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'I Hate My Job -- Now What?!'(e-c)practice [Copy link] 中文

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'I Hate My Job -- Now What?!'

Whether it's a nightmare boss, a stagnant position in a dead-end company, or an unfulfilled career dream, it may be time for you to stop complaining and do something. Follow these steps, courtesy of Tony Lee, editor-in-chief of, and find a job you love.

  无论是因为一位“噩梦般”的老板,还是一个没前途的公司里停滞不前的职位, 或者未能实现职业生涯梦想, 可能到了你停止抱怨,做些什么的时候。 遵照这些步骤---------这里要鸣谢CareerJournal.com网站的总编辑Tony Lee------来找一份你热爱的工作

Step 1: Assess your situation, review your strengths, and dig in your heels.


"To even think you won't have roadblocks is unrealistic, so number one -- accept them," says Andrea Kay, career consultant, speaker, and author of several books including "Greener Pastures: How to Find a Job in Another Place."

  "一个将不会碰上障碍的想法本身就是不现实,所以,最重要的一条------看到障碍“ 职业咨询家、演说家、包括《更丰美草原:如何在另处找到工作?》一书在内的几本书的作者Andrea Kay说。

Once you've done that, take time out to reflect, she adds. "Don't rush to develop a new resume. That's the mistake almost everyone makes. Instead, reflect on what isn't working, what's not right about where you are, what your greatest strengths are, and what you love to do," says Kay.

  一旦你承认了,花时间来反省,她还说道”不要匆忙就去制作一份新简历。那是几乎人人都会犯的错误。相反,考虑什么地方不行,你所在的处境有什么不对, 自己最强项在哪些方面,还有你喜欢做什么“Kay说。

Step 2: Explore your options, set goals, and make plans to develop yourself to fit your new career path.

步骤2:探究选择,制定目标, 为适合新职业道路定制自我发展计划

Kay emphasizes the power of communication during this stage. "The best way to find a new job is to hold meaningful conversations with people," she advises. "Talk about your career with people who can guide you and refer you."

  Kay强调了在这一阶段的交流沟通的作用。 ”要找到一份新工作的最佳方法就是和人们进行有意义的对话“ 她建议 ”同那些能指导,把你推荐的人们一起讨论你的职业生涯“

Networking with some old friends is how Cameron Herald eventually became the vice president of operations for 1800GotJunk, a junk removal company in Vancouver that serves North America. Prior to that, he literally broke down from job-induced stress. His health literally depended on a change in his work lifestyle.

  同一些老友建立关系最终让Cameron Herald成为了在温哥华为北美提供服务的一家名为1800GotJunk的垃圾清除公司的运营副总裁。在那之前,毫不夸张地说,由于工作引发的精神压力,他精神崩溃。他的健康依靠工作方式上的改变。

His advice? "Take a look and find the companies that are well-respected in the industry. See which ones are ranked as good employers." Of course, he says, there may be some bumps in the road. "Maybe you'll have to get a part time job on weekends at Starbucks to pay the rent. Or maybe you'll have to use an executive recruiter to help me find a new position." Nonetheless, he adds, "every single obstacle can be beaten."

  他给出来的建议?“看一看,找到那些在行业内备受尊敬的公司。 看看有哪些公司被评为了好雇主” 当然,他说, 可能在求职路上会有一些坎坷 "也许,你会在星巴克店找到周末临时工作来付房租。 或是,你可能将得要去请一位执行招聘任来帮助找到一份新的职位” 不过, 他称:“所有障碍毫无例外都能被打败”

Step 3: Acquire new skills by returning to school and/or volunteering.


For freelance writer Stephanie Jo Klein, it was volunteer work with the Newswomen's Club of New York -- she was the club's membership vice president in 2003 -- that sparked an entrepreneurial endeavor. When gift bags she created for the club's annual Front Page Awards gala were so well received by the journalists in attendance, she decided to start Klein Creative Communications, a promotional gift bag creation business based in New York City. "If you're trying to figure out where you want to go, volunteering is a good thing to do," she affirms.

  对于自由作家Stephanie Jo Klein来说, 正是因为给Newswomen's Club of New York做志愿工--她在2003年是该俱乐部的副主席--才激起了她创业奋斗的火花。 当时,她为该俱乐部的年度Front Page Awards庆典而设计的礼包大受出席的记者们的欢迎,于是她决定创立了Klein Creative Communications--一家总部设在纽约市的促销礼包设计业务公司。 “如果你正考虑去向何处。志愿者就是一件好事情”

Stephanie further developed her skills via New York University's School of Continuing and Professional Studies, in its meeting, conference, and event management certificate program. "I got the course guide and I couldn't decide what I wanted to take next," she says. "Just meeting the people and the speakers was a great networking experience."

  通过纽约大学进修及职业学习学院,在其举办的会议、大会及活动管理资格认证培训项目中,Stephanie进一步提高了她的技能。 “我获得了路线自引,原来我不能决定下一步将如何” 她说:“单单和那里的人们、演说家们在一起,就是一次很好的建立人际网络的机会”

Step 4: Do something you enjoy.


Ultimately, it's up to you to find a job in which you can be happy. "When you notice yourself not feeling challenges, not feeling energized, and watching the clock, start taking note," says Kay. Once your motivation to move on outweighs your fear, she says, you're ready to make the leap.

Fifty-nine percent of college-educated professionals in New York City say they expect to have three or more different careers over their lifetimes, according to New York University's School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

  最终,要去找到一份你能快乐的工作,还是看你自己。 “当你感不到有挑战,感不精力充沛,眼睛盯着钟,开始做笔记的时候”Kay说。 一旦要是进一步提高的动力超过了你的恐惧,她称, 你便拥有了跳槽的准备。


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got it .i will change my situation

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well,  i will review my  strengths,require new skills straight,set goals,and make plans to develop myself to fit my wonderful dream
but i think i can't do something that i enjoy as my career,at last i can't do it with my later lifetime

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