor. The US spends nearly $3 trillion a year on the Federal government alone. What it gives to Israel is peanuts, that's not a lot of influence.
"Justice prevails... evil justice."

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