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Western media bias against China - cases and examples   [Copy link] 中文

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It's no secret that China's development and dazzling change touch the nerve of western supremacist and imperialist.

Ever since the industrial revolution, the western hemisphere always be the biggest polluter in this planet and the trend never stop.

They colonized and plundered Asian-African nation to finance their technological modernization and industrialization. If there were no Blitzkrieg or October revolution in Europe, much of Asia now probably still the colony of European powers.

Now after they reach mature stage of societal modernization and mastered the art of psychological-warfare, media manipulation, they use their 'free' media to demonize any rising power that may challenge their world domination.

China's potential make today's hegemon feel uneasy, the continuous economic growth invite doomsayers to curse every aspect of China's.

This thread mainly focused on how they vilify and demonize China, using the what so called 'free' media, the racist western institution that won't be happy to see any non-white beating them.

Please be free to provide examples, revealing their hypocrisy and shamelessness.

First example:

In pure Arctic air, signs of China's economic boom

By Alister Doyle, Environment Correspondent
Mon Sep 10, 8:10 AM ET

ZEPPELIN MOUNTAIN, Norway (Reuters) - From a remote snowcapped mountain in the European Arctic you can detect China in the haze.

In the apparently pure Arctic air, a research station on a Norwegian island mountain ridge finds tiny chemical traces from factories in Russia, pesticides in Israel or China's coal-fired power plants.

"Some days we can definitely tell that the air has come from China," said Kim Holmen, research director of the Norwegian Polar Institute, at the station which has spectacular views over fjords, mountains and glaciers of Spitsbergen island.

The good news from a barrage of sensors is that many of the worst air pollutants, some of them linked to cancers or acid rain, have declined because of clean air laws in recent decades.

But greenhouse gases are surging and other pollutants are building up again even in a wilderness 1,200 km (750 miles) from the North Pole and 1,000 km from the nearest towns and factories in Russia and Norway.

A polluting haze that can blur the view in the Arctic springtime has thickened since around the late 1990s, perhaps because of more forest fires caused by climate change or rising pollution from Asia, led by China's boom, scientists say.

"The Arctic haze is increasing," said Lars Otto Reiersen, head of the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program in Oslo. But the haze is still not as thick as in the 1980s.

Zeppelin, on a 474 meter (1,555 ft) high mountain ridge, is one of about a dozen stations in remote spots from Hawaii to Antarctica that dissect the atmosphere in a U.N. network. It is named after Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, a German Arctic explorer better known for building airships.


"The air is always mixing but you can do some detective work: the particles are slightly different in the United States, Russia, China, Europe or India," Holmen said.

Emissions from cars, for instance, have a different chemical signature according to national gasoline blends. Israel is alone in using a type of pesticide on its orange trees.

More ghoulishly, funeral pyres in some Asian countries release toxic mercury from fillings in the teeth of the deceased. If detected, the mercury means air did not come from Europe, North America or Japan where crematoriums have filters.

"Most of the particles we see come from Europe and Russia," Holmen said of measurements at the site, reached by a tiny cable car. "About 20 percent are from elsewhere."

Clambering up a ladder onto a snow-covered roof crowded with high-tech air-sniffing sensors, Holmen noted the clock to make sure scientists would disregard all measurements when people were outside and disrupt readings.

"When we are out here it has an immediate impact on carbon dioxide levels," he told visitors, as a chill wind blew from the Pole. People emit the gas when breathing.

A recent spike in some readings was explained after a scientist spotted the tracks of an Arctic fox in snow nearby.

One of the clearest trends at Zeppelin is a rise in greenhouse gases, at the highest in more than 650,000 years according to studies of air bubbles trapped in ancient ice.

Carbon dioxide levels reached about 390 parts per million this year against 270 ppm before the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century ushered in wide use of fossil fuels. Warming is widely expected to bring more heatwaves, floods and rising seas.

Most greenhouse gases come from Europe and North America but the rise is quickening, perhaps again pointing to growth in developing nations led by China. But greenhouse gases are invisible and the thickening of the Arctic haze is a puzzle.


"There was an improvement in the transparency of the Arctic atmosphere until 6-8 years ago and then it started to worsen again," Reiersen said.

"This is probably because of an increase in forest fires due to climate change. There are more fires in Siberia and North America and these bring more soot into the atmosphere," he said.

Global warming can contribute to fires because more beetles that prey on trees survive in less icy winters. Trees infested by beetles often dry out and are more vulnerable to fires.

Overall, the world has made progress in cleaning the air since early efforts such as the U.S. Air Pollution Control Act of 1955. Sulphur pollutants from Russian metals smelters have fallen because of laws curbing acid rain.

