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Small things here and there [Copy link] 中文

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Wow, wow, wow, everyone in the party mood!

I am not supposed to log on to the internet as I've promised my friends, "No internet while on vacation". You see, I am on vacation, not even half way through yet, and still have two weeks to enjoy, and in the middle of nowhere.

Somehow, I miss this community after the noisy parties and a few drinks. Yeah, I drink for the moment of excitement and celebration. As we are saying bye bye  to  2007 and unfolding our arms to embrace the new year, 2008, we are excited about the challenges and opportunities lying ahead of us.

May I say a few words?

First of all, thank to China Daily for providing a home for us.

Thank you for posting questions and answers.

Especially, thank you for spending your precious time on reading and replying my posts.

I've found out that my posts for the last year are scattered around, some of them may be worth being revisited, so I said to myself, "Why not put the best of them together?" I would like to open a thread for them, like punching my school assignments with three holes and putting them into a binder.

Those are not self-help manuals, formulas for success, pieces of advice ...

Those are small things, simple things, things here and there, reflecting the ways I look at things ...

Happy New Year!

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Sharing ...

As I am taking a backward glance at my childhood and my adolescence, those happy moments are flowing through my mind, like a movie, my mom and dad were teaching my brother and me to swim, watching the colorful sunset together  from the lookout, reading bedtime stories to us …

One particular scene is coming up to my mind at this moment, and lingering, it was an autumn night, one of the beautiful nights in four seasons,  stars were twinkling in the dark blue sky, and tree leaves were shimmering under the silvery, full moon as they were swaying slowly with the cool breeze. My brother and I went to bed reluctantly at 9:30, after playing.

Suddenly, I was hearing a gentle voice in my dream, getting louder and louder, and my dream was broken and gone after  my brother and I were woken up by my mom,

"what's going on?" I asked in  my sleepy voice as I was rubbing my eyes, and looking at the clock, it was close to the midnight.

"Come, come to the window." She whispered.

As we were gazing into the starry sky, a shining object flying across the heaven far, far away, leaving a bright, slightly curved, long path, as its tail was blurring and fading away. "Wow, awesome!" We were astonished and excited, it took us a long time to fall back into sleep.

When I was a boy, I didn’t think too much about why my mom woke us up along with other things my parents did for us, although some seemed a bit uncommon, I have taken things for granted. As I’ve grown up, replaying those scenes, I always come to the same conclusion.

My parents have taken us with them to embark on the adventures together, to open  the windows for us to see the wonderful world, to share wonder and excitement with us … They have been passing  their enthusiasm, optimism, wisdoms and many small things on to us, things money can’t buy.

I joined a global consulting firm after graduated in China seven years ago, and my work projects have taken me to many places and countries around the globe… and those moments are always with me.

note - my posted in #80 of Chinadaily BBS » English Study» Original Works 原创区» holly's diary (holly666)

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a writing lesson ...

I would like to share a writing lesson I learned from our American teacher when I was a college student a few years ago.

In our first writing class, she brought a red apple, put it on a transparent glass plate,  placed the plate on the desk near the window, and adjusted it a few times. The sunlight was streaming on the red apple and its holder, and casting a narrow shadow on the desk, a glimmer of smile was on her face. As she was walking away from the plate slowly, and looking around us, she started to talk, I couldn't remember the exact words she said, what she told us roughly as follows.

'I would like you to describe the red apple and its surrounding in about one hundred words,  which must be strict to the sketches of its physical appearance. After that, you are going to add another one hundred words to stretch its look to other areas that are related to it, for example,  giving a brief description of an apple tree, an apple orchard, its sweetness and nutrition, etc. "

We were stunned,  biting our pens,  or gazing at the apple, or peeping at each other, as our teacher was pacing up and down the class room, saying a few encouraging words now and then, giving out a few hints here and there. However, it didn't help, a large portion of our papers remained empty, we were only hear the clock ticking faster and faster, and ticking louder and louder, the time was running out ...

The underlined theme she taught us is that to learn a language, especially a foreign language, we must get back to the basic, the square one, and start from the scratch, like children, who usually describe things and their surroundings specifically and vividly and concretely, as apposite to them, we adult tend to think abstractly and generally, and use many big words (abstract and general) which is the number one enemy of the language learning.

