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What do you think about the movie "Lust and Caution"? [Copy link] 中文

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sometimes i would wonder, whether it is because  of the special time when the China was in the war and the whole nation was in poverty ,that the overwhelming majority of people owned good personal qualities~~~~~~

why nowadays~~so many thieves……

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it is said to be a very good movie..
it has a lot to tell..
I read many comments on it..
I ..probably I will not watch it...
too many senarios about ./...
don't feel very comfortable about that..

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'Lust, Caution' stirs debate on sex and politics


A month after its release in the Chinese mainland, Ang Lee's award-winning film "Lust, Caution" has been a permanent subject of debate for its explicit sexual content - or lack of it - and for its political undertones.
Containing bold sex scenes, the Venice Film Festival's Golden Lion winner for Best Picture had to be cut by seven sexually explicit minutes.

Unfazed, Chinese filmgoers have ensured the film has been a big hit on the mainland, with box office sales surpassing more than 100 million yuan (US$13.3 million) in just over two weeks.

Some were left unsatisfied by the deleted sex scenes, choosing to download the film from the Internet and, in some cases, traveling from southern Guangdong province to Hong Kong specifically to watch the steamy sections.

In online forums, the movie ignited a new round of debate about the adoption of a film rating system in China. One critic said, "The true meaning of the film's screening in the Chinese mainland lies in renewing the debate of the rating system."

In 2001, Wang Xingdong, movie director, and a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, was one of the first to call for a film rating system, but over the subsequent six years, the idea has only remained on the lips of some senior officials of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT).

After watching the censored version of "Lust, Caution", Dong Yanbin, a doctoral student in Beijing, filed a lawsuit against SARFT as well as UME, the cinema showing the film, for infringing upon his "consumer rights", according to local media reports.

UME had violated the audience's "fair trade rights," while SARFT had infringed upon "society's public interest" by failing to implement a rating system that would allow adults to see the film, Dong said.

While most of the world is debating the explicit sex scenes, some critics have focused on the politically charged nature of the film.

Set in 1940s' Shanghai during the Japanese invasion, "Lust, Caution", based on a short story by Chinese novelist Eileen Chang, depicts a sexually charged relationship between an undercover female student activist and a Japanese-allied intelligence chief.

"The most striking part of the film is not sex, but politics," Yau Lop Poon, editor-in-chief of the Hong Kong-based Yazhou Zhoukan (Asian Weekly), wrote in the newspaper.

The film demonstrated "Chinese grief", depicting to a world audience a tragic period in history in which hundreds of millions of Chinese lived under the Japanese invasion, Yau wrote.

However, some critics and cultural experts lambasted the film in live debates organized by Beijing-based academic website "Utopia" for its negative political connotations, said Fan Jinggang, the website's manager.

"It is a political movie full of political metaphors ... it is an insult to virtuous Chinese women," said movie director Zhou Guojin in comments published on the website.

Zhu Dongli, a research fellow with an academy affiliated to China's Cultural Ministry, was quoted on the website as saying, "the film is an insult to the Chinese nation ... it is hard to imagine the Israelis making a similar film".

In an open letter posted online, seven Beijing-based university students labeled the film an "obscene poison", accusing it of "degrading Chinese women martyears into prostitutes and worshipping pro-Japanese traitors".

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Sometimes People Make Mistakes

Lee, Ang made a huge mistake in L+C, and each showing of the movie is another insult of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation.  The mistake ought to be corrected.

Come to think of it, looking back at Lee, Ang's credentials over the years, he has never had a movie that is pro China, that I could remember..

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"Lust, Caution," in my mind--patriotic? No. Pornographic? No. Provocative? For sure.

I think it's a good point in #17 that China really needs a movie rating system. The approach that "if it isn't good for children, it isn't good for adults" is overly simplistic and derogatory to the maturity of Chinese adults.

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we all  may be do wrong things. we have different skill and courage, and we have different thought. so we may be do different thing when we want to get the same goal. maybe your behavior is wrong, if your goal is right, just do it before your can do better.

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I personally think it is a great movie.

It is thought-provoking. The characters are vividly-portrayed. I do not think that Wong Kai Chi betrayed her organization for the big diamond.

If one pay enough attention to the details, it is very clear that it is only natural for her to make such choice. Wong's only family,  her father,run far far away to England to form his new family. Wong did not recieve too much care from him.

When she decided to join the assasination, it is only because her little crush for the Kuang Yu Min, who was a idealistic patriot, lovely but  also childish and immature.

The patriotic students even decided beforehand (without asking Wong's opinions) to let Wong sleep with one of them, the only one that had sexual experience with prostitude.

Anyone who has knowledge in the traditional culture would understand what sacrifice , disgrace, and disrespect  this is. Nobody was treating Wong as a person. That was why Wong ran away after she found out that all her efforts had been in vain.

3 years later, Wong  was still alone, no family and no friends (her aunt even sold the only property her father left for her). SHe decided to take up the unfinished task because, from what i have understood, to make her previous sacrifice a little bit meaningful and the promise of a ship ticket to England from the organization.

Nobody was treating Wong like a person. She was only a tool used by the immature patriotic students and the political organization. She had no family. She did not have real friends. She was lonely.

Only Mr Yee offered her care and love, no matter it was real or only pretended. It was the love and care from Yee that changed her mind. Not the diamond. That is why I said it was natural.

Maybe she betrayed her country, or maybe blah blah blah, but that was just what she was, a human being, a lonely soul that just found love.

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