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"NOT the BBC article, fool!"

Er, Changabula, I was referring to the Parenti article, which you approvingly cited.  He is highly critical of modern China, and he clearly wouldn't agree with you that Tibetans love to be part of China.  You're shooting yourself in the foot, really.

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What is Good Must Be Universal

To counter this foreign incitement of trouble, China should support the true independence of the over 200 native nations in America.

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Originally posted by zglobal at 2007-8-3 21:07
Sadly I see that ec responded without reading the link.
Try it ec and let me know if you have trouble with the big words.

I've read some stuff of Parenti's, before.

Who is this Michael Parenti? Here's a bit of info from his Wikipedia entry.
Parenti is known for his steadfast leftist and radical political convictions, which have seen him maintain a sympathetic view of the orthodox communist movement even after the fall of the Soviet Union saw the disintegration of much of it.

In the era of Mikhail Gorbachev, Parenti was highly critical of the USSR's reformist moves of "perestroika" and "glasnost", arguing that these had the effect of introducing capitalism into the country. He is critical of modern histories of Joseph Stalin and has maintained that accounts of Soviet repression are regularly exaggerrated both in Russia and in the West. ....... For Parenti, repression is compensated by what many claim were the country's "dramatic gains in literacy, industrial wages, health care, and women's rights" under Stalin's leadership. Parenti is known, ....., as a defender of the Serb position in the Yugoslav wars. He derided what he termed the "tireless demonization of democratically-elected President Slobodan Milosevic".[2] According to Parenti, these wars were caused by a deliberate US and Western policy aiming at dismembering Yugoslavia in order to impose liberal capitalism there. In this capacity he called for Slobodan's release and defended both Milosevic and Serbs against allegations of atrocities:

So Parenti apparently will defend the atrocities of leftists.

I think I'd place greater faith in the reports from unbiased sources.

"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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Are There Oil Deposits On Native Land?

Sure beats the singleminded casino economy.  It simply is a blatant violation on human rights and the natives' right to self determination, for the American laws to prohibit these independent nations from having foreign relations.  Two can play the game.  China should promote the human rights and self determination rights for the native Americans.  Project No. 1, removal of the Black Hills statutes of shame.  Blow the white men's faces from the rock surface.

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Evil Rock!

Originally posted by tongluren at 2007-8-4 07:56
Blow the white men's faces from the rock surface

Some of them were killers of the black man (slavery) and the natives (genocide, holocaust).

Hell, some of them were killers of their fellow whites (American civil war)

EVERY right thinking native and black man hates that rock!

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I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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Those Who Wanna Leave

I am of the personal opinion that whomever wants to leave, as long as they are of adult age and not skipping town with unpaid taxes or state secrets, should be allowed to leave.  There should also be explicit legislation that those who leave illegally (without applying for visa from the destination nations) would automatically lose Chinese citizenship, and would have no right of return.  They would forever give up all rights and claims, just like the Dalai did when he skipped town with his tail between his legs years ago.

It would be a different matter with minor children.  The law should be clear that anyone breaking the aforementioned law (of leaving without visas from the destination country) while taking minor children would be guilty of kidnapping, and would be punished to the full extent of the law.  Children have no legal capacity to make the kind of decision, and just like statutory rape laws protects the minors against sexual predation, a statutory kidnapping law would protect the innocent from being removed against better judgment, to suffer in exile.  If the adults wanna go, they can go.  Just don't kidnap the minor children.

It would be up to the neighboring governments to figure out what to do with these emigrants", once they go beyond China's borders.  These brainwashed apparently don't want China, and China should not want them back.  It is not as though China lacks population.  If these brainwashed think they would have better lives in the hellhole of Dharamsala rather than in bustling, prosperous Lhasa, it'd be their own perogative.

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