For example, most of us know words like fruit, vegetable, light,  we may not understand, cranberry, kale, dusk (or twilight) ... on the contrary, children usually pick up these specific words before they learn the categorical term, like fruit ...

Just like most of you, I am still working on the crazy English. Is it crazy? No, as our teacher said, "It is lovely, the school catalog calls it as an English course, I would call it as a course of magic, the magic of words and ideas."

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Enthusiasm, the in-dwelling God

Your topic is so tempting that I wish I could have written a long essay if my time had permitted, especially, it was posted by  someone who is a Greek, am I mistaken, xilaren?

If my homework was not misleading me, Enthusiasm is a very remarkable word. The ancient Greeks used it to describe an inspired person, as "en" means in, and "theos" means God. The enthusiastic person, they thought, was the one who held the presence of an in-dwelling God. And the more you ponder this, the more you are convinced that the Greeks not only had a word for it, but the right one.

Enthusiasm, no other single human characteristic, maybe with the exception of kindness, will bring so much to happy and successfully living. Everyone is born with it. Especially, children have it.

What is the meaning of "enthusiastic"? I think that It can be defined as someone is able to react with eagerness, The enthusiastic person has the capacity for generating excitement about ideas, people, events, etc. He responds things surrounding him not only with his five senses, his brain, but also with his emotion. He feels things and cares things. In a word, he has a great capacity for surprise!!!

Enthusiasm has the power to lift people over the rough places in life. Of course, the certain aspects of living are the enemy of Enthusiasm. Routine deadens it, familiarity  dulls it. I had learned a few tricks, supposing this were the only time, the first time, supposing this sunset, this soccer game, this party, etc. supposing you would never be experiencing these things again... ...
... ...

Enthusiasm, the greatest gift in the world!  But to keep it, you have to give it away!

The sentences were inspired and stolen  from the lines in Romeo and Juliet

"But to be frank, and give it thee again,
And yet I wish but for the thing I have.
My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
My love as deep; the more I give to thee,
The more I have, for both are infinite"

note - my original post in #15, Chinadaily BBS » News Talk» Free Talk» full of enthusiasm (xilaren)

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Listening to audio books ...

I am thinking about skipping the introduction and going straight to post the audio books I am fond of. Partly I can’t wait. Partly I am not good at giving an introduction. On second thought, it might be helpful to share a thing or two of my own experiences with you below.

Like many Chinese students studying in China (not abroad), I really had hard times to put my ideas into English words and to get them across to others, and felt hopelessly that English was far and away, beyond my grasp. My frustration and disappointment had been written all over my face and spotted by someone at the English Gathering on our campus, and he said, "Why don't you go to the library to pick up an audio book? It may help." and I did. Those casual words turned out to be one of many pieces of the best advice I have ever had. The great performers brought the characters and scenes from the books to life vividly. As time has gone by, their voices have taken me to wonderlands, fairylands and neverlands while I was walking in the woods, doing workout at the gym, driving to work, etc. A few names sprang to mind,

Great Expectations read by Martin Jarvis,
Jane Eyre read by Juliet Stevenson,
Atonement read by Carole Boyd,
When We Were Orphans read by John Lee.   

While astronaut Armstrong was stepping on the surface of the moon, he said: "That's a small step for man, a giant leap for mankind."  Looking back the moment I was stretching out my hands to grab my first audio book from the shelf, as if it happened yesterday not years ago,  a kind of wonderful sensation is sweeping through me and I'm hearing my own voices, resonating and lingering: "That's a small step for me, a giant leap for my English."

"Why don't you give it a try?"  Indeed, why not?

note - my original post in " An What are your favorite audio books (有声读物或书籍)? " -- my thread

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More to come in two weeks ... :)

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good experiences for us.

tks Changzhou for your excellent description in learning English and your sharing of your life.

Actually to say,there are some skills in developing our English, but sometimes we don't mass these simple methods.When we browse the methods supplied by others,we'll find that it is not too difficult for us to do.

I usually practice my English by writing articles, but it's a pity that i can not persist in doing this.I'm disturbed by other things or I myself give up to do this.A lazy person.

Go on pls,enjoy your beutiful words.

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