And a 2001 U.N. pact outlawed a "dirty dozen" industrial chemicals such as PCBs and pesticides, partly after they were found in the breast milk of Inuit women and in polar bear fat.

Holmen said he was trying to refine measurements -- the main disturbances are from a scientific base at Ny Alesund in the valley below, where between 30 and 130 people live.

He said he had even suggested an outdoor smoking ban in Ny Alesund. "Nobody seemed to like that idea," he said.

This blatant accussation from a 'respected' news agency singled out China in its headline news, creating impression that China is to blame for the pollution in Arctic. They ignore the fact that it's not only China that pollute the Arctic, it's not a matter of fact, it's about fairness.

One example of selective media reporting.

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Exaggeration, stereotyping and condescension as reflected in their media reports


What you're saying here is true, and this will be an interesting thread to watch, as we bring in examples of selective reporting by the Western media outlets.

Nobody cared to watch over London's coal-fired factories or their child chimney sweepers, nor those of other places using child labor in places like New York and Chicago during the early 1900s.  Even today, no one is watching over Uncle Sam's contamination of the world's atmosphere through its emission of greenhouse gases, yet you hear about China's environmental hazards magnified a thousand times even as she was acknowledged by UN watchdogs to have done its part in environmental protection.

In the case of Japan, only recently had the Japanese begun to clean up her rivers in some heavily polluted areas, which in the past had caused congenital deformities in their newborns, and in fact nowadays if you travel around Tokyo, you'll see that they are doing a good job keeping their streets clean by placing trash in the appropriate containers.  But this good habit has come about only after many years of environmental neglect in their pursuit of hectic economic growth in the 1970s and '80s.  

Beijingers aren't doing as good a job because they haven't gotten used to the idea of separating trash into recyclables and non-recyclables yet.   This shows that it takes time to educate the city dwellers as to its long-term importance.

Singapore does this through levying heavy fines on the polluters.

Some of the dirtiest places I have seen during my travels are in Europe.  The waterways of Venice were black when I visited that city a second time five years ago,  and it was much worse than ten years before.

In short, Western depiction of China's environmental problems are characterized by exaggeration, stereotyping, and condescension.

If one lake is polluted, they'll say all the lakes in China are too, as had happened in the case of the blue-green algae in Lake Taihu.  That's exaggeration.

If one kind of fish exported show residual traces of Sudan Red, they''ll say all imports of fish from China is bad and none should be imported.  That's stereotyping.

While they repeatedly point fingers at Chinese exports for quality problems with an holier-than-thou attitude as if their exports are pristine clean, they keep on pushing their own contaminated food products -- beef, pork and vegetables into the markets of Taiwan.  

Earlier this year the Taiwanese pig farmers strongly protested against the import of American pork stocks contaminated with a hormone known to enhance the growth of lean meat and so cheaper to raise than pigs fed on organic food such as corn.  The island's public health authorities finally bent to the pressure exerted by the protesters -- but only after vehement opposition by the island's pig farmers whose livelihoods were at stake because, health reasons aside, they wouldn't have been able to compete against the hormone-grown American pork. This was a good example of their intentionally exporting dangerous food to Asian countries while crying wolf over Chinese exports.  That's condescension.

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Thanks for your comment, I just brought something that already existed for decades but never widely publicized fatcs.

The US imperialists mastered the art of media manipulation, psychological warfare and deceit propaganda. From the early days of cold war, they skillfully use Congress of Cultural Freedom and stuffs like that as propaganda machine to defame enemies.

Industrialised west always be the worst polluters, yet we have propaganda machine like Green Peace commited themselves most in Asia, particularly China. This disgusting pressure group work like CIA infested NED, use dirty propaganda art to create impression that China's development will always be bad for the world, when at the same time they ignore the fact that US, with 6% world population consume more than 30% of the planet's resources.

As for the China made goods, the most to blame particulary is Walmart, they demand the exporters-suppliers to annualy cut prices, forcing the Chinese companies to comply, sacrificing quality. But still, they made goods according to the specification demanded bu US importers.

Exagerration and stereotyping always work for the mass-dummies. China's foreign policy makers are too slow in dealing with this.

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Case 2: relating the unrelated ... E2tUURZQzuFifYBxg8F

Beijing denies ban on Bibles at Olympics
By ANITA CHANG, Associated Press Writer

Thu Nov 8, 1:24 PM ET

BEIJING - Beijing Olympic organizers angrily disputed allegations of religious intolerance Thursday, saying Bibles and other religious items for personal use will be welcome at next summer's games - except for the banned Falun Gong spiritual movement.

Recent reports by a religious news agency and European media saying Bibles would be banned at the Olympics touched off an outcry that prompted a U.S. senator to call the Chinese ambassador for an explanation and a Christian athletes group to protest the "deep violation."

