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Western media bias against China - cases and examples   [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by satsu_jin at 2007-11-9 21:15

Germany's leading anti China propaganda magazine, 'DER SPIEGEL'  reported this yesterday as well. This news magazine reported that 3 kids in Australia and 2 in the US fell ill already. Everyw ...

You are absolutely right on this.  These are spineless and spiteful cowards you are witnessing at Der Spiegel.

They are the descendants of the same people who persecuted the Jews in the Third Reich.  

In the former East Germany they formed the so-called "opposition" and Merkel was one of them.  I have never liked this broad from Day One, and now she has shown her true colors after replacing good old Gerhard.  

Who else would have eaten George Bush's stale cake by receiving Dalai Lama?

That's a totally unnecessary affront to China, whose government was so nice to her during her late visit, even making big-item purchases in hundreds of projects.

The Fraulein was very sneaky -- did you notice that she made her announcement to receive Dalai after the commercial deals with China had been inked?

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Originally posted by wchao37 at 2007-11-9 16:21
No sweat, I believe you've hit a nerve here.  Look at this guy's hysterical reaction.

For anyone to believe that Beijing will stop anyone from distributing bibles at the Olympics is preposterous

Even if force needs to be used in the Spring because of the Taidus, the Beijing Olympics will still be a success.  I guarantee it.  ...

You are very optimist about Beijing Olympic, I'm also optimist in cross strait issue. I have commentary and argument of why Chinese reunification will happen not too far in the future, but a lot of scholars here not as optimist as me.

I plan to send my article to any center-right newspaper or magazine in Hongkong, probably Ming Pao or Oriental... or do you have any suggestion?

Back to the topic, I've talked to several US-policy experts here, they've been warned by their US counterparts that christian right will send armies of missionaries during Beijing Olympics, to convert locals. Ta Kung pao already reported this too. This will be a direct challenge to central government religious policy. What will happen then will be a nerve stretching incident.

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Skull trepination needed?

Originally posted by tripitaka at 2007-11-9 16:49
To understand why China gets criticised you need to understand that human rights is big business in western countries. If a “refugee” gets into the country, they need to be assessed, and given a  ...

Thanks for your precious observation here.

Yes, the five Anglo nations are all alike in their approaches to China and their intelligence services share information amongst themselves.

The disinformation attacks against China do not reflect their strength, but rather their fear -- fear of the Chinese onslaught in economic terms, because they know in their hearts that their culture, which thrived on officially sanctioned piracy (in the form of their navy) and which touts power politics -- could never truly match Chinese wits and industry in the long run under the new rules of engagement.  A cursory look at the artifacts in their museum will explain why.

It is the same fear as the kind experienced by a rapist when the victim's brother Jet Li knocks on the door at 3 a.m.  They know they are doomed because China's way -- the peaceful way -- is more potent than one touting the use of brute force.  That's why Robert Gates, the U.S. Defense Secretary, wants his soldiers to study at China's military academies.

Nobody has ever successfully dislodged these Anglos from their high pedestal of power -- exerting global influence with the self-assured confidence that had grown with it since the days of the Spanish Armada in 1588.  

Not the Spaniards, not the French, not the Dutch, not the Nordics, not the Germans, not the Russians, not the Ottomans, and certainly not the Arabs, could dethrone them, so to speak.  They weren't the first West European colonizers, but certainly would be the last.  They didn't leave Hongkong in the way they left other colonies -- peacefully and with face saved.  China's subtle way of negotiating from a position of strength is what they fear most.

These Anglos, together with the French, burned the Yuan Ming Yuan in Beijing in 1860.  The one who gave the orders to burn the priceless imperial compound was "Lord" Elgin -- they had always given titles like "Sir" or "Lord" to their meanest official pirates  The pity is that we can never burn any of their stuff in return -- they have nothing of their own to speak of at the London Museum.  Nearly everything had been stolen from others -- Indians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and of course the Chinese.  

The Chinese government is trying not to give them a handle to field unnecessary complaints against us, and is unflinchingly looking straight ahead towards its own goals.  But they still constantly come up with new issues to hound us -- environment, Dalai Lama, human rights, transparency, toys, anything they can grab on their way out of the focal point of history.

Through diplomacy and trade, we have already won Asia, Africa and Latin America over to our side, and we have befriended Russia at her nadir of fortune after its breakup.  We have demonstrated our goodwill with the majority of the world's nations, and we have warned the Americans over Taidu's danger of inciting an unwanted confrontation between us.

Haven't you noticed that China was the only major country which treated Russia with respect after its disintegration, reminding the Russians of their good deeds and ignoring their bad behavior?

The Anglo nations, in contrast, kept bullying Russia -- in essence treating it as a defeated nation.

Their methodology is determined by the nature of Anglo culture and traditions, and they just can't help behaving in a condescending way towards the Russians, not because they aren't capable of treating their Slavic enemies better, but that they don't know a better way.

So it's the Anglos and their handful of friends versus the rest.

They want the rest of the world to think that they are "color-blind", and that they are concerned with the death toll of colored kids displaced by the war in the Darfur region, as if they truly care about the welfare of the people in their former colonies.

But reality tells a different story.

Haven't you noticed that in the James Bond movies, which actually accurately reflect how the Anglos view themselves, Agent 007 sleeps with women of all colors and races, while they themselves would not hesitate in killing one of their own females -- Princess Diana -- as soon as they learned that she was impregnated by Dodi's son.

The obvious question is -- James Bond could sleep with all those adoring females from all corners of the world, and they tout that as evidence of their broad-mindedness, how come Dodi wasn't allowed to impregnate Diana?

Anyone who believes that these folks aren't hypocritical barbarians in the truest sense of the word should undergo skull trepination by a voodoo practitioner.

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Inking and Getting Paid Are Quite Different

Don't see why China should treat these cheats and liars so kindly.

Merkel's premiership is rather fragile.  It rests on a coalition government that requires the goodwill of quite a few disparate parties.  Now that it is established that the obasan came with absolute ill-will, there is no reason not to give her a push here and there, and speed up her demise.

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Originally posted by tripitaka at 2007-11-9 16:49
To understand why China gets criticised you need to understand that human rights is big business in western countries. If a “refugee” gets into the country, they need to be assessed, and given a  ...

Your reference link reminded me of one news: one Chinese man claimed to had been tortured for being a christian in China and ask for political refugee status in the US.

Then US immigration officials then asked him, how Jesus died.

He answered: the communist shot him!

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China Should Go On The Offensive

Acting gentlemanly all these years did not help any.  The negative propaganda becomes more shrill as China ascends.  

It is time to go on the offensive.  

Last year the TV series "Rise of the Great Powers" ("Da Guo Ju Qi") was rather popular.  The producers should follow up with more series that shows the true nature of the West, and designed to be distributed in many languages, both through TV broadcast and from DVD sales.  Some instantly popular series could be:

1.  Economic Hitman/Game As Old As Empire

2.  How America Was Won

3.  The Anglo Empire - How the Viceroys Enforced the Queen's Will

Use your imagination.  These can be docudramas supported by historical records.  Would be very powerful and poignant, especially in a world where Westerners are pretending to be morally qualified to point fingers at others.

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Originally posted by interesting at 2007-11-9 21:21

Actually, it's quite true that China's pollution has had global impact; there's nothing false here.

I'm not talking what is false, I'm talking about fairness.

It's also true that tiny nation like Samoa also pollute the earth, same as Laos. But why they emphasize China's? simply because only China has the potential to neutralize US influence in this region. Totally ignoring the fact that the world's biggest polluters is still the west.

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