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Study: Why Girls Like Pink(e-c)practice [Copy link] 中文

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Study: Why Girls Like Pink
Monday, Aug. 20, 2007 By COCO MASTERS

When shopping for baby gifts, everyone knows that blue is for boys and pink is for girls. But now there's evidence that those colors may be more than just marketing gimmicks. According to a new study in the Aug. 21 issue of Current Biology women may be biologically programmed to prefer the color pink — or, at least, redder shades of blue — more than men.

  当为婴儿购买礼物的时候,每个人都知道蓝色适合男孩子,粉红色适合女孩子。但现在有证据表明那些颜色可不只是营销的噱头。据在八月21日出版的一期《Current Biology》刊载的一份研究报告,女性从生物学上来说可能“被设定好了”要比男性更喜欢粉红色--或者,至少,蓝偏红的颜色。

Anya Hurlbert and Yazhu Ling, neuroscientists at Newcastle University conducted a color-selection experiment with 208 volunteers between the ages of 20 and 26. Participants were asked to move a mouse cursor as quickly as possible to their preferred color from a series of paired, colored rectangles, controlled for hue, saturation and lightness. Each person completed three separate tests, then was retested two weeks later.

  在Newcastle大学的神经科学家Anya Hurlbert和Yazhu Ling对年龄在20至26之间的208名志愿者进行了一次颜色选择的实验。 参加者被要求尽可能迅速地在一系列配好了组、上了颜色的矩形中将电脑鼠标移动到自己更喜爱的颜色上。对这些矩形的颜色、饱和度、还有亮度有控制。 每人完成三组分开的测试,然后过两周后再接受测试。

On average, the study found, all people generally prefer blue, something researchers have long known. The study also found that while both men and women liked blue, women tended to pick redder shades of blue — reddish-purple hues — while men preferred blue-green. To assess whether the color preferences could have been due to culture, the researchers tested 37 Han Chinese volunteers from mainland China, along with the 171 British caucasian participants, and found the same male-female differences. Though the Chinese participants showed a greater overall preference for red than their British counterparts (red is considered an auspicious color in China), Chinese women and men diverged in color preference predictably along the red-green axis.

  这项研究发现,平均来看,所有人大体都偏向蓝色,这点研究员们早就知道的。研究还发现尽管说男性和女性都喜欢蓝色,可女性往往会选择偏红色的蓝--红-紫色调--而男性更喜爱蓝-绿。为了评估颜色喜好是否为文化缘故,研究员们测试了来自中国大陆的37位汉族志愿者连同171英国白人参与者,结果发现有着一样的性别差异。 虽然中国参与者比英国人整体表现得要更喜欢红色(红色在中国被认为是一种吉祥的颜色),可是中国女性和男性在颜色喜好上的不同也是不出人意料地沿红-绿主轴分布。

“This is the first study to pinpoint a robust sex difference in the red-green axis of human color vision,” says Yazhu Ling, co-author of the study. “And this preference has an evolutionary advantage behind it.”

  "这是对人类颜色视觉的红-绿主轴上存在一个强烈性别差异进行定位的第一次研究“ 这份研究报告的合著者 Yazhu Ling说:”这样的偏好背后有一个进化的优点“

Ling speculates that the color preference and women's ability to better discriminate red from green could have evolved due to sex-specific divisions of labor: while men hunted, women gatherered, and they had to be able to spot ripe berries and fruits. Another theory suggests that women, as caregivers who need to be particularly sensitive to, say, a child flushed with fever, have developed a sensitivity to reddish changes in skin color, a skill that enhances their abilities as the “emphathizer.”


Ling says that she and her colleagues plan to expand their research in future studies to other cultures — not only British and Chinese — and age groups, including infants, to further test the nature-versus-nurture concept.

  Ling说她与同事计划在未来的研究中把调查范围扩展到其它文化--不光是英国和中国--还有其它的年龄群,包括婴儿,来进一步对 天性 Vs 培养 的概念进行实验。

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Men also like pink too...

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The pink color give everyone a sense of being  pretty, romance and signify love.

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why? because they like it.

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