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What Can China Learn From Her History? [Copy link] 中文

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Some suggestions.

To me these are the fault lines still potentially dangerous to our future :

#1. Arrogance .  Chinese as a nation was caught napping 300 years ago . We knew best and we have the numbers to repel anyone from anywhere . We did not and thus suffered centuries of humiliation .Study your enemies is to be prepared .

#2. Disunity .  Partly because of our size in geography , demography and numbers we have repeatedly succumbed to being split by outside propaganda, bribes and promises of grandeur . Remember " divide and rule " for always.  

#3. Subservience . There is still an entrenched attitude of  inferiority complex . We are prone to procrastination , even on major issues like foreign policy and international trade. We must learn , and learn quickly , that there is no " free lunch " .What you fight for is what you get . Be in it fighting for our rights from the start , not to moan after the event .  Be assertive without being aggressive.

$4.  The negative side of Confucianism .  We are too law abiding , often to the detriment of our basic rights. Westerners have an attitude of voicing their concerns loud and long and immediately . If we are to survive in this jungle called international diplomacy , let us be practitioners of this trait . Stop worrying about " rocking the boat "  . If you don't rock it , someone else will .

There are much more but I feel that without unity , alertness and assertiveness, we can slip back into the abyss of semi-colonialism and humiliation again .  Prevention is always better than cure !!

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To learn with your heart!

Learn with your heart!
A english learner here,I wanna learn from you;what I do.

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It is beyond belief that someone like you , decked with all these inglorious  ignorant facts, can spruike forth the most laughable opinions on things China.  We know our faults and we will try not to repeat them. China is on the ascendancy now , in case you have not noticed . China's every word and every move is being watched and waited   upon with keen anticipation. Stop being so embarrassing .

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Surprised? Shocked? Pleased....

This is the first thread where I have to admit that I agree with all of the comments.  The basic ideas expressed could be applied to any of the larger nations.  For past, present and future 'superpowers'.

I would like to expand upon mengzhi's comment about 'disunity'.

He wrote:

"#2. Disunity .  Partly because of our size in geography , demography and numbers we have repeatedly succumbed to being split by outside propaganda, bribes and promises of grandeur . "

For a nation which grapples with unchecked immigration, their is the danger that immigrants will begin arriving faster than they can be assimilated into the nation's culture.  I have read that the 3rd generation of these families will truly consider themselves a native of their family's new home.  Another problem may also exist when a nation acquires more territory, and the culture/language of that population is too different to easily assimilate.  There will always be the desire to form a distinct nation, and secede for the existing government, for any culture/group which does not share common culture/language/goals as the rest of the population.  I don't think these groups need any external influence to fuel these feelings.  But outside financing or supply of weapons could be a danger.

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To changabula ,

you seem like you are holding up too much anger in yourself, and a chance of too much wisdom as well.
if you really care about China and its future, then can you please skip all the HUGE, MASSIVE theorical questions. no offense, they are just too 'talkable', rather than practical.

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China should look to the outside world

China should be open to the world.
Back in the 15th century,  when Chinese Admiral Cheng Ho's huge naval fleets were sailing the oceans and landed in America long before Christopher Columbus,  China should have settled and colonized the American continent,  and made America a Chinese speaking country.
America would then have been Chinese territory.
I cannot understand why the Chinese did not settle America first before the Europeans.
That was probably the biggest ever mistake in the history of China,  I mean,  the biggest ever disaster to befall on the Chinese nation,  much more of a national tragedy than the relatively inconsequential Opium wars.
Why bother about losing the small island of Taiwan,  when China could have had the American continent?

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