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some opinions on writing in english language [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by changzhou007 at 2008-2-17 08:40

Thank you for your feedbacks, which are kind and encouraging.:)

Rereading my post today, I don't know why I said so strongly, maybe I was frustrated and felling helpless for others ...

I know the reason why you said so strongly. Maybe you are eager to see the consequence of your tips like a teacher desires that his/her students improve under his/her right direction while the students are slow to understand or master what the teacher has taught. Don't be worried. However I can feel your kindness, your good wish. You hard effort impresses me a lot. Thank you. These days what makes me feel saddest is that people are getting selfish and losing their moral only to gain money with every possible means, though on the bottom of my heart I'm sure the majority of us are good. Here what you and many guys do assures me of my belief that even though all the people are getting bad I would be kind. I'll learn from you all and try my best to do something for you all. I think everybody can recognize your work and your kindness. Keep up.

BTW I have read all your posts including the articles about metophar or methods of studying English, but I'm a slow student. To be honest, I'll try my best.

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holly666, thank you for your encouraging words that give me a lift. Yeah... no wonder it is very hard to be a good teacher, maybe that was one of the main reasons I didn't pick the teaching job. I always admire and respect teachers for their dedication and selflessness and hard work. They are burning like a candle to shed the light of knowledge on to their students. They see their successes and achievements in their students. Many scenes of my memories in my childhood and formative years were linked to my teachers.

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Originally posted by xunhuan_2002 at 2008-2-20 09:55
I'd like to disclose my own thought about the difference of written english and spoken english.I think I can give a second thought on which vocabulary is more apropriate in the following sentence I'm going to write,however,turning to the spoken English,I take no time to dig out the eligible word to express my idea in the very moment of that conversation scene.  I suppose your point of view will surely work due to my above concerns.

I find out a strange phenomenon about me,when I speak English to my foreign cusotomer,I suddenly realise I can't search  the right word to express,on the other hand,I feel  I've accumulated many "amazing words" in my memory,but got no chances to use them when intending to deliver a speech.It's a contradiction,isn't it?  a big headache.

xunhuan_2002, good to see that you are brave enough to speak frankly and openly about the problems you have been running into, which is not uncommon, you are not alone and we all have been experiencing the similar situations. Before we start to look for the solutions to breakthrough the roadblocks, we must identify what is the root cause of it.

I  believe the root cause is that many of us speak English by translating from Chinese, the Chinese characters come first, the English words follow suit. In this awkward way, we are lucky if a Chinese character and an English word is an one-to-one match, however, in reality, the matching thing or the translating thing is not so kind, but ending up with  one-to-many, one-to-zero (too hard to come up with a new word), many-to-many, etc. When we run into those unfortunate scenarios, the flow of the sentence will be broken, and our confidence will be  dropping, things will be going from bad to worse ...

Let us move a few steps backward to take a look at how we understand a new Chinese character that we bump into. We may look it up in the dictionary or ask others to explain to us in the simpler, easier Chinese characters or sentences.

The basic question is, can we do it in the same way in English? If yes. Why don't we actually do it? Maybe because that is too hard... yeah, it is too tough to change our habits, yeah, it is hard in the beginning. You know, No pain no gain. actually, you will find out that is not so difficult as it sounds, besides, that is enjoyable and rewarding. I believe that is the way, or put it figuratively, the road to the destination of speaking English fluently.

For example, when you and your customers are bargaining a deal, you wanted to use a few certain technical English terms you are not sure, if you are able to explain those terms in the plain English words, you won't be panic or lose confidence, and most of time you will be given a chance explain them in another way with the plain English, and the flow of conversation and fluency of your talking won't be interrupted because you have a plan B, because you know how to explain the complex things in plain English.

In short, focusing on how to explain the complex English terms, words, scenes etc. in plain, simple English is the way to go. Understanding a English word by translating it into Chinese is a lazy way, more harm than good, and sooner or later  it will come back to haunt us!  sorry if I put it strongly.

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Happy Lantern Festival! changzhou ,maybe you are right,In my experience,I learned new English words by translating into Chinese,I thought  perhaps this is the root cause of  my unsuccessful spoken English learning.I consider there is another important reason that  matters.I don't have someone to speak to in English in my everyday life. I only have my customers to talk with,but not often;so my spoken English is poor and weird when I speak. Maybe I should find a dictionary with all English explanations in it. Till now,I thought  my problem is how to make good use of my already had words and orgnize them into a good sentence  effectively and efficiently while communicating with foreigners.Thank you changzhou for being so kind and patient to help me with my problems which must cost you lots of energy and your valuable time .I appreciate it very much! Wish you celebrate a cheerful and enjoyble lantern festival abroad.:victory

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Originally posted by changzhou007 at 2008-2-21 12:07

xunhuan_2002, good to see that you are brave enough to speak frankly and openly about the problems you have been running into, which is not uncommon, you are not alone and we all have been experi ...

Concerning English ,I both love and hate it.Till now I havn't experienced communication fun in English with foreigner.Only encountered a lot of problems of learning english;What do we learn English for?For job requirements,can better communicate with foreign people,can have better career prospect,or enrich ourselves only. Yes,the world is more and more globalized and there need communication and dilogue between countries  and people,and the English importance is more and more highlighted.

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Originally posted by xunhuan_2002 at 2008-2-22 09:45
Concerning English,I both love and hate it.Till now I havn't experienced communication fun in English with foreigner.Only encountered a lot of problems of learning english;What do we learn English for?

That is a fundamental question. The answers are different as the question goes to different people, even not the same answer from the same person as time goes by. As for you, you might need to take a hard look at the reality, your surroundings, your own motivation, your own hobbies, interests, etc. and asking, is it worth it? Is it worth making an effort and spending the time? It's really up to you.

As for me, I love literature, art and music, reading Chinese and English novels is a sheer joy for me although I studied technology at university. Based on my own experiences,  reading literature really helps a person to see the world with a more sympathetic, compassionate and passionate eye.

Of course, the side-effect or by-product was to help me land an exciting, good job after graduated in China, as I could speak English fluently at that time.

It doesn't mean that my English is flawless, you know, my mistakes are here and there. That is not a big deal to make mistakes as long as you can keep a positive attitude,  learning from mistakes, reacting others' criticism positively, not too defensive, open minded ...

Yeah, you need to take some time to think it over ...

Haha, if I keep on writing, my words would be off the track, turned into lecturing you something like that so I'd better shut up now ...

Have fun!

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