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The India-China conflict viewed through a Chinese kaleidoscope [Copy link] 中文

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India did make appreciable contributions to Chinese culture especially in philosophy and theology.

How could she not have with such a large population living so proximal to her northern Asian neighbors separated only by the Himalayas?

It is meaningless to talk about 'Indian' Buddhism having 'conquered' China because that's just like saying China's four great inventions of paper, movable type printing, gunpowder and mariner's compass having conquered Eurasia, or Judaism having conquered the entire Christian world.  

Exchange of ideas and inventions is not the same as conquest.  If it were so and new ideas are always interpreted in the context of 'conquest,' then the first biped hominid (Homo erectus) who came up with the idea of standing up on his two feet and walking upright was then the ‘conqueror’ of all Homo sapiens sapiens.  Does that make any sense?

Actually, Buddhism was a philosophical idea that originated in present-day Pakistan and modified by the Chinese especially during the Tang Dynasty when monks brought the scripts back and disseminated the idea with newly-invented block-printing.  Copies of the printed scripts are reputedly still housed in Da Yan Pagota in Xian, China.  

The religion of Buddhism manifests itself in many forms today.  Mongolian and Tib*tan Buddhism is very different from Han versions of the same religion.  Saying that many Chinese believe in Buddhism is much like saying the rest of the world believe in the use of paper, printing, compass and gunpowder.  The only difference is that religion is the spiritual presentation of an idea while inventions are its physical manifestations.  You can all see that the use of gunpowder by the West did not mean the conquest of the Europeans by the Chinese.  On the contrary, the Europeans had used this Chinese invention to wreak havoc on China herself during the century before 1949 and reduced her to a semi-colony especially in the Leased Territories.  

The difference between India and China is that although the latter country has made many contributions to secular aspects of human civilization, you don't see too many Indians acknowledging or knowing about them.  

That's because they had been acculturated by the Britons in the most important aspect that differentiates one culture from another -- language -- and in the past there weren't any books written in English about Chinese science and technology until Joseph Needham of Cambridge University came up with his now-famous voluminous "Science and Civilization in China" based on his research in wartime China in the ‘30s..

It is not something to be proud of when educated Indians have to use English as the communication medium <b>amongst themselves</b>, while the Chinese have fortunately been able to retain their own.  For example, the manual used by Yang Liwei in the first trip into space last October was written entirely in Chinese.

To be sure, for years I have noticed that nearly all Indian newspapers are full of bigoted comments about China.  They sound like they are uncomfortable with the rise of China in every aspect -- from her economic ascendancy to her Olympic medals.  It is hard for a Chinese person to grasp this peculiar sour-grape mentality of the Indians because most Chinese don't mind seeing their southern neighbors improve their lot and they do not make a conscious comparison day in and day out.

It is difficult for the Chinese to do business in India because local officials in that country do not act according to trade agreements sanctioned by their central government in New Delhi.

A case in point is that of Chinese ships being denied entry into Indian ports even though all the necessary papers are in working order, and there are even reports of Indians aping  Westerners in levying unwarranted anti-dumping tariffs against Chinese goods, thereby creating unnecessary impediments to the normal commercial intercourse between the two nations.

The Indians don't walk the talk when it comes down to truly improving the relationship between the two nations.  Simmering beneath the surface, anti-Chinese sentiments remain robust amongst Indians, who continue to blame the Chinese for the border war in 1962, a war that was instigated by none other than the Indian government under Nehru.

It would make more sense if both nations try to find common ground and enjoy mutual respect based upon their long history of neighborly interaction.

Unfortunately, jealousy is a very destructive emotion and based on my experience living in three continents, it is very difficult to handle a neighbor who is incessantly make inane comparisons on the basis of one-upmanship and not on a spirit of mutual benefit and sincere cooperation, a neighbor who boasts of fanciful accomplishments when the social basis of such development is still largely non-existent.

Indians strike me as big talkers, even today boasting that they would overtake the United States within twenty years as if China is not even on their radar screen in their masturbatory fantasy.  Their demeanor and mentality are very similar to those of the Manchus during late Qing Dynasty and therefore self-defeating in nature.

Hyperbolic extravaganza and self-inferiority complexes are actually two faces of the same mirror.  Let's hope that the Indians come back to reality on earth and raise the average income of their ‘untouchables’ to more than a dollar a day within the foreseeable future, and then perhaps we can talk some more about competition between China and India.

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Thank you for your post but I must say I strongly disagree

I tend to believe that the main ideas are clearly explained.  

A sensible and intelligent individual like yourself shouldn't have had trouble understanding any of it, unless in the process of writing the post I became constipated and an oversight occurred where there shouldn't have been a lapse in focused attention.  So I am surprised that you do seem to have some difficulty in grasping the main thrust of the post.

This is a viewpoint through one Chinese kaleidoscope and I am not claiming universal applicability here.  Reading from the first paragraph of your response, I don't think you have understood what I said.

Please go ahead and re-read the passage. I did not say the Indians have a inferiority complex <b>because</b> they speak English.  I said it is not a proud thing to do when the educated people in a big country like India have to communicate <b>amongst themselves</b> in a foreign language.  Mind you that I had put emphasis on the words "amongst themselves."

Chinese are also learning English to prepare for entertaining guests during the Olympics and to improve the performance of their software industry.  The motivation is entirely different.

This is not meant as a put-down of the Indian people, a fact that is attested to by the first sentence in the post.  Many of my family's good friends are Indians and they are very nice people.

This is meant as an honest appraisal of the national psychology of the two peoples (especially the ones amongst us who have never had a chance to interact with the other).

