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Happy Teachers' Day [Copy link] 中文

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September 10 is China's Teachers' Day. It was first started in 1985, with the purpose to pay respect to the hard work of the teachers and to draw attention to the school education. On this special day, let's wish all the teachers happy Teachers' Day.

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Originally posted by voice_cd at 2007-9-10 08:30
September 10 is China's Teachers' Day. It was first started in 1985, with the purpose to pay respect to the hard work of the teachers and to draw attention to the school education. On this special  ...


congratulations for Teacher's day...

the great person 's day...

respect for every teacher...

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happy teachers' day

It reminds me of my teachers. some of them I like and some don't like.  this is the thought that I have when I were in school. But now I don't think so. every teacher of mine gave me a lot.  And I want to say: Thank you!

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Thanks for u teacher..

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Some memorable teachers in my life

This is a great day to show our respect to our teachers.

During our life we can meet many teachers, and some of them will be remembered by us for some storoes or some special personality .

First, Teacher Wang: His son joined in the Army at his 20 ages, and spent 2 years in the border  between China and Vietnam. Unluckily, he became lunacy when he was back home. From now on, each cloudy day, he will lose his mind and fight the people around him. What a terrible family! But my teacher is always be calm and smiling. And he cares his son very much while caring us !  A great teacher not only for my study but also for my life !He showed the importance of be postive to our life, especially when you are in the difficulty!

Second , Teacher Song:   My colleage teacher! He is very open to every one! And he never tell the lies. Once a girl in my class expressed her love to my teacher. He refused! And his reason: He maybe like male more! And he never he is a gay! Also he has many special comments for the society and also for the value of the life. Affected me very much!

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To Sir, With Love

Those schoolgirl days of telling tales and biting nails are gone
But in my mind I know they will still live on and on
But how do you thank someone who has taken you from crayons to perfume?
It isn't easy but I'll try

If you wanted the sky I would write across the sky
In letters that would soar a thousand feet high
To Sir, With Love

The time has come for closing books and long last looks must end
And as I leave, I know that I am leaving my best friend
A friend who taught me right from wrong and weak from strong
That's a lot to learn - what can I give you in return?

If you wanted the moon I would try to make a start
But I would rather you let me give my heart
To Sir, With Love

Those awkward years have hurried by - why do they fly away?
Why is it, sir, that children grow up to be people one day?
What takes the place of climbing trees and dirty knees in the world outside?
What is there for you I can buy?

If you wanted the world I'd surround it with a wall
I'd scrawl in words with letters ten feet tall
To Sir, With Love

To listen to it by clicking the following links ... related&search=

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one of my fond memories ...

I would like to share a writing lesson I learned from our American teacher when I was a college student a few years ago.

In our first writing class, she brought a red apple, put it on a transparent glass plate,  placed the plate on the desk near the window, and adjusted it a few times. The sunlight was streaming on the red apple and its holder, and casting a narrow shadow on the desk, a glimmer of smile was on her face. As she was walking away from the plate slowly, and looking around us, she started to talk, I couldn't remember the exactly words she said, what she told us roughly as follows.

'I would like you to describe the red apple and its surrounding in about one hundred words,  which must be strict to the sketches of its physical appearance. After that, you are going to add another one hundred words to stretch its look to other areas that are related to it, for example,  giving a brief description of an apple tree, an apple orchard, its sweetness and nutrition, etc. "

We were stunned,  biting our pens,  or gazing at the apple, or peeping at each other, as our teacher was pacing up and down the class room, saying a few encouraging words now and then, giving out a few hints here and there. However, it didn't help, a large portion of our papers remained empty, we were only hear the clock ticking faster and faster, and ticking louder and louder, the time was running out ...

The theme she taught us is that to learn a language, especially a foreign language, we must get back to the basic, the square one, and start from the scratch, like children, who usually describe things and their surroundings specifically and vividly and concretely, as apposite to them, we adult tend to think abstractly and generally, and use many big words (abstract and general) which is the number one enemy of the language learning.

For example, most of us know words like fruit, vegetable, light,  we may not understand, cranberry, kale, dusk (or twilight) ... on the contrary, children usually pick up these specific words before they learn the categorical term, like fruit ...

Just like most of you, I am still working on the crazy English. Is it crazy? No, as our teacher said, "It is lovely, the school catalog calls it as an English course, I would call it as a course of magic, the magic of words and ideas."

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