Beijing organizers flatly denied the reports, and the Foreign Ministry charged the allegations were likely the work of people who want to sabotage Beijing's hosting of the games.

"There is no such thing. This kind of report is an intentional distortion of truth," said Li Zhanjun, director of the Beijing Olympics media center.

He said texts and other items from major religious groups that are brought into China for personal use by athletes and visitors are permitted. The Beijing Olympics Web site said "each traveler is recommended to take no more than one Bible into China."

Li also said religious services - Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist - will be available to athletes in the Olympic Village.

However, he said, the policies do not apply to Falun Gong, reasserting China's determination to eradicate the movement. Falun Gong was banned eight years ago as an "evil cult" after its members staged a mass protest outside government headquarters to demand official recognition.

The State Department says Falun Gong practitioners in China face arrest, detention and possible torture as members overseas maintain a vigorous campaign of protest against China's government.

"We don't recognize it because it's a cult," Li said. "So Falun Gong texts, Falun Gong activities in China are forbidden. Foreigners who come to China must respect and abide by the laws of China."

China's leadership is using the Summer Olympics to project a positive image of the country. Venue construction has hummed at a record pace, and Beijing is so eager to host a flawless event that it enacted campaigns to stomp out speaking poor English, spitting, littering and cutting in line.

Yet preparations have been tarred by complaints about China's human rights abuses and Beijing's choking smog. The regime also has drawn criticism over its support for Sudan's Arab-dominated government, an oil supplier accused of atrocities against ethnic Africans in Darfur.
The games have now cast a spotlight on religion, which is heavily regulated in China by the officially atheist ruling Communist party. Worship is legal only in party-controlled churches, temples and mosques, and those who attend others face harassment, arrest and terms in labor camps or prison.

Bibles are printed under government supervision and can be sold only in approved churches, according to the Web site of China's State Administration for Religious Affairs. Visitors can bring in religious texts for personal use, but no more than three copies of each, said an official at the agency's regulation department, who refused to give his name.

In a statement, the International Olympic Committee said the news articles reporting a Bible ban stemmed from a misunderstanding of what was said at an October briefing in Beijing during which items banned from import into China were discussed.

"It is clear that athletes coming to the games are able to bring with them religious items for personal use, as in previous games, to the Olympic venues," the statement said.

Speaking at a regularly scheduled news conference, Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao said the media reports pointed to attempts to undermine China's Olympic glory.

"There are some people out there who do not want to see China hold a successful games," Liu said.

Another evil way to vilify China, complaining about 'human rights abuse' and China non-interference foreign policy. Relating it to the Beijing Olympics.

Based on this logic, the western media also should boycott and condemn London 2012 Olympics, for the Brits staged illegal war against Iraq.

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Reply #4 northwest's post

No sweat, I believe you've hit a nerve here.  Look at this guy's hysterical reaction.

For anyone to believe that Beijing will stop anyone from distributing bibles at the Olympics is preposterous.

Officially the only ones banned are the felongooners.  I coined this f-word a few years ago, and I believe it is much more informative than the unrevealing term "Falun Gong" which is just a salad of meaningless words.

Even if force needs to be used in the Spring because of the Taidus, the Beijing Olympics will still be a success.  I guarantee it.  People from all walks of life around the world will understand and empathize with China, and they will still come to Beijing despite what might have happened in Spring '08.

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Human rights are big business

To understand why China gets criticised you need to understand that human rights is big business in western countries. If a “refugee” gets into the country, they need to be assessed, and given a lawyer.

A few cases in Australia and New Zealand have ended up costing $5,000,000 dollars for a single individual. Obviously, such figures bring a smile to a lawyer's face. Once accepted in the country, there is government money spent on support, counselling, help finding a job, and welfare. Providing such things brings a smile to the face of many interest groups.

To maintain the industry, refugee advocacy groups set aside some of their government funding for media campaigns. Attacking China is one such campaign that is relatively common. Attacking China helps maintain the public faith that the Chinese government is evil, and public support for government money being spent on refugees from China.

Below is an example from an Australian newspaper. It doesn’t actually accuse China of anything, but it leads the reader to believe that a refugee returned to China has been killed. In that way, it slanders China, without having any evidence for the slander.

Refugee group fears for Chinese man
Dewi Cooke
August 18, 2007 – The Age

REFUGEE advocates fear a Chinese man deported in June may have been imprisoned or killed on his return.
The man's wife and daughter have not heard from him since his deportation from South Australia on June 28, despite being in contact while he was in immigration detention for more than two years.
The man, a hairdresser, said he was targeted for having Tibetan clients. He sought protection in Australia after claiming he was tortured by Chinese police, but his application was rejected by the Immigration Department and the Refugee Review Tribunal.
The eunuch should not take pride in his chasity

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