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恋爱过程中的一些英语[实用] [Copy link] 中文

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He has a crush on a girl in our class.

单词:crush 迷恋 短语:has a crush on(someone)暗恋(某人)


Because you,my life is filled with hope.


Love is blind.

单词:blind adj.盲目的.

古今中外都认为爱情是盲目的,因此中英文都有类似的感叹,中文我们会说”情人眼里出西施”,英文会说in love you are perfect.


You can turn me down,but don’t lie to me.


It would be better for us to be friends ranther than lovers.

在美语中用 lover 这个词要特别小心,因为会带有”亲密关系”的意思.  -
文章转自 英语怎么说,英语怎么翻译

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Who is his mistress.?单词:mistress n.情妇

Who is he having an affair with?
With whom is he having an affair?

短语:have an affair with someone 感情出轨
the third party 第三者

7.爱情是一辈子的烦恼.Love is a lifetime of trouble.

单词:lifetime n.一生;终生

What is my place in your heart?
Do I have a place in your heart?

I regret everything I’ve done.

10.我心碎了.My heart is broken.
你也可以说:My heart is breaking.
或 My heart has started to wither.我的心开始枯萎了.(比较古老但富有诗意的说法)

11.他很花心.He is player.单词:player n.游戏者花心的男人不鼓励用playboy这个词噢!(这是老式的用法)

12.让我们分手吧!Let’s break up.
短语:break up 分裂;结束 也可以说:I want to split up.

13.他很会吃醋.He can get very jealous.单词:jealous adj.吃醋的,嫉妒心强的

14.不要敷衍我!Don’t blow me off .短语:blow (someone) off 敷衍

15.我对你有好感.I kind of like you .单词:kind of 有那么点儿也可以直译: I have feelings for you .or I like you more than a friend.

16.你深深烙印在我心深处.Your impression has been etched deeply in my heat.
单词:etch 蚀刻:铭刻类似说法: You will always have a pace in my heart. 你在我心中总有一席之地.
You are here in my heart .
你就在我心深处.(出自电影<<泰坦尼克号>>主题曲,My Heart Will Go On .)

17.一生只爱你一人.All my life, I’ll only love you.
你也可以这样说:You are the love of me.
You wii always be the only for me.

18.我跟你完了. I’ll finished with you.短语:be finished with (someone) 和某人结束了一段感情.你还可以这么说:I’ve had it with you.
I’m done with you.

19.天天吵架,真的很烦! Arguing every day is really annoying!
单词:argu v.吵架

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thanks it must be helpful when i understand the lyric of english songs.

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Gui Yuanyuan, my baby, I love you...

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you are there in my heart. great. i'm in love how..thank you..

All i can is to be a better man.

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Here are a few lines just springing to my mind ...

1. Her face flushed when our eyes met.

2. His selfish remark turned her off.

3. He couldn't take away his eyes from her perfect figure.

4. Longing for seeing him caused her another sleepless night.

5. Thinking of her always gives me a lift.

6. Wandering along the lake shoreline and watching the silver moonlight shimmering on the water, the fond memories were flooding into my head.

7. Watching the crashing waves slamming on the cliffs, the image of her smiling like a butterfly was appearing in front of my eyes.

8. As the melody wafting through my ears, it was stirring up something inside me, my sleepless nights, her laughter, her cute sleeping face ...

9. She was crazy about him.

Hmmm, ...

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it would be much better for us to be friends rather than lover.

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