Only through an honest assessment of reality can a relationship move forward in a constructive way.

You cannot deny the strong logic and factuality of every sentence in this particular post.  I happened to be clear-minded and not constipated when I wrote it.

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The Chinese inferiority complex

It comes from years of political indoctrination that has distorted the Chinese perception of how other countries see them--completely false persceptions.

If one goes to any other national forum, people just don't ask the continuous questions of what others think of them, nor do they make such completely inaccurate posts about other countries that they have never visited and know of them only through the popular, commercial media.

The people of China are so completely wrapped up in trivial ideas and false persceptions that they are being cheated and swindled like a bunch of dumb farm children.

India will come out ahead, because they are not in awe of the rest of the world. India is not wasting their resources nor are they selling their country the way China is.

Dumping manufactured goods on the world market? Yes, China most certainly is, but they do not see the obvious: They are very rapidly using all of their natural resources, their raw materials and selling disposable consumer items for such a low price.

Also, every developed country in the world is buying China. Yes, they are BUYING China! Each country is buying land to build their offices and factories. They are using all of China's resources and gaining massive wealth from them, while preserving their own resources.

Soon, China will be without enough petroleum, iron ore, and other materials of manufacturing. Already, China is buying old scrap ships for the steel.

Have you seen documentary movies in which a large animal dies in Africa, and hundreds of scavengers pick the bones clean, fighting over each scrap? That is exactly what the world is doing to China! China will be picked clean, then the scavengers will look at Africa and South America, next.

The people of China want money. They want to impress one another with disposable consumer goods. They want everything right now. They want to cook all of their food and eat all of it right now, instead of making it last.

Soon, China's table will be bare, and the Chinese will be squatting on the dirty streets, smoking cigarettes and starving to death. The only friends--because of their own stupid inferiorty-complex and blindness to the realities of the world and life--will be famine and disease!

The Indians, who planned carefully, will have to guard their borders against starving, begging Chinese! The Indians, though, will have plenty.

Yes, the people of China really do have problems with feeling inferior, and it is ALL their own fault. They were told what the world is like by those who don't know and who lied to them--the old boys!

I am a person who hates the rape of the earth's environment and the exploitation of people. That is why I have slapped the Chinese reader's face to awaken and enlighten them. A bit of Chinese Ch'an Buddhism!

And Buddhism DID originate in India, from the teachings of the originator: Siddhartha Gautama, in the days when India was larger, and China much smaller. Gautama was born and spent his early years in a small kingdom in the far northern plains of India, that is now the southern border regions of Nepal.

But, so many Chinese live in the far distant past. What have the Chinese done in the last 500 years, other than kill and exploint one another and let outsiders do the same to them?

The Chinese invented what is, prior to missles and nuclear bombs, the worlds greatest birth control, population reduction tool--gunpowder. That most certainly is something to be proud of and brag about.

The people of China have to quit living in the past, open their eyes, and look at what is really happening in the rest of the world.

80% of all Chinese who go abroad to universities don't return to China, mainly because they see that the rest of the world is much better, cleaner, and freer--not simply to make more money, as most of you cry about.

Once they have seen the world, they can't go back. But, I know a lot of them who do things to help the Chinese people in China, from their new homes overseas.

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You are in such blind self-denial. You are insanely jealous of the Indians for speaking English.

You, and so many people in China, are afraid to learn and speak other languages.

The Japanese are far ahead of the Chinese, intellectually. While the Chinese struggle with English from early childhood through their adult years, many Japanese high school teachers already speak two or more foreign languages well, and they don't worry at all about it.

Many Japanese even make a hobby of languages, learning several languages. And it is the same with South Koreans and other Asians.

Outside of China, Chinese people lose their stupid inferiority complexes, when they see that they are judged as people, only by their character, and not by their race. When they are no longer hindered by your kind of biased, bigoted thinking, they excel with few limits.

Once they escape the political indoctrination and the distortions they were raised with, they find they just can't ever go back to it--not until China grows up emotionally and intellectually.

I can see right through you. You are very insecure with yourself, with the spectre of India, and you refuse to clear your mind of its illogical distortions and let your senses work for you.

Hopefully, at some future time you will have access to modern methods of healing your mind of its emotional scars and the resulting foggy thinking.

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We'll see

We'll let the public decide who's the insane one around here, blue tiger.  Let them read your groundless, desperate yells here first.  You are defeating yourself by your own comments and demeanor.  

Actually I don't need to say a thing.  Most forumites here aren't stupid.

BTW, I have been to India and I have studied six languages.  

If anyone else supports him, I'll like to see the comments too.  When I have time I'll select the intelligent questions to answer, preferably not juvenile rants like those from this blue (and hence dead) tiger here.

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seneca, sorry I missed answering your question

The Chinese call the Buddha "Bu-sar," so the similarity is actually there.

"fo" in Chinese also refers to the Buddha and comes from the sound "va" in the word "Amitava," which in Chinese sounds like "Awe-mi-tau-fo."

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I understand why you have an inferiorty-complex and why you are so extremely defensive that you need to resort to name-calling and attempts at using your ignorance to cloud that which is completely obvious.

You have had no direct experience with capitalism and international trade, let alone any graduate classes in them; therefore, you argue from uncontrolled emotions rather than from knowledge.

Don't try to drag others in for you to stand on, as you sink into the mud. You might fool yourself (which appears very easy for you to do), but you won't fool others.

The day is coming that you will be first in line at the Indian border with your begging bowl, but they will cuff you along the side of your head and kick you all the way back to Beijing. Now, go home! Your mother has dinner on the table for you, hehehehe!!!

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