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Korean hostages rest in the hands of Hamid Karzai and Bush??? [Copy link] 中文

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Know who you are dealing with .


It is so easy to be " brave " when it is not your kith and kin whose lives are in the balance." Don't negotiate with terrorists " is so bold and noble when you are far removed from danger . I think this heinous act by the Taliban is nothing but unadulterated criminal .  But the demand for the release of their prisoners may be the ONLY way to redeem good and innocent lives of the South Koreans. So further measures can be taken later to either not let NGOs into Afghanistan or more protection is to be provided. They have already killed two , showing the world that they don't care . Stubborness has no place in this set of circumstances.  No talk , no lives.

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I am being practical, not brave.

Negotiating with terrorists, and giving them what they want, only encourages other groups to use the same tactics.   How is encouraging the taking and killing hostages to achieve a goal helping the innocent?

If a terrorist group were to abduct one of your family/relatives, and learned they can get what they want from you be doing so, you have only put the remainder of your family at risk for a similar act.  I am not without feeling in this event, but the terrorists should be exterminated, not rewarded for their actions.

Those who willingly travel to dangerous parts of the world have to accept the risks they are taking.  Are these lives worth more than those of future hostages?  If not, what is the limit to be used in future negotiations?  Just how much is Korea willing to pay/give up?  The US states it does not negotiate (make trades) for hostages, so trying to gain concessions through nations friendly to the US should not work.

What you describe as stubborness, I describe as 'having the backbone' and guts to do the right thing.  If I were a hostage, I would prefer a smart-bomb dropped on my site to eliminate the terrorist rather than negotiations which would make my family and friends the next target.  My only condition is the US takes 3 or 4 bad guys out when I go.

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Wrong way , go back !

That red-neck misplaced " patriotism " again nos .  We can easily get embroiled in more background history to any of these conflicts and scrutinize the meaning and definition of who the real  " terrorists " are but I won't .

The recent flaws of the American foreign policy  ( if there is one ) is this  " no talk " mandate . One would have thought that talk is the first and second last resort to negotiating good outcomes and then the punch-ups . No talks with the Iranians , none with the North Koreans , none with the Hamas , and on and on . Someone's description of Dubya as the workman with only one tool in his box : a hammer , is cute . He said  " To him everything looks like a nail " . Deep and meaningful thoughts but well worth it .

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Please provide me with the identification and location of your loved ones.  I would like to buy a new home for my family, and I like the way you think when posed with a hostage situation.

I am sure you will cave in to any demands I make just to ensure your family and friends will not be hurt.

And when I need to raise college funds for my children in a few years, I can be assured this same tactic will work again.

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Sorry mengzhi, you've been so nice to me lately but I have to agree with nos......why give them an open ATM or credit card?

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Please remember that these are "Christian" Koreans from Korea, not the USA.

They went to Afganistan to "save" the souls of the people there and tell them about  "Jesus"

These people are Muslims....Christians are the that as ENEMY
                                                      Buddists are the ENEMY
Communication is the most important source of personal power.

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Originally posted by xiayiqiang at 7-8-2007 05:31
I'm sure Taliban does not kill those innocent guys at all. They want their detained members be freed by exchanging hostages. What 'll US do? Will US agree with Taliban in order to save innocent hostages?

The Taleban have already killed two of them - what makes you think they won't kill the rest?

It's a horrible situation, but I don't think the detained Taleban members should be freed. They've killed and threatened civilians in the past - if released they'd hurt more people (maybe kidnap others).

You can't allow people to kidnap hostages and then use them to demand the release of criminals. Otherwise you just encourage those armed groups to keep doing it. If South Korea was able to pressure the Afghani government to release members of the Taleban, it would place South Koreans under greater threat the world over, because criminal groups would know the South Korean government would do anything to get those people released.

Even paying a ransom increases the threat to people from the same nationality.
"People are the water, the ruler is the boat; water can carry the boat, but it can also capsize it."

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